Day out of Time, July 25th

Day out of Time, July 25th,

July 25th is a special day, is called the day out of time according to the Mayan calendar. For the Maya, the years begin on July 26th and end on the 24th of the same month twelve months later.

July 25th – Day out of time

The 25th is suspended, they considered that day out of time, a special day to activate the divine presence in you, dedicating it to play, art, magic, and creativity. Wise ancestors who were governed by the natural. A day to thank, forgive and bless.

It will be a favorable day to review the wish list and update it, to define goals and the mental maps that will help you achieve them, and to forgive: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you are useful words to achieve it.

A day that invites us to love everyone and to reflect

About the meaning of the Mayan greeting In Lak’ech whose translation is I am another you. The greeting In Lak’ech is answered with Ala K’in which means You are another me.

A respectful greeting is based on the concept of unity with infinite energy that makes everything possible and related to all cultures.

Keep in mind that a year will begin at dawn on Monday, July 25, so if you have to sweep on this day, do not take the garbage out of the house until Tuesday, July 26. This Monday morning keep all cleaning utensils where you will not see them and better if you leave them hidden until Tuesday.

Stroke of luck

Everyone will enjoy the opportunity for a stroke of luck.

Daily activities are seen in a positive light and will benefit love, beauty, politics, art, communications, travel, and ideas.

The tendency for things not to go as expected, to go backward, or to generate returns, mainly regarding surprises, airplanes, technology, electricity, creativity, non-profit organizations, friendships, or innovations.

Also, the possibility of earthquakes, accidents, ruptures, unforeseen events, storms with lightning, sudden changes, strikes, rebellions, of having crazy ideas, or strange behaviors of beings as well as of Nature increases.


The energies of the environment can also produce stress. Feelings alternate (today I love you, tomorrow I don’t), and our emotions are easily altered.

  • Alcohol abuse, spiritualist or hypnosis sessions, psychotropic or sedative consumption, going sailing, or believing everything you are told is not recommended.
  • Risk of falls, avalanches, with the activities associated with oil derivatives, gas, intoxications, asphyxiation, or excess of sadness.
  • If you work in photography, theater, cinema, pharmacies, or detention centers, you will have to give more of yourself so that everything works properly.
  • If you must arrive early, leave on time.
  • Avoid caves, depths, dark places, or repetitions.
  • Obstructions, repressions, extreme temperatures, resignations, dismissals, or absences.
  • Crisis, problems with banks or misplacements, secrets, kidnappings, or explosions.

A special star illuminates the astrological firmament and tells us that there will be special energies for what is destined the day out of time, for art and intellectual activity so we can spend a few minutes to meditate and celebrate, which in this opportunity corresponds to Kin Yellow galactic star.

The thought that will activate the said energies is:

I Bring Harmony

I make my star shine from the soul, in full harmony with the Universe.

I seek harmony by modeling through art, achieving the integrity of beauty.

I am guided by the seal of the human with the power of free will.

The invitation is to wave the flag of Peace

Create artistically.
Play music and make singing and drum circles.
You can organize a universal forgiveness ceremony.
Make songs for the Earth. Pray for Universal harmony.

It is a special day to send a telepathic signal to other worlds through group or individual meditations. Visualize the Earth covered with rays of healing colors.

You also radiate the colors to the other dimensions. Recreate the World, make it a special day to activate the divine presence in you, dedicating it to play, art, and creativity. In which we can realize more easily than others, that we have the presence of the Divine in us, which makes us One.

This is a day in which there are no impossibilities, whose key is to give love and make harmony prevail among all.

Susana Colucci

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