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virgen de valle

Virgin of the Valley Venezuela

Miraculous Virgin, Patroness of the East and the Venezuelan Navy, Mother of Fishermen, Defender of the Neo-Spartans, every year, on September 8, the people of Margarita, the State of Nueva Esparta and the East of the national honor her.

Bajada de La Chinita

Patron Saint Festivities in Maracaibo

The International Fair of La Chinita is an annual celebration that awakens a social, spiritual and human interest of unparalleled transcendence. Travel back in time to 1921 when the Zulia Corporation for the Coronation of Our Lady of Chiquinquirá was established and construction work commenced on the modifications of the Chiquinquirá Basilica

Virgen de Coromoto de Venezuela – Patrona de Venezuela / Our Lady of Coromoto of Venezuela - Patroness of Venezuela

The Virgin of Coromoto: Patroness and Protector of Venezuela

At the heart of the Catholic faith in Venezuela, we find Our Lady of Coromoto, a Marian devotion that dates back more than 365 years ago. His story, intertwined with the spiritual formation of the nation, is a story full of miracles, perseverance and the consolidation of faith. Its influence transcends national borders, finding devotees around the world.

Rosa Mística / Rosa Mystica

Marian Revelations: The Case of the Mystical Rose

The apparitions of the Mystical Rose in Montichiari, with their aura of mystery and profound spiritual message, have captured the world’s attention. This particular representation of the Virgin Mary has inspired strong devotion, even though it is not officially recognized by the Catholic Church. Discover the story of these apparitions, the role of the visionary Pierina Gilli, and the messages attributed to the Mystical Rose.

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