Angel Number 48 Mihael

Angel Number 48 Mihael,

Number: 48
Tree of life: sphere of Tiphereth and means “Beauty”.
Planetary energies: Sun and Moon
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Zodiac Regency: 25° to 30° Scorpio, 16° Taurus, 28° Cancer, 8° Libra, 22° Sagittarius and 3° Pisces
Meaning: “God the Father who helps”.
Prince: Archangel Raphael
Regency hours: 15:40 to 16:00

Angel 48 Mihael: The Quest for Unified Consciousness

Imagine you have a kind of spiritual guide in the palm of your hand, one who is a master at keeping everything in zen and synchrony, especially when it comes to love and relationships.

His name is Mihael and he is like that wise friend who always knows how to stay calm amid chaos. A couple of arguments that make you want to throw in the towel? He’s there to turn down the heat. Not in the way a couple’s counselor with an appointment would, but rather as an energy you can summon to find clarity and peace when everything seems like a reality show episode.

This angel is like the king of harmony. If your home feels more like a battlefield than a sanctuary, invoking Mihael can be like pressing the reset button. It’s about bringing happiness back, making things flow smoothly between you and your partner, or among your family members.

But wait, there’s more. It’s not just about getting along. Mihael is like that filter you apply to your photos that make everything look lit and shiny. He speaks of uniting what is separate, merging ideas or perspectives that seem opposite.

Imagine having the ability to see all angles of a situation, not just your own. That’s what Mihael offers: a 360-degree vision to better understand problems and, of course, solve them.

And yes, we are talking about uniting masculine and feminine energies as well. Not in a gender sense, but as qualities and forces that we all have within us. Mihael promotes a balance of power, passion, tenderness and mutual respect. Sounds good, right?

Think of Mihael as that last secret ingredient that your relationship or family dynamic is missing, that special touch that turns a boring meal into a gourmet dinner. It’s about fostering true love, that deep friendship and loyalty that survives the ups and downs of life.

If what you seek is to give a boost to your love life, find the perfect balance in your personal world and perhaps also improve your sexual life (yes, he takes care of that too), thinking of Mihael might be the beginning of something wonderful.

Consider him as that celestial influence that helps you navigate the sometimes stormy seas of the heart and coexistence.

How to invoke the Angel Mihael (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 15:40 to 16:00
  • Jewish calendar regency: 9 to 13 of Cheshvan, 5785
  • Gregorian calendar regency: November 10 to 14, May 7, July 18, September 28, December 9 and February 19

Dates indicated refer to the year of regency approximately to the year 2024. The physical angel determines the position of the Sun by quinary (set of five degrees) in your birth chart. The emotional angel by the position of the sun by zodiac degree and the mental angel depends on the actual local time of birth. A precise calculation is needed. If you are interested in actually discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here

Angel Number 48 Mihael,

Hebrew Letter Angel Mihael

Angel Number 48 Mihael,


Tener Conciencia de la Unidad

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Psalm 109, Verse 30

Angel Number 48 Mihael,
With my mouth, I will give abundant thanks to the Lord and amid the multitude, I will praise him.

Those Born Under the Guardianship of the Kabbalistic Angel 48 Mihael: Love, Balance and Social Change

If you resonate with this angel, it is as though you are attuned to a frequency that vibrates with sincerity and a loving life which are your main objectives. You possess that enviable balance between passion and romance that many seek but few find.

Should Mihael be your celestial guide, you likely find yourself acting as the peacemaker in your team. You are that person who is always extending love and protecting the group’s positive vibe. You have a special ability to bring people together, whether in a casual gathering or more intense debates.

Furthermore, you are someone with a brilliant mind and a heart that advocates for equality, especially when it comes to defending women’s rights. It is not uncommon to find you co-creating projects that enhance community health and paying special attention to the well-being of children. You are all about content that unites and strengthens relationships, from the family to the professional realm.

And speaking of family, yours is like a support team for your endeavors and it wouldn’t surprise you if you ended up leading a house full of energy and laughter from many mini-yous.

As a parent, you set high standards for education, but you are fair and supportive with a firm hand and an open heart. Your mission is to carry that banner of humanitarianism, touching lives along the way.

In the professional field, you are destined to make significant moves. Think of strategic alliances in the business world or politics, where your gift for public relations and the law shines. And let’s not forget about your artistic side, which is nourished by nature and brings that unique perspective to everything you do.

