Leg and foot pain biodescodification

Leg and foot pain biodescodification, InfoMistico.com

In the case of the legs and feet, these are areas of the body where many people often experience discomfort, inflammation, joint difficulties, skin problems, etc.

Leg and foot pain according to Biodescodification – Emotional Conflicts

A disease can represent an imbalance in any of these planes, not only in the one that manifests as apparent symptoms. According to Biodescodification, the discomfort in the feet and legs is caused by emotional concerns.

This does not occur simply as a result of an external event, such as a blow, but can also have deeper emotional origins, as David R. Hawkins argues as follows:

“Repressed energy accumulates and seeks to show itself through psychosomatic distress, physical ailments, emotional illnesses, and disordered behavior in interpersonal interactions, as most people repress and avoid their emotions throughout their lives.”

Legs and feet support the weight of the body

They provide stability and protection and are essential for balance and walking.

A person’s ability to get up or move independently can be hindered by disorders in either, so the first emotional question we can ask ourselves is:

What is preventing me from moving forward? from getting up? from running?

Bones, joints, muscles, cartilage, and tendons are components of both the foot and legs. Each component can convey a different struggle, and its genuine meaning is individual and related to one’s existence.


It is the emotional representation of our relationship with the earth and how we fit into it.

For Biodescodification, the problems with the foot can represent unresolved tensions with the mother or with those who provide the security, containment, and sustenance of the symbol.

It can also be a metaphor for the difficulties to progress in life, choosing a concrete path, maintaining oneself, or taking a leap. They can also indicate problems with mental stability, security, or concentration.

Foot pain

Foot pain may be an indication that you need to stop, slow down, or recover.

Calluses may represent fear of stepping into the unknown, flat feet may represent stiffness in the face of life, and sprains or strains may represent emotional instability, especially when making decisions.


They represent the ability to move forward, adapt and move on.

Leg problems are linked to our relationship to the future and our ability to act on the impulse to travel in the direction we want to go; they can be an indication of fear or trouble moving on a particular path.

Leg pain

Circulation problems may represent difficulties in positively expressing happy emotions.

Introspection is necessary to identify the feeling or emotions that are at the root of the problem to facilitate healing. “Tired legs” could represent the feeling of the burden associated with performing or not performing certain tasks in life.

The first step in assisting healing using one’s own internal healing tools is simply to become aware of it.

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