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The Full Moon in this last sign of the zodiac brings airs of completion and end of cycles, however, this Full Moon will not be the end of this month’s lunar cycle, it will be the next New Moon in Libra on September 25, which will make us feel within us that the perspective of life is coming to an end and now we can see it.

Full Moon in Pisces and Mercury Retrograde in Libra 2022

In our evolutionary journey we can’t stop, we can’t stop, no matter how comfortable we are today, we have to keep going, with new challenges to face, even if we have the feeling that this is it, we won’t change any more.

As long as we are alive, the wheel of development does not stop. The lunar cycle and the movement of the planets around the Sun are evidence of this.

Pisces invites us to let go, to let things happen, to believe that what we have done is enough, it reminds us that there are forces in nature beyond our intellect and understanding.

Some people call him God.

The Piscean experience

The Piscean experience is not intellectual but originates in other dimensions of our soul, what we might call our astral or spiritual body, or simply what we commonly call intuition.

Pisces brings us closer to our imaginations, desires, dreams and fantasies, as well as to our creative abilities. Music is the best expression of Pisces, because it unites us, whether we understand it or not, the lyrics, the culture where the music comes from, etc.

It does not discriminate against the skin color or gender of the musicians, it creates a direct link between “souls”. There is no intellectual explanation as to why some tracks “touch our souls” and others do not.

With modern ruler Neptune is in Pisces, at 24º and the Moon near 18º marching toward the God of the Sea and with Jupiter, its traditional ruler, in Aries, but moving retrograde into Pisces and also after the historic meeting between Jupiter and Neptune in April, it can be said that there are unresolved, unfinished issues, both individually and globally.

The call is for us to leave behind the “duality” we find ourselves in right now, especially in politics, let’s start focusing on ourselves if we want to solve the problems.

This terrible duality, abused by extreme political parties, only divides without proposing a solution. Something forces us to offer a politics more idealistic than individualistic, focused on teamwork for the common good of all.

But from a more positive perspective, it may mean the beginning of the end for this type of politics.

Another feature of this last sign is that we must understand that in our evolutionary journey and our almost rushed forward march, we lose things of value that cause us sadness on a personal level as well as in the community.

Many retrograde planets in September

At the beginning of October, we will find ourselves with many retrograde stars, (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Eris, Kirón, Juno) we will have a feeling of stagnation, of not having things clear and not where to go out, it will be complex and frustrating.

As Mercury retrogrades in the sign Libra, all issues related to couples, partners and contracts, will be affected and we will be forced to be very patient until we have a clear path to follow.

If we analyze, deeply, the Mercury retrograde in Libra, the experience of having to wait, will be very frustrating, because we will have situations that ask for a solution and we will have to wait.

If we see the positive side, it will allow us to analyze and observe from a practical point of view, our relationships and pending decisions.

What to expect from them, what do we expect from others, what can we offer, are they our ideas or are they manipulated, how do I speak, what am I asking for, are we sincere with our relationships, etc.

The return to the earth sign Virgo will be very positive, as it will not make us take into account that the relationships formed and consolidated, there are concrete, real and practical elements that we must take into account.

Mercury in opposition to Jupiter

On September 19, Mercury will be in opposition to Jupiter, which is retrograde from September 3 through October 12. This opposition tells us how to better express our ideals and beliefs.

It suggests that we open our minds to accept ideas, improve the way we communicate with others, accept the beliefs of those we don’t understand and practice understanding more. Mercury and Jupiter bring us into a relationship, not emotionally but intellectually. As Dane Rudhyar states:

“Mercury is first and foremost the power of biological interaction, which is the power to receive impressions or sensations and transmit them to the whole organism. Mercury is the servant, butler, or messenger of Jupiter. Man’s range of action is increased by the agency of the mind.

But the role of Jupiter, or our world-view, which in turn always works in tandem with Saturn, always polarizes Mercury…”…

That is the tribe, the culture, the religion to which we pledge allegiance.

Mercury retrograde from Libra to Virgo

This Mercury retrograde from Libra to Virgo, a sign also ruled by Mercury and with Mars transiting through Gemini, the other Mercurian sign, asks us to rethink how we form our ideas, how we express them, what ideals we adhere to and why, what makes me believe in one side and not in another and so on.

It is a necessary process to put an end to this fanatical duality, almost, of opposing political ideals, which dominate us from social networks and the news.

Do we fight with friends and family about it and all to what end? Am I thinking as an individual or am I being the pawn of certain publications that I resonate with without knowing why?

Mars will spend 7 months in Gemini, so we have time to retrain, reevaluate these issues and be able to find our inner Truth, rather than being manipulated by the ideals of others.

So this Retrograde along with Mars Retrograde in Gemini starting in October allows us to take charge for ourselves and if we can’t do it, at least understand why.

Pisces Full Moon

Last but not least, the Pisces Full Moon moves into conjunction with Neptune on the same day and makes 60-degree sextiles to both Uranus and Pluto.

This suggests that we may find people who share our views and do not support the horrible political duality led by corrupt politicians who have no morals and refuse to embrace modern society.

Individuals who are already working in their daily lives to bring about a global union that will lead us to a lifestyle that respects the 21st century, Pachamama and other human and animal cultures, regardless of how different they may seem to ours.

We all must work together to accomplish this vital task to save not only our world but also those who suffer as a result of the selfishness of a chosen few.

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With information from Spanish astrologer Cristina Laird | Archetypal Astrology

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