The Archangel Raphael Medicine of God

Raphael, whose name means «Medicine of God», is the archangel of health (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), although he is also in charge of the protection of travelers and of courtships and marriages.

Who is the Archangel Raphael?

  • His name means: «God heals», «Medicine of God».
  • Day of his celebration: October 24.
  • Sephirah: Thiphereth
  • Planet: Sun
  • Color: Green.
  • Chakra: Sixth.

He, besides being one of the seven great archangels who have «access to the glory of God», is one of the four Archangels (along with Michael, Gabriel and Uriel) destined for the care of the Earth and, according to the Book of Enoch, is among the four archangels seated next to God.

The Archangel Raphael is the Prince of Virtues.

Auxiliary to the healing works, he carries a golden flask and a balsam which is the medicine of God. He shall remedy the ills of humanity and lead in harmony the new generation of the 21st century. He is the faithful guardian of the secrets of the Temple and the intermediary of legitimate marriages.

Archangel Raphael is the prince of the Sixth Sefirah on the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah Tiferet «Beauty», (Hebrew language: תפארת).

Attributes of Archangel Raphael and what they mean

Archangel Raphael is almost always depicted as a pilgrim. This image is a reference to the biblical story of Tobit, which also supports the idea of St. Raphael’s archangel and a healer.

The staff or staff symbolizes the will and spiritual support that Raphael can give to the man in the complicated path of existence, of life; but it also represents the authority and spiritual power with which this archangel diverts, eliminates, or transforms the negative influences and energies.

Many times he is dressed in green, the color of nature, hope and regeneration. All these qualities support the healing of the human being and the Earth. That is why St. Raphael the Archangel is also associated with ecology and the protection of Mother Earth and her creatures.

He is also depicted with a fish or two, another reference to the biblical story of Tobias. The fish symbolizes life and spiritual regeneration.

Sometimes it is placed with a rod of two snakes

A symbol commonly used on doctors’ uniforms. This rod not only symbolizes medicine and peace but is also, from an esoteric point of view, a representation of the rising kundalini (the serpents) and therefore of spiritual evolution.

But also these two snakes (symmetrically coiled) represent physical and mental health so that ultimately would be alluding to balance and harmony as inherent conditions for health.

Archangel Raphael, patron saint of the sick and hospitals

  • The Archangel Raphael is the patron saint of the sick and hospitals because he is the angel who brings God’s healing energy to human beings.
  • He makes the human being remember that the body is an important instrument for the spirit and therefore must be cared for with great love and attention.
  • He is also the patron saint of the blind, of chance encounters, of nurses, doctors and travelers. St. Raphael the Archangel has great compassion for all beings, especially people who are physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually ill.
  • His intercession can be asked to heal illnesses and diseases of all kinds, against addictions and to keep loved ones healthy and safe.
  • She represents the healing and purification of the soul and body. It guides the human being to leave behind all the negative things he has accumulated throughout his life and to accept «the healing of God», as its name indicates. She intercedes and advocates that human beings can free themselves from their past and return to the path of life with a new vision of the future full of hope and regeneration.
  • She helps the sick in their transition to a new life full of opportunities for spiritual growth. For those whose path on Earth has come to an end, he grants the opportunity for healing and purification of the soul in its new stage of existence.
  • He is the keeper of the green or emerald ray of the light spectrum. He is therefore the guide for those who seek healing in body and soul, as well as for all those who wish to be channels of healing energy for their fellow man.

The gifts that can be asked of him are:

  • Ability to heal (reiki masters can increase their gift with this archangel), gift of science, especially in the area of medicine and inspiration.
  • We should go to him when we need protection during our travels, when we get sick, or when someone we love gets sick.
  • When we can not see the truth to follow in a situation (find the spiritual path).
  • When we need to protect an important relationship (courtship or marriage, not others); and, according to some sources, when we require inspiration in the study and practice of music, medicine, mathematics, or the sciences in general.

Invocation to Archangel Raphael

Candle: Green

In the name of God who dwells in my heart, I appeal to you, dear and beloved Archangel Raphael, to surround and envelop me with the Angels of Divine healing, may the Divine light be directed on (name of person).

Archangel Raphael, I wish your light to fill me with energy and health here and now, penetrating every molecule and cell of my physical body my emotional body and my mind Archangel Raphael make the energy of Divine healing manifest in (my name or name of the sick person) through (my name or name of the sick person) and around (my name or name of the sick person).

In the strength of the light that you radiate and that invades this whole body purifying, healing and blessing it I declare…The light of Divine perfection and the loving power of God is expressed through my whole being to all-forgiving to all freeing and to all healing so be it! so be it! so be it! so be it! and so shall it be.

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