Meaning of Being Born Under Each Moon Phase

Meaning of Being Born Under Each Moon Phase,

The moon dance, with its eight unmistakable phases, draws a cycle in the sky that is familiar to us: New Moon, Illuminating Crescent (also known as “Visible New Moon”), Crescent Room, Illuminating Gibose, Full Moon, Waning Room (or “Third Quarter”), Waning Crescent (sometimes called “Waning Moon”). And so we return to the New Moon marking the beginning of another lunar cycle.

The Impact of the Moon on Your Life: Moon Phase Calculator and Your Personality

Did you know that the moon phases of your birth may have left an imprint on your personality?

Just when the Earth’s tides reach their highest point (a phenomenon known as “Living Tide”) or in the Quarters of the Moon when the tides are at their lowest (“Dead Tide”), your native moon phase may have influenced you. But how do you know exactly what moon phase you were born under?

That’s where the Moon Phase finder comes into play, calculating the moon phase from the 12-hour Universal Time, taking into account the differences between time zones. First, you’ll need to know your native moon phase. You can find out with this calculator »

Do you already know? Excellent, now we can continue.

Each lunar cycle has a unique influence. Just like the bright reflection of a Full Moon contrasts with the darkness of a New Moon, the lunar phase you were born under may have uniquely shaped your personality and your way of facing the world. Thus, phase by phase, we will discover what cosmic gifts the moons grant to those lucky ones who are born under their light…

Being born under the New Moon

Known for being initiators and pioneers, promoting projects and ventures with a palpable enthusiasm that can be truly inspiring for those around them. They are not afraid of hard work and are people who don’t give up until their goals have been met. For them, life isn’t a series of past events to hold on to, but an exciting adventure that extends into the future. They are always looking ahead with an eye on what is to come.

Being born under the Visible New Moon

True explorers of the world, carry in their souls the spark of curiosity and an insatiable appetite for learning. Like true adventurers, these lunar natives aren’t afraid to challenge the known and seek answers beyond what they already know. Tireless fighters are willing to work hard to get rid of the bad habits and negative attitudes that they have been able to acquire in the past. Although at first sight, they may seem strong and impenetrable, underneath that appearance lies a sensitive and warm heart.

Being born under the First Quarter Moon

You may be characterized by strong determination and unwavering optimism. Known for their vibrant energy and their clear focus on what they want and how to achieve it. They may seem direct, even to some, a little too much but their direct method usually hits the mark. They are agents of change, always seeking to replace old ways of doing things with new and better alternatives. They are quick to adapt and their ability to react is remarkably fast.

Being born under the Crescent Gibbous Moon

Idealists at heart, with a vision of a better world always in their minds. They don’t commit to anything that goes against their values, they are authentic in their essence and sincere in their motivation. They are known for their perfectionism and impressive intelligence. These lunar natives possess analytical minds and are constantly looking for the “why” of the things that intrigue them.

Born under the Full Moon

Beings of deep emotions and strong intuitions. If you’re one of them, you probably feel a strong desire to bring your plans to fruition and for all your efforts to have a purpose. They value relationships deeply and show sincere care for others. For them, connections with people are essential and they always strive to care for those around them.

Born Under the Waning Gibbous Moon

You may find yourself a natural communicator with an innate desire to share your knowledge and experiences for the benefit of others. They have the spirit of a teacher or mentor and enjoy the feeling of being useful and contributing to the well-being of others. They may sometimes seem a little absent or withdrawn but it’s simply because they’re often submerged in their own thoughts or ideas.

Being born under the Last Quarter Moon

They are empathic and mature individuals, known for their generosity in offering their support to those around them. They have an amazing ability for transformation and self-reinvention, and are idealists by nature, always striving for perfection in everything they undertake. They can sometimes seem a little wistful but this is due to their need for personal time and space.

Born under the Waning Balsamic Moon

Introverted and thoughtful, characterized by their rich imagination and their tendency to dream. If you’re one of them, you might notice that your sixth sense is particularly acute, often anticipating what’s to come or having intuitions that are usually accurate. They may seem very wise in the eyes of others and this is often the result of their attention and care for the richness of their inner world.

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