New Year’s Eve Forgiveness

New Year’s Eve Forgiveness,

Just before the year ends, it is imperative to forget, transform and dissolve all the negative aspects of the past year.

Forgiveness on New Year’s Eve will eliminate negativity.

The Christmas spirit is a light energy of the mind and feelings that can fade with our negativity, which is why it is so important to forgive at the end of the year. If we celebrate the good without atoning for the bad, such as hatreds, grudges and challenging situations we have lived through, that joy dissolves easily.

We give it here because there are people who gather every day of the old year to receive the enveloping spirit of the one that begins and to make the collective invocation of “year-end forgiveness”:

At the end of the year, I forgive

I erase from my subconscious and etheric record all the records and memories of all the unpleasant events I have lived this year, taking responsibility for my actions and taking control of what “I AM”.

I truly forgive and forget completely

All annoyance, resentment, debt, irritability, aggression, betrayal, slander and hatred that any person, circumstance, or thing has caused me.

I release and release all those who left my side to join another group, work, party, or group of friends without asking for anything in return and send them on their way with all my love, to be blessed and prospered wherever they go and wherever they are.

I renounce with all my strength all attachment to things

Situations, possessions and, above all, people. I declare that nothing and no one can bind me to anything and I “AM” totally and completely free to give myself to God and God alone for all eternity.

I undo everything that has happened to me this year that is not a step in my ascension process and I remove from my life every obstacle that stands in the way of my natural state of freedom, which is flight.

I wrap it in the incandescent glow of the White Fire of Ascension and cover every second, minute, hour, day, week and month of this concluding year with the fiery, glowing Violet Flame, erasing all misqualified energy.

No personality, ego, past, memories, or negative karma

I give the One Light Service control of my “Lifestream” so that from this point forward, until I reach eternity, all I experience is Light: hearing it, feeling it, seeing it, tasting it, smelling it, thinking it.

Book Spirit of Christmas by Ruben Cedeno

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