Superstitions about coins

Superstitions about coins,

Since ancient times, coins have been used as an ingredient in various rituals and spells. They have even been the subject of many superstitions.

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In the past, sailors would insert a coin into a small hole in a net plug to remind Neptune that they were willing to pay for the catch. Even today, when a fishing boat is launched, a coin is placed under the mast to ensure good luck.

Also, coins were placed between the teeth of the deceased to meet the payment of the ferryman Charon, who would take him to the other side of the Stigya lagoon. Similarly, a coin was placed at the bottom of a building during its inauguration, a custom that has survived to the present day.

In the first centuries before Christ, a live animal or even a human being was also buried, a sacrificial victim by which the local deity, the god of the land where it was built, was glorified, as well as coins.

A coin stamped for the first time

The coin, first minted three thousand years ago in Lydia, an area of Asia Minor, was thrown into the air in antiquity to put in the hands of the gods the way forward. Julius Caesar established this practice in the first century B.C., it spread much earlier in the field of popularity.

When it came to flipping a coin if Caesar’s face appeared when it hit the ground, it was considered auspicious and signified a positive answer to the question posed before the toss.

Because of this decision, the test solved the case. That was the fervor and reverence that the figure of Caesar was respected in those times.

The belief that the coin was found after a storm fell is also ancient and, as such, was considered a good luck charm.

To always have money

If you want to always have money, you should not leave your wallet or purse empty, but you should keep a coin inside, preferably with a hole in it, on which you will have to spit every new moon before putting it back in your pocket.

No matter how small the amount of the coin is, it should not be left on the floor if you drop it. The person who dropped it should pick it up or its fate will be reversed.

It is not good to part with the first coin you win or find because it is on the list of first lucky finds and getting rid of it will end your lucky streak.

Find a coin

Finding a coin minted in the year of your birth will bring good luck to the one who gets it. A crooked coin placed under a patient’s pillow for nine nights has the power to lower fever and even cure it.

It is also a very effective talisman capable of warding off bad luck sent by someone who has sent an evil eye.

Many people carry a coin in their purse or wallet, especially when they use those items for the first time; and there is even a peasant belief that a folded coin prevents the butter from being cut while it is being produced.

Some people place a coin in the bracelet of their watch or hang it around their neck with other amulets, it is an ancient practice that dates back to the time when coins were made of silver, magical minerals made with moonlight, the source of happiness…