Thinking about Christmas

Thinking about Christmas,

The decorations combine traditional, contemporary and avant-garde styles. It’s time to start thinking about decorating the house because the Christmas spirit has already begun to permeate every corner.

Start thinking about Christmas

It’s time to take out the boxes where you keep the decorations and start thinking of creative ways to innovate that don’t cost a fortune given the current economic situation.

All you have to do is take the things you love and give them a new twist. Start by putting the decorations you like in a special place and set aside the ones that don’t suit you at all. Then think about how you can change them.

For example, the balls on the tree (that aren’t glass) you can spray paint, or use frost and acrylic spray to make them look new. Another idea is to make a new dress for the fabric dolls.

Remove the bows from this year’s Christmas tree and glue them to figurines, candles, or ornaments. Instead, place a border of decorative netting strips of varying widths around the tree. If you have twinkle lights, all you have to do is loosen the bulb because static lights are the best option.

These are some creative, timeless and, most importantly, affordable decorating ideas.

The Christmas tree is always the protagonist

Although the hue of green has changed, red and traditional green colors are timeless. Three colors are currently popular for tree decorating, such as red, green and white.

Brass, wire, or even silver trees are ideal for modern or extremely compact spaces. Shamizos, which are reminiscent of winter’s leafless trees and are only illuminated with lights, are also very popular.

Place branches or the star of Bethlehem at the top of the tree. In addition, garlands of natural materials are placed inside the tree trunk.

Balls in the shape of a spinning top are the most popular among the many types of balls. They are used to attract attention and you can get them made of plastic in a variety of colors and sizes that are not only decorative but also safe for children.

Christmas Nativity Scene

It doesn’t matter if the figures are old-fashioned with perfect proportions and golden tones, contemporary, with round faces, or even one color. The setting is the most significant thing. The right place allows for a combination of different materials. The one that resembles moss, snow, or arid terrain.

The fireplace

Place the usual boots on a brass pine arrangement of different sizes. Also, a garland of faux plastic pine-like foliage with candles and ribbons hanging from the traditional boots.

A choir of altar boys, nutcracker dolls (a resurgent custom), a collection of antique Santa Claus figurines, or three brass trees of varying sizes can serve as simpler decorations.

The front door

Welcome home with a door decorated with wire or artificial pine. There can be many ornaments or just a ribbon. The wreath is always in style.

Christmas lights

Preferably, fixed white lights. The tree has to be well-lit. The traditional fixed and normal lights. For those who want to invest, the ones in the shape of Christmas ornaments are very popular, such as green lapel lights, red bell lights and some extremely white or ice-colored lights.

The main table

For the centerpiece, consider candles and brass trees or colorful candles and balls. Bright and vibrant colored flatware and glasses are essential, as well as inexpensive china or melamine dinnerware. Use paper cups and napkins to decorate.

Christmas symbols and customs everywhere

The Star of Bethlehem

On the night of Jesus’ birth, it appeared miraculously. The Magi were guided by this star to the portal leading to Mary and Jesus. There are billions of stars in the sky, but only one is like the Star of Bethlehem.

The Christmas crown

It represents eternal life. Both the circle and the green pine tree have no beginning and no end. It represents power and hope.


In German folklore, they represent power and good fortune. They protect the house from evil spirits and bring luck to the family. According to a myth, if the nutcracker shows it’s pearly white, bad omens will be fulfilled.

The Christmas pine tree

The pine tree was adopted as a sign of friendship and welcome by the first American settlers. Sailors were the first to hang them on the doors of their homes. It was a lure to gather with friends, eat and tell stories of travels.

The poinsettia

A poor boy bowed down before the Baby Jesus in front of a manger in a square, according to a legend from Mexico. He picked an herb and placed it in front of the manger because he had no money and no gifts. Suddenly, they turned into bright red flowers.

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