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Avocado Seed

Semillas del Aguacate / Avocado Seeds

Avocado is a delicious and versatile fruit in the kitchen but did you know that its seed is the healthiest and most nutritious part that we often disregard when eating this delicious fruit? Consuming the entirety of this fruit, whether for health or aesthetic reasons allows for maintaining a proper alignment between body and mind while enjoying all of its nutrients and benefits.

The Sacred Hour After Birth

La hora sagrada después del parto / Sacred hour of childbirth

The Sacred Hour is a magical moment between mother and baby that promotes humanized childbirth and the health of the newborn. The WHO recommends it as an essential part of a respectful and welcoming birthing experience. Discover how this skin-to-skin contact can transform your baby’s start in life.

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea / Té de Burbujas

Bubble tea is a drink that originated in Taiwan and is made by heating water and boiling the tea, then mixing it with sugar and adding tapioca balls. It has become a global trend, especially among young people. However, its possible negative health effects are still being debated.

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