List of articles related to Biodescodification, the art of accompanying the person to find the hidden, essential emotion (the resentment) associated with the symptom (the disease) in order to decode it and thus favor healing through the liberation of the emotion in the unconscious and transcend this emotion by transforming it.

Liver Biological Decoding

Hígado Descodificación Biológica / Liver Biological Decoding

The liver – the body’s pantry. Did you know that the liver plays a crucial role in the storage and filtration of proteins in the human body? It is responsible for storing basic nutrients and breaking them down to turn them into sources of energy or materials for the repair of the body’s tissues.

Archetypal Symbolism of Blood

Los lazos de sangre en el lenguaje arquetípico / The ties of blood in the archetypal language

What does blood symbolize in our lives? Discover how blood ties establish an energetic and vital connection and how blood loss represents an evident loss of energy. Explore the archetypal symbolism of blood in our relationships and in the universe!

Embolisms Biodecoding

Embolias Biodescodificación / Embolisms Biodescodification

Discover how to address psychological factors to prevent complications from embolisms. Learn how to express emotions in a healthy manner, manage stress and develop mental flexibility. Did you know that negative emotions such as anger, fear and sadness can increase the risk of developing an embolism?

The Feet Biodescodification

Los Pies Biodescodificación / Feet Biodescodification

Discover the incredible emotional connection we have with our feet! Believe it or not, every part of our feet holds a deep-seated emotional bond – including our toes. Did you know that the big toe symbolizes the nurturing mother figure in our lives and our sense of responsibility towards her?

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