Biodecoding: Edema or Fluid Retention

Biodecoding: Edema or Fluid Retention,

Edema, from the perspective of Biodecoding, represents a protective barrier of the body against unresolved emotional conflicts. This fluid retention affects not only physically but also symbolizes unexpressed emotions, thoughts, and situations.

Edemas or Fluid Retention according to Biodescodification

Emotional Conflicts

Fluid retention in your tissues is a way to protect organs and tissues from damage.

Edemas are a sign that you are retaining something that is considered “toxic” or something that you are afraid of losing. It is a form of communication from your body about unresolved emotional or psychological conflicts.

Also, in Biodescodification, edemas are related to retaining emotions, thoughts, situations or liquids. The location and size of the edema can be indicative of the type of conflict that is present.

For example, if you have edema in your legs it is related to a conflict about your emotional stability. In your eyes, conflict is related to vision or the perception of how you are seeing things.

Fluid Retentions Biodecoding

Fluid retention whether in the legs or from excess weight is related to your kidneys in a survival perspective.

The kidney does not adequately eliminate excess fluids (stagnant water) and does not adequately filter them. During a prolonged survival situation, your canals close down.

When did you begin to accumulate fluid and what happened before symptoms of fluid retention occurred, are essential questions to ask yourself. Consider existential issues and fears, as your kidneys are related to fluids.

Swelling (edema)

Swelling (edema) is related to feeling limited or afraid to be limited in what you want to do.

In Biodescodification fluid retention protects tissues and organs from possible future damage. Swelling is the physiological response to emotional stress, internal conflicts or challenging external situations.

Symbolically you hold on to something, whether it is fluid, thoughts, emotions or situations. Is a sign that you are holding on to something that is considered “toxic” to your body or something you fear losing.

We hurt ourselves and then hold on to the memories. The swellings often represent the repressed tears we feel trapped or blaming others for our shortcomings.

Let go of the past, let it go and take back your power. Stop worrying about what others want and use your mind to create what you truly desire. Let life take you where you need to be.


Edema or swelling is an excess of fluid in the spaces between cells. They are characterized by swelling and a finger mark when the affected area is pressed.

Emotional conflicts of edema according to Biodescodification

Any accumulation of liquid or water retention is a sign of emotional retention. The person swells as a form of protection.

It is important to note that edema can appear when a conflict is resolved since the person is in conflict between his ego and his heart on whether to maintain the conflict or to resolve it.

The location of the edema and the function of that part of the body indicate in which area the retention occurred. For example, a swollen leg may indicate that the person is holding back from moving toward a goal after finding a solution.

Mental blockage of edema according to Biodescodification

If you suffer from swellings, your body tells you that you retain liquid because of a lack of confidence in your capacities and talents, you are creating barriers and limits. The message you receive is to give in and take more risks following the dictates of your heart and stop blocking the flow of energy.

You must open up and trust yourself more, take risks, and follow the voice of your heart. Instead of holding back fluids and emotions, allow them to flow and let things happen naturally. Let go of your resistance and move in the direction you want to go.