Day out of Time, July 25th

Day out of Time, July 25th,

July 25th is more than just a day on the calendar. According to the Mayan culture, this day is known as the ‘Day Out of Time’, a day full of meaning and purpose. It is a celebration of harmony and creativity, an invitation to reflect on our connection to the Universe and to renew our personal aspirations.

The Magic of July 25th: The Day Out of Time According to the Mayan Worldview

The Dawn of Mayan Time

The Mayan calendar, intricate and precise, begins its years every July 26th and ends on the 24th of that same month, twelve months later. But what about July 25th? This day, according to the Mayans, is suspended in the air, considered the “Day Out of Time”.

This spiritual pause is seen as a sacred moment to activate the divine presence in oneself, dedicating it to fun, art, magic and creativity. July 25th echoes the wisdom of our ancestors, who followed the natural course of things, a day to express gratitude, forgive and bless.

In Lak’ech: Unity and Self-Transformation

In Lak’ech: A Call to Reflection and Connection

This is an ideal day to update your wish list, define goals and draw up the mental maps that will lead you to them. It’s a day for forgiveness, where words like “I’m sorry”, “please forgive me”, “thank you” and “I love you” take on healing power.

But it is not only a day for self-knowledge and self-analysis, it is a day that invites us to love others and to reflect on human unity. Under the Mayan prism, the greeting In Lak’ech, which means “I am another you”, gives rise to the answer Ala K’in or “You are another me”.

This greeting is the basis of the belief in unity with Infinite Energy that makes everything possible, a universal and respectful concept.

Rituality and Beliefs of the Day Out of Time

Between Rituals and Abrupt Changes: The Mayan Dawn of July 25th

The Day Out of Time is a day of particular rituals and customs. A Mayan year begins with the sunrise of July 25th, so it is traditional to store the garbage and not take it out of the house until Wednesday, July 26th. It’s a practice to keep all cleaning utensils out of sight, hidden until the next morning.

We could all have a chance to experience a stroke of luck. Everyday activities are viewed positively and are expected to benefit love, beauty, politics, art, communications, travel and ideas.

However, there is a tendency for things to not work out as expected. Setbacks or returns can arise, mainly related to surprises, airplanes, technology, electricity, creativity, non-profit organizations, friendships or innovations.

The possibility of earthquakes, accidents, ruptures, unforeseen events, lightning storms, sudden changes, strikes, rebellions, crazy ideas or strange behavior is increasing today, both in human beings and in nature.

The Day Out of Time: Precautions in the Eye of the Emotional Hurricane

Managing Stress in a Timeless Time

It is possible that the energies of the environment generate stress. Feelings can alternate in unexpected ways and emotions can easily spiral out of control. Therefore, staying calm and taking care of our emotional health is recommended.

To prevent any eventuality, it is advisable to avoid excessive alcohol consumption, spiritualistic sessions, hypnosis, the use of psychotropic drugs and sedatives and not to go sailing. It’s a day when it’s better to question what they tell us and not take everything at face value.

You should be alert to risks of falls, poisoning, suffocation or excessive sadness. If you work in photography, theater, film, pharmacies or detention centers, working a little harder to make everything work properly is advisable. If you must get somewhere early, it’s best to leave with plenty of time.

It is advisable to avoid caves, dark places, repetitions and to be alert to extreme temperatures, resignation, layoffs or absences. On this day, crises, problems with banks, loss, secrets, kidnappings or explosions can arise.

The Light of the Yellow Galactic Star: Meditation and Harmony on the Day Out of Time

A Light in the Sky: The Yellow Galactic Star

According to the Mayan worldview, a special star, the Yellow Galactic Star, illuminates the astrological sky on this day. This heavenly body emanates special energies for what it is destined for on the Day Out of Time, favoring art and intellectual activity.

Therefore, it is an appropriate time to dedicate a few minutes to meditation and celebration. The thought that will activate these energies is: “I bring Harmony”.

This mantra invites us to let the brightness of our inner star emanate from the soul, in perfect harmony with the Universe. It calls us to seek harmony through art, achieving the integrity of beauty, guided by the seal of the human being and the power of free will.

The Day Out of Time: An Echo of Divinity and the Promise of the Impossible

Call for Peace and Creativity

The Day Out of Time is an invitation to display the flag of Peace, to create artistically and to make music and circles of singing and drumming. It is a day to organize a ceremony of universal forgiveness and sing for the Earth. It is a call to pray that we will achieve Universal Harmony.

It’s a special day to send a telepathic signal to other worlds through group or individual meditations. We can visualize the Earth covered in rays of healing colors, radiating the colors to different dimensions.

The Day Out of Time is a day to recreate the world, to improve it, to activate the divine presence in us, dedicating it to play, art and creativity. It is a day to remember more easily that we carry divinity in us, what unites us as one.

In short, this is a day when the impossible does not exist, where the key is to give love and to make harmony prevail among all.