New Moon in Scorpio: A Cosmic Journey of Change and Challenge

New Moon in Scorpio: A Cosmic Journey of Change and Challenge,

The New Moon in Scorpio on November 13, 2023, plunges us into a cosmic journey that transcends the mere passage of time. As we move deeper into November, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, we venture into the winter darkness, underscored by the New Moon in Scorpio, an astronomical event set to be particularly significant.

The New Moon in Scorpio: A Cosmic Journey of Transformation and Challenge

Between Shadows and Stars: The Revealing Influence of the New Moon in Scorpio and the Planetary Dance

This phenomenon unfolds on a European morning, heralding a new lunar cycle that closely aligns with other celestial events.

Merely four days before the Sun synchronizes with Mars, Scorpio’s ancient ruler before Pluto’s discovery, this conjunction promises to be illuminating. Mars, near the Moon and Sun, begins a complex dance with Saturn, gearing up to form a square with the latter.

Uranus, from Taurus, adds a cry for independence to this configuration, urging us to break free from chains, whether self-imposed or external.

In this setting, there’s a palpable pressure for change, a yearning to escape oppressive and limiting circumstances. Yet, anger or a desire for revenge aren’t viable solutions. These astronomical events occur in fixed signs, which, despite their longing for change, find it hard to shed old habits.

Neptune in Pisces: The Triad of Love, Challenge, and Commitment

Under the Influence of Lilith and Mercury: Finding Balance in a World of Change and Celestial Conflict

Neptune, from Pisces, forms trines with the Sun, Moon, Ceres, and Mars, suggesting that love, compassion, and forgiveness are the only true paths. But, is it really that simple?

Michele Corbesier of Astrum Opus poetically describes it as a synergistic dance of transformation orchestrated by Neptune. Can we partake in this celestial choreography?

The situation is further complicated by Lilith’s presence in Leo, creating a T-square that challenges the opposition of Uranus to Sun-Moon-Ceres-Mars. This highlights the difficulty of embracing change without falling into the trap of wanting to “win” at all costs, a tendency that can further divide our ideals and policies. The question then is, how do we free ourselves from these destructive and competitive impulses?

In Greek mythology, Mercury acts as the mediator in these conflicts, leading us to the “Great Below” to negotiate and find a compromise.

At this time, Mercury engages with Saturn in a serious conversation about understanding and accepting our limitations and possibilities. It’s not about what “we could do if…”, but about “what we can do now.”

Taming the Inner Storm: Lessons from the New Moon in Scorpio on Emotions and Transformation

Scorpio’s Renewal Cycle: Deep Emotions and Cosmic Unity

The deepest lesson of this New Moon in Scorpio is the management of human emotions such as anger and the desire for revenge. Recognizing these emotions in the underworld of our psyche is the first step to mastering them. This Moon invites us to look within and acknowledge these emotions in all their power. Only after tasting bitterness can we truly appreciate the sweetness of nectar.

The fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius – are most impacted by this cycle’s onset. However, Neptune reminds us that we are all in the same boat on the vast ocean of life.

The Nodes, Eris, and Pluto continue in dialogue, reflecting the current global unrest. Current events demonstrate that only love can save us, offering an exit from the spiral of hate, revenge, and duality. Learning to accept the ideals and perspectives of others is a constant challenge, but it’s the only path to freedom and happiness.

Thus, this New Moon in Scorpio becomes an opportunity for deep reflection and personal growth, reminding us that ultimately, we are all connected in our cosmic journey. Enjoy this New Moon in Scorpio!

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