Christmas Spirit Rituals

Christmas Spirit Rituals,

There are many celebrations throughout the history of mankind, but few are as well known as Christmas, a time that has become overly commercialized and, therefore, has lost much of its original meaning.

Rituals and cards to celebrate December 21 — Christmas Spirit

The winter solstice, when our sun is at its highest point in the zodiac and shines brightly on the Earth, takes place on December 21, when it enters the sign of Capricorn.

The arrival of the Christmas spirit coincides with the longest night of the year and a very special energy that permeates the entire planet.

The material is related to Capricorn

However, it is one of the most spiritual signs and is linked to wisdom and maturity. Its energy incites introspection, reflection and memory.

The term “solstice” refers to a time when the sun remains in the same place for three days.

At that time and for those three days, the Earth’s axis points to the constellation of the Beaches and, from there, to the center of the galaxy, which is where the highest concentration of stars in the galaxy is located and the source of all the good energy that permeates everyone and everything on Earth.

All of this uplifting cosmic energy passes through the north pole and radiates out to the entire surface of the Earth, including the air, water, land and all living things. In reality, the period between now and December 25 is a magical time for everyone.

Although many people celebrate it as a religious holiday, it is based on a great variety of astrological and cosmic calculations; this knowledge has been passed down to us by great masters.

The Christmas spirit represents the accumulation of good vibrations

Christmas spirit is an energy that originates in the galactic center and comes from the 21st century. It’s those wonderful wishes that make you want to organize your life, give gifts to everyone and hug yourself.

Because that is the true spirit of Christmas -a beautiful energy that emanates from the cosmos and invites us to believe and attract a lot of magic into our lives-, an energy very conducive to connecting with projects and planning a new year, it is a feeling that sometimes defies explanation.

The spirit of Christmas is one of peace, love and harmony among all living beings on Earth and perhaps even in the cosmos. It is a form of living energy that descends and surrounds us when the heart of each of us connects with this energy.

Tips for enjoying the Christmas spirit

  1. First, make your letters of repentance and gratitude, then use sea salt and lemon to clean your house from the inside out and finally use water, coconut water or coconut essence and rose petals to clean from the outside in.
  2. Burn last year’s letters, set the table, open the windows and doors and manifest forgiveness and gratitude.
  3. Use sea salt, lemon and rose water to finish the bath.
  4. At the end of dinner, read your letter of request and burn the original and keep your copy to continue giving energy throughout the year. Set your table, bless the food and place your checkbook, purse and a high denomination bill and bless your prosperity.

Christmas Spirit Rituals

The first thing to understand is that this day is extremely energetically significant.

You can honor it symbolically by gathering with family and friends, setting a generous table with whatever you choose to put on it, placing fruits, sweets and other items of your choice such as flowers and keeping doors and windows open.

In addition, it is customary to place mandarins, essences and incense with the same aroma. The making of letters for this date is one of the most well-known customs associated with this time of year.

These are not created to be written or sent in the Christmas spirit; rather, they are created to be used as an opportunity to let go of everything we no longer want in our lives and to forgive both others and ourselves. In this way, you generate a letter of forgiveness.

Then you have a gratitude letter to express your appreciation for all that you have received during the past year. Sometimes people have a hard time finding things to express their gratitude for, but all you have to do is say thank you to life itself, including our loved ones, such as children and family.

We also have a document known as the letter of request, which I prefer to refer to as the letter of the year’s projects. The letter of request is finished with one copy and the first two – forgiveness and gratitude – must be burned by 6 p.m. on Dec. 21.

The petition letter is dated December 21 and is signed, while the first two are dated before that date.

Types of Spirit of Christmas letters

Letter of forgiveness to receive the Christmas spirit

Light a violet, white and blue candle.

I (your name), in addition to asking for forgiveness, also offer my forgiveness for any wrong I have committed against my mother, father, siblings, friends, neighbors, relatives, other people, animals, things, situations, God and/or against myself, as well as for any harm I have caused or endured in this life or any other life.

(Stop and check for any sensation or discomfort in the body as the cleansing energies are released; if there is, pass your hand over the violet candle flame as if you were picking it up to purify it).

In the name of God and all beings of light to which it corresponds, I (your name) release and release with love and release myself and release with love all beings who are in any way negatively attached to me. I also release and release with love all unfavorable circumstances that are currently in my life or have previously existed.

I am grateful for all that I have learned from each of these beings and our interactions. With love, I release them and myself.

Imagine a violet and then golden light bathing you and imagine the infinity 8 symbol covering your entire body and encompassing all who are there. In the same way, both for things and circumstances.

Note that you must sign it before December 21 and burn it before six o’clock in the evening of that day.

Letter of gratitude to receive the spirit of Christmas

Light a white candle

There is an inexhaustible well of gratitude deep within who I am. Gratitude flows from me in all directions, touches everything in my world and returns to me in the form of new things to be grateful for.

It fills my heart, my body, my mind, my consciousness and my whole being, every cell and every atom that makes it up.

The more grateful I am, the more I realize that there is an inexhaustible supply. I feel good when I give thanks and I am grateful for my body and myself. I am grateful for my senses of sight, hearing, sensitivity, taste and touch.

I appreciate my home and give thanks for having it. I appreciate and enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I appreciate my work and always do my best.

I consistently use my skills and talents successfully because I am grateful for them. I value my income and am confident in my success wherever I go.

As I am aware that my past experiences contributed to the development of my soul, I am grateful for them. I appreciate the entire natural world and all living things. I am grateful for today and for every tomorrow to come. I am thankful for life now and always.

You have until December 21 to sign it and until 6 p.m. to burn it on January 21.

Letter of requests or projects to receive the Christmas spirit

You must make two copies

Right now, in perfect harmony for myself and everyone else involved and in tune with the universe, I (your name) open myself to receive this or something better.

You have to put down in writing each of your goals for the coming year; they cannot be just wishes or fantasies; you have to turn them into goals you can work towards. Write down everything you do with gratitude, in the present tense and with positive affirmations.


Thank you for your wonderful automobile, make, color, year and model. A detailed description of the vehicle is required.

I am grateful to have such a sweet, romantic and attractive partner.

The heading comes first, after which you begin writing about your projects while expressing gratitude and assurance in the present tense and as much detail as possible. The number of projects or requests is unlimited. Write as much as you want, but try to keep your feet on the ground.

Make sure they are things you can accomplish this year. Keep in mind that if your goals are clear, the most important thing is to focus on them; the more you focus, the stronger and easier the steps to achieve them will be.

Thank you, thank you, thank you because this is so topical and relevant, concludes the letter.

You can do this on your computer, exactly as indicated in the heading, but with very specific goals, projects, aspirations, requests, etc., etc., but with very specific goals, projects, aspirations, requests, etc.

To maintain the visualization, keep in mind that you must sign the letter with the date December 21 and that you must sign it in original and copy. Burn the original letter after dinner or after sharing it with family or friends, preferably before midnight.

You can read this letter on December 31 to continue sending energy and attracting your goals for the coming year.

If you have a letter from the previous year, read it now and express gratitude for both the things you did and the things you didn’t accomplish because you know God has something better in store for you.

Then burn it.

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