Antahkarana symbol

Antahkarana symbol,

Since ancient times, Tibet and China have used the Antahkarana as a symbol of healing and meditation. “Internal organ,” literally. These are the physical capacities that shape the particular experiences of a conditioned being.

The Antahkarana — Ancient symbol of healing and meditation

The mind or a part of the body consists of the reasoning mind (manas), intuitive mind (buddhi), memory and sense of self (ahamkara) (Chitta). Mental process, internal organ (Sanskrit glossary).

The Antahkarana

It is a component of the spiritual anatomy and serves as a link between the lower self and the brain. To advance spiritually, this link needs to repair and grow. Whenever we are in the presence of this symbol, this connection is activated.

This symbol has two variations

  • The masculine is the smaller, thicker-lined version. This approach is stronger and more direct. It is often used for dream recall, in quartz crystal mandalas and during meditation.
  • A female form, which is larger and has finer lines, brings about healing more subtly and compassionately. It is often applied during Reiki sessions and helps to fortify the aura.

Duplication of this symbol has been done in violet color because it has the highest vibration and can change strong energies into more delicate ones.

Uses of the Antahkarana symbol

The Antahkarana is used to facilitate Reiki channeling and for:

  • Just by having the symbol in the same room as the healing work being done, the healing energies are concentrated and amplified (e.g., under the table). It facilitates the movement of energy within the body.
  • The combination of this symbol has been adopted by the Usui Reiki system for use in practice because of the potency of its combination. However, it can be applied to any other type of medical system.
  • When someone is exposed to this symbol, it balances their subtle energies, including their aura and chakras (for example, placed under the feet to expand the aura).
  • Through the chakras, meditation creates a constant flow of energy between heaven and earth.
  • It also enhances other wellness practices such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong and yoga classes.
  • One only needs to be in the room for the energy of the space to balance.
  • Initiations in Reiki 3 and Reiki Mastery.
  • Crystal Mandalas.
  • When placed under the pillow before sleeping, it helps remember dreams.
  • Can be applied to a wound that needs healing.
  • Usually kept under the bed.
  • Placing it under the examination table is practical.
  • Also, by placing objects between two symbols, it neutralizes any negative energy that has accumulated in them, etc.
  • Where we usually work, under the chair.

Does not need to be visible to the person being healed for it to work. It does not even have to be visible for it to harmonize in a room.

Antahkarana in meditation

Antahkarana symbol,

When used in meditation, it is believed to help unite the two hemispheres of the brain. In addition, it can promote energy flow, accelerating the unblocking and clearing of the chakras. Antakarana can evoke mental images and memories in the practitioner.

If you want to apply the Antahkarana to your Reiki practice or other aspects of your life, follow your intuition. Choose the masculine or feminine for your quartz crystal mandala using your intuition.

This symbol has been employed by some Reiki masters with great success.

The energy that typically enters the body through the crown chakra enters the body through the crown chakra when used in meditations, creates what Taoists call “the great microcosmic orbit.”

This generates a continuous flow of energy in all the chakras as it passes through the foot chakras, up the back of the body to the head and then down the front of the body to the feet.

Simply placing the object between two symbols, also neutralizes the energy that has accumulated in objects such as jewelry or quartz.

Antahkarana multi-dimensional symbol

This looks two-dimensional from one angle, but in reality, it is made up of three sevens arranged in a flat pattern. The three sevens represent the seven chakras, the seven colors and the seven musical tones.

The seven candles, the seven trumpets and the seven seals are the three sevens mentioned in the Book of Revelation. This symbol appears to be a three-dimensional cube from a different angle.

From two to three visible dimensions upward, its energy rises until it reaches the highest dimension, which is the dimension of the Higher Self.

Tibetan meditation method

The use of this symbol goes back to a Tibetan meditation method used in the past.

This was a secret kept by a few meditation masters to accelerate their development. In a room lit only with candles, Tibetans practiced their meditation. A large oval-shaped earthenware vessel in the center of the room represented the cosmic egg of the universe.

Inside the water-filled vessel was a stool with the symbol of the Antahkarana engraved in silver. The room had a polished copper wall that looked like a mirror and on the opposite wall hung tapestries depicting the healing symbols of Reiki.

A Tibetan lama would sit on the stool and perform meditation while looking at the Reiki symbols reflected in the polished copper mirror.

Thus, the Antahkarana on the stool concentrated the energies created and made them flow through all the chakras and into the earth during this meditation, which connected the meditator’s inner knowledge with the transcendental energies of the Reiki symbols.

Creation of the Antahkarana

The Antahkarana was created by a group of High Masters charged with guiding the evolution of the galaxy.

Created by the Masters, the symbol was imbued with a decree of love because they recognized the need for people to re-establish their connection with their Higher Self. It is not possible to use a symbol negatively because it is the Higher Self who creates and directs the benefits of its use.


Concentrating the gaze steadily and comfortably on the symbol, the direct meditation Antahkarana can be performed. With repetition, the image may change or take on a different form, gradually fade and reappear, or even disappear altogether.

This is an advantage because it shows that your meditation has progressed in depth. The Antahkarana is a portal to other dimensions, according to our Angels and just 10 minutes of daily meditation can produce significant results.

The Antahkarana is a wonderful symbol that is extremely unique and has a consciousness of its own.

Oriented by the higher self it has a positive impact because it works directly on the aura and chakras and regulates by varying the healing effects according to the needs of the person using it. Nothing should ever be used for evil.

Yin-Female Yang-Male

Antahkarana symbol,

The Yang below the object to be discharged and the Yin above it, these two Antahkarana are used to release negative energies. It is also convenient to use the Yang Antahkarana for all meditations.

Symbols derived from the Antahkarana

Cosmic Cross

Antahkarana Cosmic Cross is composed of seven spaced symbols. It symbolizes the seven primary chakras, cleanses your energy and can open the heart chakra.


The Manifold, which is composed of 16 symbols arranged in a group, works like a small black hole that absorbs all the bad energies around it.

But you have to be very careful because once it has finished absorbing the bad energies, it will start absorbing the good energies as well, so you have to disconnect it (by turning it upside down) at the end of each treatment and keep it that way until the beginning of the next one.

You are free to make copies of these symbols and we encourage you to experiment with them. They can be laminated or glued on cardboard for durability. One symbol that is freely given to all of us is the Antahkarana. On your journey towards the Light, may you find great benefit in experimenting with its application?

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