13 Holy Nights

13 Holy Nights, InfoMistico.com

The thirteen holy nights, which run from December 25 (Christmas night) to January 6 (Epiphany night), are a very special time when we can begin to manifest the things we want for the coming year.

The 13 Holy Nights — Excellent exercise for meditation

Just before going to bed on December 25, we can imagine what we want January of the following year to be like and associate it with a Capricorn-related trait. The 13th (January 6) is Epiphany, which celebrates the synthesis of everything.

Epiphany refers to the “manifestation” of the unseen.

Imagine what millions of like-minded people could accomplish if we all concentrated today on the same quality.

It is a great exercise to reflect on each sign of the zodiac, even the one we least identify with, between now and January 5, as each day represents a sign and its characteristics.

Holy Nights

December 25th

  • Sign Capricorn, the month of January.
  • Quality: Constancy.

December 26th

  • Aquarius sign, the month of February.
  • Quality: Companionship.

December 27th

  • Pisces sign, the month of March
  • Quality: Mercy.

December 28th

  • Aries sign, the month of April.
  • Quality: Determination

December 29th

  • Taurus sign, the month of May.
  • Quality: Performance.

December 30th

  • Gemini sign, the month of June.
  • Quality: Talent.

December 31st

  • Cancer sign, the month of July.
  • Quality: Fidelity.

January 1st

  • Leo sign, the month of August.
  • Quality: Benevolence.

January 2nd

  • Virgo sign, the month of September.
  • Quality: Kindness.

January 3rd

  • Libra sign, the month of October.
  • Quality: Impartiality.

January 4th

  • Scorpio sign, the month of November.
  • Quality: Recovery.

January 5th

  • Sagittarius, the month of December.
  • Quality: Joy.

January 6th

  • Epiphany: is the manifestation of all the good qualities I will have by my side in the coming year. Everyone is free to create their list and include any virtues which they need to grow.

With information from Enriqueta Bruni

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