Synchronize your Thoughts with the Rhythm of the Moon

Synchronize your Thoughts with the Rhythm of the Moon,

Human biological cycles are interconnected with nature and the universe, including our thoughts. The power of our thoughts increases when we learn to synchronize them with the natural rhythm.

Learn to Synchronize Your Thoughts with the Rhythm of the Moon

For example, by aligning your thoughts with the phases of the moon, you will be able to materialize them. With a full moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius, the energy will be strongest on February 5 and 6.

The influence of the Full Moon is maintained this week, which is a favorable cycle to find a balance between the conscious and unconscious world and get great ideas that can guide you. Under the influence of this moon in Leo, it’s important to think big.

Use the power of the waning moon to get rid of the useless and attract what you want with the waxing fourth

On February 13, we begin the waning phase, which gives you the perspective to focus on what you need to accomplish and let go of what has served its purpose. The waning moon in Scorpio will help you focus passionately on your goals and get rid of what is no longer useful.

After the waning quarter, you should prepare for the upcoming New Moon on February 20th. During this phase you will be sowing your big goal in the subconscious, and thanks to the Moon in Pisces it will be very fertile, because Pisces is a sign that reaches deep into the world of the subconscious.

Mind and body are united with the power of thought. Visualizing and attracting with the mind is valuable, but it is not enough. You must act and take physical action to achieve your goals.

The best time for you to take action is during the Crescent Quarter, when the star energies increase and your will begins to grow.

The upcoming Crescent Quarter on February 27 in Gemini, with the Moon conjunct Mars, the planet of action, will be an ideal time to move strongly toward your goals.


Thought is a powerful force for manifesting your intentions. However, we often unconsciously use them against ourselves. Thoughts have an energy, a vibration, and a connection in the universe; they are the seed of what will eventually become reality.

It is a subtle vibration that becomes a sonorous expression through the spoken word. Every thought has its own vibration, quality and power.

You can consciously harness it, give it real meaning and harmonize your environment and life in general. Everything in the universe is in motion and vibrating, but some vibrations are denser, while others are more subtle.

Change your thoughts to change your life: Learn to control your vibrations

Every element in the universe is associated with a specific vibration, including thoughts. Each thought has a deep meaning in our minds, either consciously or unconsciously, which emits a specific vibration and attracts similar vibrations.

If you use your thoughts consciously you will attract harmony success and happiness.

Become aware of your thoughts, learn to control them, and try to surprise and scold yourself when you have negative thoughts. By changing your mental programming and being aware of your thoughts, you will be able to create your outer world, for you are what you think.

Let’s work on having positive affirmations, harmonious and full of faith in what you want and tuning desires to the rhythm of the universe.