Full Moon

Everything you need to know about the Full Moon in the mystical and spiritual realms. Dive into their history and sacred sites, and stay up to date with the latest articles and news about this powerful lunar event. Find here all the information and references you need to connect with the energy of the Full Moon and take advantage of its transformative power in your life.

Luna Llena en Piscis / Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces

Each lunar phase carries with it a distinct message, yet the Full Moon in Pisces stands out for highlighting the tension between fantasy and reality. As the night sky brightens with its glow, we’re beckoned to contemplate the dualities that shape our existence and perceptions.

Luna Llena en Acuario / Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius

The cosmic dance of the Old and the New Order reaches a climax with the Full Moon in Aquarius. In this complex scenario, each of us faces profound questions: Are we ready for change? How can we balance our fears and our needs for renewal?

Luna Bendita / Blessed Moon

Blessed Moon: A Celestial Spectacle

Imagine a night where the moon is dressed in its brightest mantle, the air is fresh and the symphony of crickets envelops you. This July 3, the Full Moon, known as the Blessed Moon, will be the center of a heavenly spectacle that includes a planetary conjunction. A time to dream and connect.

Luna Llena en Capricornio / Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn, July 2023

The Sea Goat, a mythological being linked to Capricorn, is a symbol of resilience and adaptability. With the Full Moon in Capricorn as a backdrop, we can find inspiration in the Sea Goat to overcome obstacles and embrace challenges. It’s a time to reflect and act, strengthening our commitment to our goals and well-being.

Festival de Ásala / Asala Festival

Asala Festival: The Heart of the Buddhist Summer

The Asala Festival is one of the most momentous moments in the Buddhist calendar. It commemorates the historic sermon that Gautama Buddha gave to his first disciples, marking the beginning of the dissemination of the Dharma. Join us on this detailed tour of this festival and the perennial teachings of Gautama.

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