Halloween Magic Rituals

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One of the most magical nights is Halloween. It commemorates the dead and ushers in the Celtic New Year. It is believed that on this night the spirits of the departed come to comfort the living.

Magical and positive rituals for Halloween

According to mythology and ancestor stories, on this night the laws of nature are suspended and spirits are said to return to inhabit bodies or disturb homes. So we must keep ourselves well protected and keep our homes immaculate.

We must thoroughly cleanse the home of any negative energy that may follow us that day. Children today find this holiday very attractive and follow the American custom of visiting homes in search of candy. Consequently, you should take care of your children on this day.

To give light to the deceased, place lamps near their portrait, but never in their sleeping area.

Tonight we should light a red candle and write on a piece of paper the bad things we want to eliminate from our life, such as sickness, sadness and melancholy. The good things we want to incorporate into our life are written on another piece of paper, which is covered with a piece of pumpkin.

The paper is kept for a year in a place near where we sleep, inside a small box. The next morning, the gourd is discarded.

Rituals for Halloween night 1

On the night of December 31 to January 1, place (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, or chestnuts) on a plate, one for each member of the household and write on each one the initial of the person for whom the amulet is to be ritualized (with a marker or white paint).

They are left out overnight covered with bay leaves. The next morning, the bay leaves are removed and given to each family member with their initial to leave near where they sleep throughout the year.

Carry it with you if you have to attend a trial, take an exam or go to a job interview; it will bring you a lot of luck.

Rituals for Halloween night 2

Write your wishes on a piece of paper and place them inside a circle of white flowers. To attract positive energies to your house, burn incense.

Rituals for Halloween night 3

Place some rose petals, mineral water and a round mirror in a pot or bowl (whatever size you have).

Hold the pot with both hands, close your eyes and say out loud all the bad things that bother you and that you want to leave behind and forget when it is midnight.

Afterward, we will examine the pot and ourselves in the mirror and visualize the future we desire.

Rituals for Halloween night 4

Burning of requests for Samhain

One of the many common rituals of Samhain is the burning of requests. During this ritual, we release all our negative energy and make requests for what we want to attract positively at the beginning of the magical year.

For this you will need the following materials:

Two sheets of unprinted paper.
Bay leaves with alcohol in a pencil.
A pot or cauldron. If you have the option to make fire.


Write on one of the papers everything you want to eliminate from your life, including challenges, illnesses, problems, etc. Write everything you want to attract, such as health, prosperity, love, success, etc., on the other sheet.

You must be very specific in your requests

Do not forget to put the following phrase: “may all this be right and for the good of all”.

As the paper burns, visualize that evil is moving away. Ask the Goddess and the God to nullify all negative forces and drive away evil. Pour some alcohol into the cauldron or pot, set it on fire and throw the paper containing what you wish to expel.

Place a little more alcohol in the cauldron or pot after the fire has gone out (be careful because alcohol, when placed in a hot container, can evaporate and burn).

Light the fire once more and burn the second paper (the one with the good stuff on it), placing the bay leaves on top and letting them burn as well.

When the fire is completely extinguished, concentrate on the smoke produced by the burning laurel leaves as you ascend to the heavens and make your petitions to the kingdom of the gods…

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