Scorpio Full Moon: Revealing Sexual Violence

Scorpio Full Moon: Revealing Sexual Violence,

In the recent Scorpio Full Moon, the potency of the feminine and its connection with sexuality have left no room for doubt. Thousands of women have reacted strongly to the prevalence of patriarchy and the problematic inability of many men to understand that a NO from a woman is just that, NO! and not a simple flirtation.

The Case of ‘The Herd’ and Its Repercussion: How the Scorpio Full Moon Has Highlighted the Need to Address Sexual Violence

The controversial ruling in Spain in the so-called “La Manada” case, in which 5 men sexually ASSAULTED an 18-year-old girl during the Sanfermines festivities, recording and disseminating her execrable act, has provoked widespread indignation, not only among women but also among conscious and respectful men.

The magistrate concluded that a SEXUAL ASSAULT had not occurred: 1 woman VERSUS 5 men, but “group sex”, suggesting that she also participated voluntarily in the event with 5 drunk individuals.

One wonders, is there any woman who finds such a situation attractive?

This Full Moon has brought more reflections on sexual assault. Mars and Pluto, aligned with Capricorn, allude to the need to address sexual violence by institutions and also…

This Full Moon in Scorpio is particularly intense

Scorpio Full Moon: Revealing Sexual Violence,
Since the Sun and the Moon, opposite in the sky during a full Moon, as we well know form a Grand Cross with the lunar nodes that, simultaneously, are aligned with Ceres.

I designed the astrological map for this lunar cycle for Pamplona, the scene of the events and where the protests have been most vehement. And in Astrology which is pure poetry fused with charm, we observe the conjunction of Mars and Pluto almost in the rising Capricorn (related to sexual issues and institutions).

However, in the Middle Sky, Jupiter (representing the law) is in the 12th house (ancestral issues) and Jupiter (representing the law) is in Scorpio next to the Moon at the top of the map. Both Ceres and Pluto are part of the same Greek myth about the rape of Persephone, daughter of Ceres by Pluto. Are they cosmic coincidences…?

Well, here is a summary of the myth of the Rapture of Persephone in a few words:

Scorpio Full Moon: Exploring Sexual Violence through the Myth of Persephone and the Bill Cosby Trial

One bright day, Persephone played with other nymphs in a field full of flowers, her hair fluttered in the wind, and joy flooded her being.

Suddenly, Hades (Pluto) emerges from his refuge in “The Great Underworld” in his carriage pulled by splendid black steeds and is totally invisible, as it used to be every time it emerged to the surface, thanks to a helmet that gave him invisibility to others, he glimpses Persephone and his procession.

Enchanted by her beauty, he instantly decides that she will be his consort, the Queen of the Great Underworld. As was his custom, what he wanted, he took it and so he decided to take it in his magnificent carriage to the depths.

At nightfall, Demeter, the mother, realizes the absence of her daughter and sets out in search of her without finding her. In desperation, after several days of fruitless searching, he turns to Zeus, the King of the Gods, for help.

Zeus reveals that her brother Hades kidnapped her but that he has no influence over the kingdom of shadows. Therefore, all it can do is promote an encounter between Hades and Demeter.

In this way, it happens and after intense deliberation, Hades agrees to allow Persephone, whom no one has consulted his opinion, to rise to the surface for six months of the year, coinciding with Spring and Summer, because Mother Earth, being happy, generates flowers and greenery and the other six months will remain with him in The Great Underworld which naturally corresponds to Autumn and Winter where the earth dries up and leaves fall.

But, before allowing her to go out, she makes her eat from a Pomegranate, as a symbol that she had already possessed it, or taken away its purity, to ensure that in that way she must return to him.

On the other hand, we know that African-American actor Bill Cosby has been brought to trial, therefore, the issue of sexual cases that go to court has been a relevant topic in this Full Moon in Scorpio.

Revealing the Inner Beast: The Influence of Pluto and the Centaurs on the Scorpio Full Moon

Folo, the “other” Centaur (the one who reveals the contents of the ancestral pot), has just entered Capricorn and maintains a square (90º) with Chiron (our perpetual wound) that has advanced toward Aries, the action is manifested in the cardinal signs.

This links us to issues that we need to bring to light, issues that are deep-seated wounds that come from time ago, from generations and generations. One of them: Rape; another: the corruption of people in positions of power. All of them are Scorpio themes, for those who don’t know it yet.

Like all full moons which is when there is more light in the dark, these issues arise from the collective unconscious so we confront these wounds and seek a way to heal.

Pluto, as well as the Centaurs, tell us about that inner Beast that we all carry and that we have so many difficulties in taming. The “bad news” is that the Beast is untamable; the “good news” is that it loses power when we bring it to consciousness since it allows us to foresee its reaction.

The Inner Warrior and the Fight Against Gender Injustice: The Power of Pluto and Eris in Scorpio

Mars is tremendously important in this full Moon, not only because the Scorpio sign rules next to Pluto, but also because it is the ruler of all the planets in Aries: Chiron, Juno, Mercury, Eris and Uranus. In addition to the Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio.

Our inner warrior, next to Pluto and squared with Eris. This is an explosive combination since it expresses female anger at injustice: of gender, of sexual abuse, of being despised, of being humiliated, of not being listened to.

The Power of Saying ENOUGH: Reflections from the Scorpio Full Moon on Sexual Abuse and Patriarchy

Vesta-Folo and Juno – Chiron speak eloquently to us in this square, angular for the astrological map of Pamplona, about the feminine power to reject sex (Vesta), something that also infuriates the male, and compete in power (Juno) with the male. And if not, ask the women who are in the government, including Cristina Cifuentes.

This is another issue that comes to light with Eris: to move in the patriarchal world as a woman, you must dress, speak and act like a man.

If you’re very feminine and you dress seductively and you’re also attractive: my God! A sin for which you will be punished, like Adam and Eve! The fault of being expelled from Eden is Eve’s. Until when?!

This is the time for #metoo, or, #yotambien or #amitambien. We can’t go back, or shut up any longer.

This is the time to talk, share, raise our voices, express ourselves, write, dance and paint, exposing how women feel about sexual abuse, about having to hide from us, about having to hide our natural seduction so that they don’t take it as an invitation to rape.

It’s time to say ENOUGH and this Full Moon in Scorpio offers us one more chance. There will be many more.

Reflect on this and dare to say ENOUGH!

This article is an astrological guide based on Cristina Laird, astrologer and creator of Archetypal Astrology. Its purpose is to provide information and insights for personal growth. It is suggested to use this knowledge as a complementary tool and not to allow the cosmos to take full control.