List of articles related to Biodescodification, the art of accompanying the person to find the hidden, essential emotion (the resentment) associated with the symptom (the disease) in order to decode it and thus favor healing through the liberation of the emotion in the unconscious and transcend this emotion by transforming it.

Preguntas Frecuentes Biodescodificación / Frequently Asked Questions Biodecoding

Frequently Asked Questions on Biodecoding

Within the vast spectrum of existing therapies, biodecoding emerges as an integrative approach that links mind, body, and emotions. With a methodology that directly addresses underlying emotional conflicts, it provides a singular viewpoint on how past and present experiences shape our wellness.

Esquizofrenia / Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia: A Biodecoding Perspective

When tackling intricate conditions like schizophrenia, it’s crucial to venture into various perspectives. Biodecoding provides a unique approach, spotlighting emotional conflicts, embryonic stages, and the role of one’s surroundings. While some may challenge this view, its merit lies in welcoming new interpretations.

Escroto Biodescodificación / Scrotum Biodecoding

Biodecoding the Scrotum

In biodecoding, the body is seen as a map that reflects our emotional and internal conflicts. A particularly interesting example is that of the scrotum, which in this field is interpreted as a symbol of family protection.

Escorbuto / Scurvy

Scurvy: A Biodecoding Perspective

Scurvy, known to be a deficiency disease caused by vitamin C insufficiency, hides behind its symptoms a wake-up call about conflicts of devaluation and dependence. This article proposes a new interpretation of this disease through biodecoding, suggesting that beyond the physical blockage, scurvy invites us to become aware of our value and our capacity to decide and act for ourselves.

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