Tantric hugging

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The tantric hug is the total hug, it increases our love, helps to smooth out differences and makes you feel supported, protected and fused with the person you love feeling the beating of our hearts as if they were one.

Tantric Hugging – Total Hugging – Sexual Health

You can hug your partner, your parents, your children, or any significant person you want to convey your best feelings too.

Hugging is an elemental experience, deeply desired, but at the same time, it can be linked to a certain shyness and often provokes emotional responses.
Tantric embrace is important

It is therapeutic, it gives us the confidence to feel loved and protected, it provides us with security and well-being, which we as children demanded and yet rarely allow ourselves to experience as adults and we even repress ourselves not to experience these experiences too intensely.

Hugging naturally opens the door to trust and by providing us with a sense of well-being it reminds us that happiness is our true nature.

Practice for 15 minutes, as a couple

  • Start by investigating our sensations regarding the current embrace by approaching our partner and exchanging a tantric embrace.
  • Do it naturally, not pretending to achieve something special. Hold the embrace for three minutes.
  • Then gently separate, closing your eyes and checking what you have felt.
  • Observe if resistance has occurred

Resistance may indicate limits, conscious or unconscious, that you have set for yourself. This may express a fear of intimacy, which is worth investigating. Check what you have felt towards the other person in the same way you observe your feelings.

In the sincere tantric hug, the whole body is involved, it is the embrace of fusion

You stand facing your partner on the opposite side of the room. Start with a sincere greeting. Gradually approach each other, looking into each other’s eyes and remaining completely relaxed. Breathe deeply, without making a great effort.

As you approach extend your arms in a welcoming gesture, palms open, facing each other.

Slowly place your arms around your partner’s body with great gentleness. The hands should feel that they are in contact with the flesh, bones and muscles, without exerting any pressure. Relax the pelvic area, pushing it forward until it touches that of the other. Bring the thighs and belly together.

Slightly bending the knees to strengthen balance and stability. Relaxing the bodies so that they can merge in a sincere embrace in which they let themselves go and feel something similar to what they felt as children when their mothers hugged them.

Breathing rhythm

After a couple of minutes, concentrate on your partner’s breathing rhythm. Try to harmonize your breathing with that of the other. When you have achieved this, maintain it for a few minutes.

If you do not succeed, wait to gain more experience, without forcing it, let it happen spontaneously. Finish with a sincere greeting.

When done alone, you can create the same sensation by lying in the fetal position on the mat, or by doing something that gives you a warm, intimate and enveloping feeling.

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This article has been adapted and translated by InfoMistico.com / Source: vivaleliana.com