Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius,

On November 17, the communicating planet Mercury will enter the impulsive sign of Sagittarius, which will affect all your relationships, from romantic to business-related.

How Mercury will affect friendship, love and money in Sagittarius

With the entrance of the planet of communication and information, Mercury, on November 17 will enter the impulsive, optimistic and adventurous sign of Sagittarius.

This planetary change will have an impact on all our relationships, from romantic to professional. As the star closest to the Sun is considered the astrological symbol of communication, travel and technology, retrogrades are one of the most feared events by astrologers.

Mercury is associated with how we express ourselves, how we transmit information and how we relate to others. When Mercury is in a particular sign, it is influenced by the cosmic energy of that sign.

Effects of Mercury in Sagittarius

We will feel more motivated to plan for the future when the planet enters the areas of this fire sign, which translates into more impulsive but chaotic energy.

This is because the archer sign is goal-oriented and moves into action to achieve its objectives, while Mercury is quick and intelligent but is more concerned with ideas than actual action. For this reason, he is less at ease and tends to be less outgoing when in Sagittarius.

What are the economic effects of Mercury in Sagittarius?

The instinctive sign of Sagittarius is adept at fanning the flames of our passions, including those related to work. This energy can help you see new opportunities when they present themselves.

For example, if you normally find it difficult to express your thoughts or what you believe in, you will do so successfully.

The motivation you’ve been lacking will lead to creative ideas and a pay raise, or you’ll take a step closer to achieving your financial goals. This planetary shift encourages you to take more risks and believe in yourself.

Mercury’s influence on love during Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius will give you the motivation you need to express any feelings or ideas you have to your partner.

It is similar to wanting to say “I love you” for the first time in your relationship, but not daring because this transit favors the expression of those feelings.

If you are too shy to speak, Sagittarius’s energy will give you the courage you need to find the right words and express them clearly. In addition, it will be possible to improve romantic ties through an open and honest discussion of ideas.

The Impact of Mercury in Sagittarius on Friendships

During this transit, honesty and blunt language will reign, allowing you to be sincere in your circle of friends, albeit tactless. You are advised to use discretion in speaking so as not to offend your friends; although they will value your frankness, you must exercise compassion.

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