Taurus Month Horoscopes

Taurus Month Horoscopes, InfoMistico.com

The 2023 Taurus Season which begins on April 20, is in the midst of the powerful Solar Eclipse of the New Moon in Aries and the Retrograde of Mercury. This combination of energies will intensify the earthly and practical influence of Taurus, leading us to transform, wake up and seek a change in a higher and more aligned direction.

Taurus Season 2023: Transformative Energies and Practical Changes on the Horizon

In Taurus season, small, methodical and long-term strategic steps are favored over short-term approaches. We are urged to look to the future and build a strong foundation while pursuing our goals and dreams.

The retrogradation of Mercury until May 14 will help us in this process, encouraging us to reflect, move slowly and learn from our past.

It also presents a Lunar Eclipse on May 5 in the sign of Scorpio which brings intense and personal energies that will guide us towards transformation. We may come to a close in certain relationships, beliefs or outdated habits.

On May 16, just before the Taurus Season ends, Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, moves toward Taurus, marking the beginning of a new energy cycle. Jupiter in Taurus is expected to bring an expansion of abundance and changes in the financial industry.

On May 21, the Sun leaves behind the earthy Taurus to enter the air of Gemini. Here is your horoscope for the Taurus Season which runs from April 20 to May 21, 2023.

Horoscopes for the Taurus Season April-May 2023

Aries Sign

The Season begins after the shocking Solar Eclipse of the Aries New Moon, a time of rebirth and opportunities for you. As your season comes to an end, it’s crucial that you pay attention to your health and well-being, avoiding exhaustion. Your body will give you signals if something is out of balance in your life. In addition, the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 5 could bring up financial issues that need your attention.

It’s the ideal time to get your finances in order, especially in terms of investments and debts. Although the energy of this eclipse may feel intense, you may also experience deep emotions. We urge you to take the time to explore what really concerns you. This is a good time to make significant progress if you’re willing to do the necessary work.

It should be noted that Mercury will be retrograde during the Taurus Season from April 21 to May 14 and 15 which could slow down some activities but it is also an opportunity to complete pending projects. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, will also be on your side, helping you to broaden your vision and attract opportunities. However, keep in mind that by the end of the Taurus Season on May 16, Jupiter will enter Taurus, taking that prosperous energy with it.

Taurus Sign

Happy Birthday, Taurus! This season, the Sun illuminates your path and allows you to shine. The Season begins after the Aries Solar Eclipse which may have brought surprises or new revelations. Eclipses are opportunities to move forward on our soul path and raise our consciousness. Now is the time to have a clear vision of yourself and act from that place.

You may feel some intensity as you approach the Lunar Eclipse on May 5. This eclipse may bring an end to something you’ve been working on for the past 18 months. It can also highlight relationship issues, leading you to focus on your connections with others or seek support. Remember to set clear limits.

Mercury will be retrograde for most of your season and in your sign which can affect your mental clarity and make you reflect on the past. Even though you can’t change the past, you can still learn from it.

Gemini Sign

Taurus brings a slower pace after the fiery heat of the Aries season. On April 21, Mercury, your ruling planet, will go retrograde which will guide you to reflect on the path you have taken. This space for reflection will be a welcome change from the rapid pace of recent weeks. Be sure to take the time to decompress and clarify your unnecessary thoughts and anxieties.

The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 5 could lead you to reevaluate how you choose to spend your time and what projects you want to focus on. This has been a recurring theme but this Eclipse marks a turning point or transition where you can act based on what truly calls to your soul. You may have to let go of one or two projects or that a project you’ve been working on will come to its natural end, allowing you to transition to something new.

Your health could also be an important focus as the Sun moves toward Taurus. This would be a good time to get a medical checkup and take care of any uncomfortable symptoms. The energy of the season also encourages you to reward yourself for your hard work!

Cancer Sign

The powerful Aries Solar Eclipse on April 19 marks the beginning of the Taurus Season and you may be feeling the high vibrations that this event has brought to your world. This Eclipse can also trigger reflections on your purpose and you may feel the call to change direction, especially in your career.

You may also be reflecting on how to find more meaning in your daily routine. This Eclipse is an opportunity to open new doors, so set your intentions and see what opportunities present themselves.

As the Taurus Season begins, Mercury goes into retrogradation on April 21st. Although Mercury retrograde can generate mentally slow energy, it can be an opportunity to work from your most intuitive senses which can be especially powerful for you, Cancer.

During this time, your intuitive abilities are likely to be sharper which can guide you to eliminate the layers that hold you back from finding your purpose and finding the meaning you crave.

Leo Sign

The Solar Eclipse of April 19, 2020, is an astronomical phenomenon that deserves your attention, especially since your connection with the energies of the Sun is close. Although technically it falls on the Aries Season, its effects will extend to the Taurus Season which begins just after the Eclipse.

This cosmic event could lead you to travel abroad or open up new opportunities that will expand your way of thinking. This Eclipse will be a door that opens but it also seems to be a door to the mind. You’ll be introduced to new people, new ways of being and new worlds that you may not have been exposed to before. With your mind opening up to new levels, you’ll see how this affects every area of your life.

Your way of thinking is changing and what you think is possible is also changing which will bring more changes in the future. This Aries Eclipse marks the beginning of a new cycle that will last until 2025, so it will take time for this expansive energy to transform your life. However, keep in mind that Mercury will be retrograde starting April 21.

Virgo Sign

This season begins after the powerful Aries Solar Eclipse, whose effects will be felt in the coming weeks. This astral event could involve important decisions and dealing with difficult but necessary situations. Finance can also stand out in this Eclipse, with a positive influence.

It’s time to remain receptive to the abundance of the Universe. For earthy Virgos, the Taurus season offers slower energy, an opportunity to catch their breath and enjoy the pleasures of life. Mercury, your ruling planet, will go into retreat on April 21, adding to the slowdown in energies.

Although this can bring mental confusion, it is an opportunity to listen to our inner senses and review our abilities. Learning and absorbing new information is a great way to channel this retrograde energy.

The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 5 will close the season with intensity. This event may involve closure in situations that have caused concern, requiring clear and direct conversations to avoid misunderstandings…