Taurus Month Horoscopes

Taurus Month Horoscopes, InfoMistico.com

Libra Sign

The start of the Taurus Season coincides with the Aries Solar Eclipse and the beginning of Mercury Retrograde, marking an intense transition in the cosmic skies that will direct your attention to your relationships, dear Libra.

Your ability to put yourself in the place of others and to seek justice and fairness has always been outstanding in your caring approach. However, under this Aries Solar Eclipse, you may need to be firm in your limits and in what you are willing to tolerate. Communication will be key, so think carefully about your words and express your wishes clearly to others.

Even though you may face challenges in a relationship, it’s likely that this struggle could lead to a deeper and more meaningful connection. You might even be looking to take the relationship to the next level. Eclipses usually come in pairs and the companion of this Eclipse will be the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 5.

This event will trigger issues related to your self-esteem which could be linked to relationship problems experienced during the Solar Eclipse. The energies of the Solar Eclipse are likely to manifest in your physical world but the Lunar Eclipse approach is more subtle, something you’ll feel internally.

Scorpio Sign

The Eclipse in your sign of May 5, is a Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that will trigger a transformation that has been taking place over the past 1.5 years. This transformative journey has been driven by the recent lineup of Eclipses that have taken place in Taurus and Scorpio.

Scorpio, which is your sign and Taurus, who is in front of you on the zodiac wheel, make these Eclipses especially significant for you. In fact, when the Sun shines in Taurus, it goes back to you because of your position in the cosmos which focuses attention on your relationships and on how you choose to interact with others, not only in the romantic sphere but on all the relationships in your life.

You will feel more open and connected to others and this will intensify in 2023 since just before the Sun enters this Earth sign, we will have a powerful Solar Eclipse in Aries. This Eclipse can bring fresh energy if you’ve been dealing with a difficult situation in your relationships, guiding you to see things from a brighter perspective. You’ll also feel more connected to yourself right now, recognizing that you’re your most important relationship.

Sagittarius Sign

Taurus begins with the powerful Solar Eclipse of the New Moon in Aries, one of the most important cosmic events of 2023. This eclipse will bring a sense of lightness to your life, opening doors and providing new opportunities. Use this energy to set intentions, seek opportunities and channel it in your favor to attract joy, abundance and opportunities.

However, keep in mind that eclipses can also be intense and bring transformative changes to your life. In addition, the Taurus Season will also include another Eclipse, on May 5, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio which could reveal secrets or trigger deep emotions.

This will be a reflective time, especially with Mercury Retrograde in full swing. Overall, the Taurus Season will be transformative, so take it easy and focus on building a solid foundation for any new beginning.

Capricorn Sign

Taurus, the Earth sign, is a perfect companion for this season, as you will feel more connected to the earth and to cosmic energies. The retrogradation of Mercury on April 21, the first retrograde planet since January, slows down the pace and allows transcendental experiences to be digested.

This coincides with the powerful Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 19, one of the most important cosmic events of the year. This eclipse will guide you to focus on connection and community, as well as on your home and family life, creating a loving environment around you.

It can also be a spiritual experience, opening up your upper chakras. As we move into May, another Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 brings intense and transformative energies. This eclipse invites you to delve deeper and work on painful emotions to free and lift yourself up.

It’s time to come out of your shell and face the world, leaving behind any emotion or thought that holds you back.

Aquarius Sign

Mercury goes retrograde on April 21, which highlights the importance of communication for you at the start of the season. The Solar Eclipse activates your throat chakra, while Mercury retrograde invites you to communicate with clarity and truth. Communication will be an important topic, both in your relationships with others and with yourself.

You might face issues related to siblings during this stage. You may need to support a sibling or a new perspective from a sibling may change the way you think. As we move into the earthy energy of Taurus, you may feel more thoughtful and prefer to take small steps toward your goals rather than rush.

On May 5, another Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio brings intensity and can awaken your psychic senses. You can receive prophetic messages in your dreams and you could experience transformations in your career or higher purpose. Trust in the trip and that these events will help you in the evolution of your soul.

Pisces Sign

The Taurus season is full of energy with the powerful Solar Eclipse of the New Moon in Aries, just before it begins on April 19th. This Eclipse is a door opener that brings opportunities, knowledge and fresh inspiration.

It’s time to plant seeds and attract what you want in your life with plenty of energy to earn money or expand your income. Mercury retrograde as of April 21 slows down the cosmic rhythm, allowing us to digest and integrate the energies of the Eclipse.

Pay attention to your intuition and prophetic dreams. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 can trigger insecurities but use them as fuel to learn and grow. Accept that it’s normal to be a student in life.

Give yourself the grace to adapt and make mistakes. In addition, an opportunity to travel may arise in May, which can be healing and activate a deeper understanding.

Tanaaz, creator of Forever Conscious, is an intuitive astrologer who uses her writing to heal and inspire. She is the author of several books, including “The Power of Positive Energy”, “Messages for the Soul” and “My Pocket Mantras”. In addition, she teaches online courses and in-person retreats, sharing his wisdom with others in search of growth and transformation.