Archangels and Candles: Connection Through Colors

Archangels and Candles: Connection Through Colors,

The relationship between humans and candles has deep roots in history, going back more than 30 thousand years, when the first inhabitants of the Earth used fat or oil on a hollowed-out stone to light a wick, thus creating the first candle.

Meaning of the Colors of Candles in Communication with the Archangels

Some of the most influential civilizations of ancient times such as the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians made use of candles, leaving evidence of their relevance in their respective cultures.

Over the centuries, this element has had a transcendental meaning in the lives of human beings. Its symbolism, rooted in our religious and spiritual beliefs, generates in us an inner sense of peace, tranquility and faith.

Angels, considered by many to be energy and light, have a special bond with candles which emit a beautiful and serene light.

In the field of Angeology, each archangel is associated with a particular candle color.

White, the representative of faith and spirituality, is a color generally associated with the Archangel Gabriel. However, there are other colors that correspond to different archangels, expanding the range of possibilities for those seeking a connection with these heavenly entities.

Celestial Communication: The Colors of Candles and Their Association with the Archangels

It is important to keep in mind that although the colors of the candles can be a support in the search for communication and connection with the archangels, the most important thing will always be faith.

The Creator, as the supreme being, is the one who listens and grants what is best for each person. Candles and images are merely symbols and supports of faith.

Here is a list of the main archangels and the candle colors that are usually associated with each one:

It is vital to emphasize that each person has the freedom to follow their heart. If you feel the need to use another candle color, go ahead. Faith is the key to materializing what you want.

For those who want to start a ritual of connecting with angels, it is suggested to light the candle and ask with confidence, without doubt, that they are being heard.

If that is your preference, you can let the candle burn out for 21 days, in three batches of 7 days each, always taking into account the necessary precautions to avoid accidents.

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