Patron Saint Festivities in Maracaibo

Patron Saint Festivities in Maracaibo,

Discover the astonishing resilience of the people of Maracaibo! Despite the paradoxical centralization, they have managed to uphold their cultural traditions and deeply rooted religious beliefs. The veneration of tradition is a widespread practice here which has allowed the preservation of the indigenous qualities that make Maracaibo a distinctive and captivating destination.

International Fair of La Chinita: an emblematic event of the Venezuelan cultural heritage

The International Fair of La Chinita is an annual celebration that awakens a social, spiritual and human interest of unparalleled transcendence.

Travel back in time to 1921 when the Zulia Corporation for the Coronation of Our Lady of Chiquinquirá was established and construction work commenced on the modifications of the Chiquinquirá Basilica. This momentous occasion marked the beginning of a transformation that would forever change the history and significance of this sacred site.

The breathtaking coronation of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá, affectionately known as “La Chinita”. On November 18 1942 the ceremony was presided over by Monsignor Marcos Sergio Godoy and attended by prominent personalities and esteemed Zulian institutions as well as the beloved inhabitants of Maracaibo.

Since then the Chinita Fair has become a festival with religious roots that was initiated in 1966 thanks to the idea of Dr. César Casas Rincón.

The primary goal of this initiative is to create a stable platform for the production and dissemination of our cultural heritage with the aim of fostering a deep appreciation for our roots and promoting healthy, spontaneous and regular social interactions.

This celebration is an opportunity to remember the Miracle of the Virgin and strengthen the bonds of community in the region.

Treasures of faith: The legend of Eleida Araujo and the Virgin of Chiquinquirá

A legend is the story of Eleida Araujo which tells how an old woman found a small board on the shore of the lake and took it to her home. However, what seemed to be an ordinary object became something extraordinary a few days later on November 18, 1709.

The old woman heard knocking on the wall where she had hung the little board but initially decided to ignore it.

What she did not know was that the Virgin of Chiquinquira had materialized on the surface of the tablet, and a dazzling light emanated from it. Finally, Eleida decided to visit the place where the banging was coming from and when she realized what had happened, she ran out into the street shouting “MIRACLE!”.

This story of Eleida Araujo is a sample of the deep meaning that the Virgin of Chiquinquira has for the inhabitants of Maracaibo and Zulia. Her faith and devotion are a testimony of the cultural and spiritual transcendence of this region

Discover all that Maracaibo has to offer!

The urban landscape of the city boasts an array of captivating events, spanning across religious, institutional, social and cultural domains. Commencing with the awe-inspiring Bajada de la Virgen and its riveting procession, the festivities continue to flourish with the scintillating light show on Bella Vista avenues and the enthralling Águilas del Zulia game.

Maracaibo a bustling city brimming with vitality, boasts an assortment of electrifying events that embody its exuberant spirit. From the coronation of the Queen of the Fair to the Amanecer gaitero, held in front of the majestic Basilica and the vibrant La Limpia at the Molina curve, the city’s calendar is replete with cultural celebrations that captivate the local populace and visitors alike.

It is of utmost significance for the civil society of Maracaibo to prioritize the values of integration, sincerity in relationships and a steadfast commitment to upholding our religious, spiritual, cultural and educational traditions with a heightened level of public engagement.

The gaita, an integral aspect of our cultural heritage, must be cherished and promoted for its tremendous significance in defining Maracaibo’s identity. However, above all else, it is imperative to prioritize the unification of families and the cultivation of spiritual values that imbue our city with its unique character. As a proud native of this great city, I implore all of us to come together and champion this noble cause.

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