Biodescodification Liquid Retention

Biodescodification Liquid Retention,

Fluid retention, which usually affects women, is a fairly typical symptomatology that results in the accumulation of water in the whole body or specific places.

Biodescodification — Fluid retention and emotional conflicts

This disorder is part of the fourth stage of human evolution, which is when we begin to move, get out of the water, and value or devalue ourselves.

First of all, as the term “retention” suggests, fluid retention is the result of an overwhelming urge to “hold back,” that is, to hold on to something that should be released, as well as fear, resentment, or any visceral emotion that we cannot or do not want to let go of.

Fluid retention

In most circumstances, it is annoying, but most of the time it is related to a person’s appearance, a loss of shape, or aesthetics. Therefore, the unconscious draws our attention to who we are as people and how we value ourselves.

It is intimately linked to the kidney, the Biodescodification links to the “referents”, specifically to the loss of these referents, because it is about the mobilization of the liquids.

“I do not take care of myself, I waste my time”, is the resentment.

There is often an important devaluation linked to anxiety as a cause.


Knowing that emotions are liquids, let’s consider the area of the body where they are usually stored:

  • The legs and feet: a link with the “real and archetypal mother”, with the woman, with work, with the “earth”, with life, and with delight.
  • Work, action, and man are associated with the hands.
  • Womb: Woman’s “children”; man’s struggle for his “territory”.
  • Legs: sexuality and essential energy.
  • Face: image.
  • Eyes: a point of view, a concept, or a mental image.

When fluid retention occurs

Emotions are not like water; they cannot be recognized nor, of course, transformed if they are not expressed. Emotional miscommunication can be intentional, unconscious, or both towards others and/or ourselves.

Consequently, if our legs tend to swell, we tend to hold back the most fundamental feelings we have toward “mother”, whether it is from our perspective, whether it is something we see or have experienced, etc.

The part of the body that retains fluids reveals the circumstances or places where this pattern manifests most strongly.

What am I worried about losing?

As the unconscious associates the lack of money with the person’s liquidity and shows the anxiety and worry or excessive stress that this real or symbolic situation produces in us, it is very common for the disease to develop in these situations as well.

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