List of articles related to Biodescodification, the art of accompanying the person to find the hidden, essential emotion (the resentment) associated with the symptom (the disease) in order to decode it and thus favor healing through the liberation of the emotion in the unconscious and transcend this emotion by transforming it.

Celiacs disease Biodescodification

Celíacos Biodescodificacion / Celiacs disease Biodescodification

According to biodescodification, bread is synonymous with father and gluten is what unites the family. The celiac suffers especially from this union or lack of family union. This intolerance produces discomfort in the whole family tree, in the whole family, because the person who suffers from it generates a lot of discomforts. His social life is the most affected.

Lupus Biodescodification

Lupus Biodescodification

Lupus is not a disease, or a syndrome is a set of several and very diverse symptoms that somatize one or very diverse emotional conflicts experienced at the same time, either simultaneously or one after the other.