List of articles related to Biodescodification, the art of accompanying the person to find the hidden, essential emotion (the resentment) associated with the symptom (the disease) in order to decode it and thus favor healing through the liberation of the emotion in the unconscious and transcend this emotion by transforming it.

Teeth Biodecodification

Dientes Biodescodificacion / Teeth Biodecoding

Our most complex organ and the source of our deepest identity are our teeth. When everything else is gone, they allow us to recognize a person. Each tooth is a tiny pyramidal structure composed of apatite crystals that are electrically charged and filter and amplify information. The voltage is recorded inside the tooth in successive layers.

Spinal Column Biodescodification

Columna Vertebral Biodescodificación / Spinal Column Biodescodification

During the third embryonic stage -movement/valuation- the spinal column develops. The continuation of the foundation is the backbone. Since the master walls of the house serve as the backbone at the architectural level, it is the manifestation of the foundation of my house.