Rituals and Letters to Celebrate the Christmas Spirit

Rituals and Letters to Celebrate the Christmas Spirit, InfoMistico.com

December 21st, the date of the winter solstice, marks a unique astronomical and spiritual moment: it’s when the sun, in its maximum zodiacal splendor, illuminates the Earth from the sign of Capricorn. This date signals not only a change in the heavens but also in our spirit, welcoming the Christmas spirit on the longest night of the year, laden with a special energy felt across the planet.

Rituals and Letters to Celebrate the Christmas Spirit on December 21st

Though Capricorn is often associated with material aspects, it surprises with its deep spirituality, wisdom, and maturity.

Its celestial influence invites us to look within ourselves, to reflect and remember. The term “solstice” refers to a period when the sun seems to pause at one point for three days. During this time, the Earth’s axis aligns with the constellation of the Playas, pointing towards the galaxy’s center, a hub of stellar concentration and source of positive energy.

This cosmic energy flows through the North Pole, radiating across the planet, including the air, water, earth, and all living beings. This period, extending to December 25th, becomes a magical and significant time, beyond its traditional religious connotation. It’s grounded in a blend of astrological calculations and ancestral knowledge.

The Christmas Spirit: A Wave of Good Vibrations

The spirit of Christmas is not just a festive tradition, but a powerful energy originating from the galactic core, a force that encourages us to reorganize our lives, to share and embrace. This beautiful cosmic energy invites us to believe, attract magic into our lives, and connect with our most cherished projects.

This spirit, sometimes seeming to defy all rational explanation, is a manifestation of peace, love, and harmony, not just on Earth but throughout the cosmos. It’s a form of living energy that envelops us when our hearts tune in to its vibration. Thus, the spirit of Christmas becomes a celebration of life and the connection between all beings.

Rediscovering Magic: Ritual and Gratitude at Christmas

The Art of Purifying the Home: Salt, Lemon, and More

  • Start with a simple yet powerful ritual: write letters of repentance and gratitude. Then, purify your home from the inside out using sea salt and lemon. This symbolic process cleanses not just the physical space but also your interior.
  • To complete the cleansing, use water, coconut water, or coconut essence, complementing it with rose petals. This act, from outside to inside, seals the purification and prepares your home to receive all good things.

The Dinner of Transformation: Manifest and Bless

  • Burn last year’s letters and make way for the new: open doors and windows, prepare the table and manifest forgiveness and gratitude.
  • In this celebration, the table becomes an altar of prosperity: place your checkbook, wallet, and a high-denomination bill, blessing your financial future.
  • At the end of the dinner, read your letter of request. Burn the original and keep a copy, maintaining the energy of your desires throughout the year.

The Ritual Bath: Closure and Renewal

  • Conclude this cycle of rituals with a bath using sea salt, lemon, and rose water.
  • This bath is not just a physical cleansing act but a profound spiritual and emotional renewal. It’s the moment to release the old and embrace the new, closing one cycle to welcome another.

The Christmas Spirit Table: Unity and Abundance

  • Honor this day by gathering with family and friends around a generous table.
  • Decorate it to your liking with fruits, sweets, flowers, and other elements that symbolize abundance and joy.
  • Keep doors and windows open, inviting the universe to be part of your celebration.

Letters from the Heart: Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Wishes

The letters are a central pillar in these rituals. The forgiveness letter allows you to free yourself from past burdens, forgiving others and yourself.

The gratitude letter is a reminder of all the good received, an exercise to appreciate even the small details of life.

Finally, the letter of request, dated December 21st, is your map to the future, filled with dreams and projects. Burn the first two before 6 pm on this day, as an act of liberation, and keep the third a beacon of hope and direction.

Letters of Forgiveness and Gratitude

This ritual invites lighting candles in violet, white, and blue tones, colors that symbolize purification and peace.

The practice involves verbalizing sincere forgiveness, not only toward others but also toward oneself. It’s a moment to acknowledge past mistakes and release emotional burdens.

It suggests feeling any physical or emotional change while performing the ritual, passing your hand over the violet candle flame to symbolize purification.

This act of forgiveness is not only towards people but also towards situations, animals, and even divine aspects. By releasing these energies, a violet and golden light is invited to envelop the body, symbolizing a complete renewal.

It’s important to remember to sign this letter before December 21st and burn it before six in the evening of the same day, thus sealing the purification process.

The Power of Gratitude: A Letter of Thanks

Parallel to the act of forgiveness, the gratitude letter stands as another fundamental pillar of this Christmas ritual. Here, the only candle to be lit is white, symbolizing purity and sincerity.

This letter is an acknowledgment of all the blessings in one’s life. It’s a stream of gratitude touching every aspect of life, from the most intimate like health and personal well-being, to the more external realms such as family, friends, and work.

Recognizing and valuing what one has is a potent tool for attracting even more positivity. This letter becomes a reminder that, despite challenges, there are countless reasons to be grateful.

Like the letter of forgiveness, it’s crucial to sign it before December 21st and burn it before 6:00 PM on January 21st, thus marking an end and a new beginning filled with positivity and gratitude.

Ritual of Renewal and Hope

The Ritual of Petition or Project Letters to welcome the Christmas Spirit is a practice that melds gratitude with the projection of future goals. This detailed guide invites you on a journey of self-discovery and manifestation.

The Petition Letter: A Bridge to Your Dreams

Initial Steps: The Importance of Duplication

The ritual begins with creating two copies of a very special letter. This is not an ordinary letter; it’s a proclamation of your desires and goals.

Start with an opening statement reflecting your readiness to receive the best for yourself and those around you, always in harmony with the universe. The key here is specificity and clear intention behind each word.

Practical Examples: Visualize and Thank

Imagine and thank each wish as if it has already materialized. For instance, if you dream of a new car, gratefully describe its make, color, year, and model in detail. If you desire a loving relationship, imagine and thank the qualities of that ideal partner. These visualizations should be realistic and achievable, written with confidence and detail.

More Than Mere Words: The Power of Intention

Focus and Clarity: The Keys to Success

The effectiveness of this ritual lies in the clarity and focus on your objectives. The more focused you are, the clearer and more attainable the steps to achieve your goals become.

It’s essential to stay grounded, choosing realistic and executable goals within the year.

The Power of Gratitude: Conclude with Thankfulness

Conclude the letter with heartfelt thanks, acknowledging the current and relevance of your desires. This action seals your intentions and reinforces your connection with the universe.

Ritual of Closure: Burn and Renew

The Symbolic Act of Burning the Letter

Once completed, sign the letter on December 21st. After sharing a dinner or special moment with loved ones, burn the original letter before midnight. This symbolic act represents the release of your desires to the universe.

Reflection and Continuity: Last Year’s Letter

If you performed this ritual last year, take a moment to read the previous letter. Be thankful for both the goals achieved and those that didn’t materialize, trusting that something better is reserved for you. Then, proceed to burn it as well.

This Christmas Spirit ritual is more than a mere tradition; it’s a potent tool for self-discovery and manifestation. By following these steps, you connect with your deepest desires, establishing a clear path for the upcoming year.

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