Thus, if Mihael is your guide, you are playing at a different level, wisely blending your passion for social progress with a heart that is always ready for love. Keep it up!

Negative Aspects (Haagenti, Negative Angel of the Qliphoth 48)

Haagenti stands as one of the most enigmatic figures within the mysterious pantheon of the 72 Demons of King Solomon and the Tree of the Qliphoth. Considered by many to be the antithesis of the Angel Mihael, linked with number 48 in the mysticism of the Tree of the Sephirot, Haagenti is a being whose roots intertwine deeply with the arcane of wisdom and transmutation.

Commanding no fewer than 33 legions of subservient spirits, Haagenti’s influence spans the realms of intelligence and knowledge. At its core, this spirit embodies the power of spiritual and mental alchemy, capable of transforming not only material elements but also ideas and understandings.

The ability of Haagenti to transmute water into wine and vice versa is an allegory laden with significance.

As water and wine represent, respectively, the ordinary and the sublime, this power is a metaphor for his ability to elevate the mundane to the extraordinary, illuminating the most hidden mysteries and offering insights that can radically alter our perception of the world and ourselves.

For the seeker of knowledge, this symbolizes the ability to discern the divine essence in the most worldly manifestations of reality.

Haagenti’s prowess in transmuting metals into gold is another facet of his mastery of spiritual initiation. Gold, since time immemorial, has been a symbol of purity, worth and enlightenment. The alchemy that Haagenti offers is not merely physical but a transformation of the inner self, guiding individuals through processes of refinement and purification to reach their version of spiritual ‘gold’.

The representation of Haagenti merges the terrestrial with the supernatural, taking the form of a bull with wings. This potent symbol captures the primal strength and the capacity to transcend earthly bounds.

Nonetheless, under the direction of those versed in magical arts, Haagenti may assume a human form, providing a more direct and personal connection with mortals.

In the specialization of knowledge, Haagenti is a resource for those who seek to deepen their understanding of the world and themselves. Under his guidance, truths that would otherwise remain concealed can be discovered and levels of wisdom that go beyond ordinary reach can be accessed.

At the intersection of the ancient and the modern, the insights that this being can reveal are as relevant today as they have been throughout the centuries.

Legend of the Angel Mihael: Cosmos of Light and Shadow

The Eternal Romance of Tiferet and Yesod

In an era where legends were whispered with reverence on warm nights by the hearth, there was a story that narrated the fate of Tiferet, a monarch without equality.

This king was not like those of the fairy tales we know; his reign was such that even before he departed from this world, he sought ways to continue caring for his people. And not just any care, but one that would elevate him to the rank of a celestial king: the Sun.

Imagine, Tiferet was so revered that he managed to become the daylight that we all enjoy. The result?

An eternal day, a never-ending celebration under his warm glow. But of course, life is a matter of balance and the constant brightness made people forget to cultivate their fields, plunging the kingdom into a kind of happy but unproductive lethargy.

The sages of the kingdom, seeing that the utopia was on the verge of collapse, managed to converse with Tiferet.

The proposal was simple: his light had to be dosed. Tiferet himself, feeling the loneliness that accompanies those at the pinnacle, proposed a solution as ancient as time: love. Yes, he would marry a princess of noble lineage, to share his solitary existence.

And so it was done, the Sun found his Moon and the wedding was the event of the millennium, with guests that would make any red carpet fade in comparison. But, as happens in the best stories, the moon began to feel envy of her husband’s constant brilliance and demanded to share his light.

Tiferet’s refusal only fueled the flames of discord and the Moon, in a fit of anger, decided to distance herself. As if it were a cosmic soap opera, the separation plunged the kingdom once again into chaos.

To restore peace, Mihael, the celestial emissary of harmony, intervened. His mission was to bring Tiferet a magical ring that would distribute his light equitably. Upon placing the ring, the magic did its work and the darkness of Yesod, our Moon, began to shine, reflecting the light of her husband.

Since then, every 28 days, the Moon visits the Sun. In their encounter, they embrace and she is adorned with light, shining with a renewed beauty for the following 27 days.

This tale, more than a simple bedtime anecdote, reminds us that even those who shine with their light need others to find the perfect balance and that, sometimes, love and harmony are the solutions to the darkest problems.

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