If you are under the influence of the passionate Scorpio zodiac sign, then you are in the presence of a force of nature. With their cunning determination and magnetism, Scorpios are experts at unraveling life’s deepest mysteries.

Eclipse Lunar 5 de Mayo / Lunar Eclipse May 5

Lunar Eclipse May 5, 2023

During this lunar eclipse of May 5, 2023, there may be moments of alteration, disorder, confusion or confusion, feelings of nostalgia or pessimism for things in life that you feel you are leaving behind but that in reality are not the case.

Eclipse Lunar Anular en Escorpio / Annular Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Annular Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

On May 5 at 17:24 universal time there will be an annular lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio that will have an impact on the lives of many people. This type of eclipse only occurs during the Full Moon phase and will last approximately four hours, extending its influence over the next six months.

Eclipse Solar Parcial en Escorpio / partial solar eclipse of Scorpio

Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

On October 25 we will have entered the first days of the Scorpio cycle, which will intensify everything and bring about rapid changes and opportunities. We will have to have faith that the surprises in store for us, especially in love, will be to our benefit.

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