Terms and Conditions of Use

INFOMISTICO.COM is an electronic publication that offers various services to its users and subscribers. The services provided through this website are subject to compliance with the terms and conditions of use provided herein.

Terms and Conditions of Use for INFOMISTICO.COM

By accessing this website, the user declares to accept, understand and agree to the terms and conditions contained herein. Otherwise, the user must exit the page.

It is the sole obligation of the user to periodically review the General Conditions of Use, Policies and Legal Terms of this website to be informed of any modifications to them. Accessing the page again will be considered tacit acceptance of the new conditions or modifications.

The user acknowledges that by accessing the INFOMISTICO.COM website, they have done so of their own free will. In addition to being responsible for the legal effects of the mere entry, they are accepting the content of other notices mentioned and acknowledging as authentic any means of proof or technological process used by INFOMISTICO.COM to verify the user’s entry or exit from this website.

Terms and Limitations of Use

The user may not copy, modify, distribute, or transmit any information found on this website without express consent obtained from INFOMISTICO.COM. Any request for information should be directed to the Webmaster.

Neither INFOMISTICO.COM nor its Directors, Employees and/or Advisors guarantee uninterrupted or error-free service, nor do they guarantee the accuracy and/or reliability or content of the information presented on this page.

INFOMISTICO.COM will make its best efforts to ensure that the service provided is of optimal quality, with neither INFOMISTICO.COM nor its Directors, Employees and/or Advisors being responsible for any damages caused by delay or interruption in the transmission of the service. INFOMISTICO.COM is a website placed on the open Internet network and can be linked from any point on it without the consent or knowledge of INFOMISTICO.COM. The user acknowledges and accepts this and, in light of the above, exempts INFOMISTICO.COM, its Directors, Employees and/or Advisors from any damages suffered in the use of this website.

Browser Compatibility

The user accepts and acknowledges that this page has been designed to work better with some browsers than with others and in this sense declares that they have no right to any claim and releases INFOMISTICO.COM from any responsibility it may have with the user for the better or worse performance of their browser within this page.


In-Out Links: (From INFOMISTICO.COM to the Internet) This website contains or may contain links to other websites operated by natural or legal persons other than INFOMISTICO.COM. Such links have been provided solely for the convenience of its users.

INFOMISTICO.COM has not investigated or is informed about the content, origin, or operation of the pages to which the links refer or those linked to them and for this reason, it is exempt from responsibility for the content and procedures used on those pages and the use that third parties may make of them, even if they have accessed them through this website, will be at the user’s own risk.

It is strictly prohibited within this website to publish, transmit, download or link to any material of vulgar, obscene, illegal, or offensive content in any form, at the discretion of INFOMISTICO.COM.

The use of internal links to this website for purposes other than those established to the detriment of INFOMISTICO.COM or third-party users is also prohibited, under penalty of being removed from the system and subject to applicable legal actions in accordance with the Law against Computer Crimes and other laws that may be applicable.

Out-in Links: From the Internet to INFOMISTICO.COM, any third party wishing to create and establish a “Link” from their website to the INFOMISTICO.COM website must be authorized and it is understood that INFOMISTICO.COM will not be responsible in any case for damages that may be caused to users who in good faith access their website from these pages, whether authorized or not. Therefore, the user releases INFOMISTICO.COM from any responsibility in this regard, since they declare that they have accessed this website on their own account and risk.

Indexing of Pages and URLs

The user agrees that if it is possible to add any web page or URL to the system or search engine operated by INFOMISTICO.COM, such a request will be subject to and governed by the rules included in these terms and conditions.

INFOMISTICO.COM also reserves the right to index any web pages and URLs under its administration and management in search engines and may index added pages under criteria it deems appropriate, without any guarantees regarding the results or positions in which the user-submitted web pages will be listed in the search engine or similar mechanism, according to the keywords and/or phrases entered.

Service Cancellation

INFOMISTICO.COM may, at its sole discretion, cancel the service provided by this website, remove the user from its database and prevent access to its page at any time and without prior notice given to the user, when it deems, at its sole discretion, that the integrity and security of its systems, users, or a third party or related company are at risk.

Access by Minors

In the event that minors access the services of INFOMISTICO.COM, this company presumes that they have done so with the consent of their legal representatives.

In the event that INFOMISTICO.COM develops exclusive sections dedicated to minors, a procedure for requesting consent from the parent or representative will be implemented in order to comply with current regulations regarding the protection of minors and adolescents.

Modification of General Terms of Use, Policies and Legal Terms

INFOMISTICO.COM reserves the right to modify its general terms of use, policies and legal terms of this website whenever deemed appropriate.

The user is obligated to review the content of these general terms of use, policies and terms, as they may be modified without prior notice. Additionally, the user understands and accepts each and every clause contained in this document. It is the sole responsibility of the user to review the aforementioned terms.

Refund Policy

All charges for our services are only authorized temporarily, meaning that the amount is only blocked to verify payment availability.

Once we have verified all the data, if you change your mind and we have not delivered or performed any services, we will refund 100% of the amount without any penalty.

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