New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo,

As we sail under the waning Moon, in a few days we will reach the New Moon in Virgo, marking that time of year when many returns from their summer vacation…

New Moon in Virgo, August 2022

Others, for winter and we are preparing for spring or fall, which are planned for this last quarter culminating with Christmas.

This lunation begins with the New Moon in the sign of Virgo, traditionally ruled by Mercury, which also gives most modern astrologers the spread of Vesta and Ceres, as the symbol of Virgo is Persephone, daughter of Ceres, abducted by her uncle, Hades, or Pluto.

Mercury expresses the masculine side of Virgo and Vesta and Ceres its feminine side if there is a difference.

Thus, Mercury in Virgo understands, chooses, criticizes, and observes; Vesta is dedicated to focusing, ordering, and completing the good.

At the same time, it connects with spirit and Ceres brings us back to earth, directing our attention to nutrition and its effect on the body, making us aware of the importance of food to our health, through allergies, and food intolerances, diets of all kinds, and more.

Sign Virgo

Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac, completes the first two-quarters of the natal chart before passing through the sign Libra, thus beginning the upper two quarters, which lead us to the experience of communicating with others.

All the signs speak of the ego’s relationship with something or someone, in Virgo, this relationship is with our bodies, our physical capabilities, functioning, and action, it’s a most concrete part, and concerning the spirit.

Here we begin to glimpse what we have learned in Aries, Libra, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo, to find the way to bring it to light, to present it to everyone, where we will finally conclude in Pisces, its opposite sign in the zodiacal wheel.

If you are Virgo or have planets in Virgo in your natal chart, then you know that your need for self-improvement can become your greatest ally or your worst enemy.

The criticism needed to improve or perfect can and often does become a creative and crippling destroyer for the Virgo person.

However, it is favorable because it fuels hard work, an obsession with self-polishing, and positive self-improvement anyway. Dancers and athletes know so much about it that I would almost say it would be impossible to become a dancer without this Virgo obsession with form and movement.

Virgo New Moon

We move from a Leo drive for self-expression and joy to a high level of readiness for work, with Virgo’s ability to focus on details and new ways of expressing the best body, to make the best use of this inner self. The diamond we discover in Leo.

The difficulty will be the fact that this Virgo New Moon forms exactly on August 27 at 20:16 GMT, at 4º Virgo 03′ from Virgo, both perpendicular to Mars and entering the sign Gemini, so this struggle between the expression of our uniqueness and will culminate the talent of no regrets and the encounter with inner self-criticism.

This will require a lot of vigilance, so as not to fall into negativity and paralysis and especially in the distraction that does not have the sign Gemini.

We must find a way to follow our creative impulses, and not fall into excessive self-criticism, and the temptation to multitask. You will have to allow yourself to follow the Moon’s intuition, be able to do the necessary work, and have a lot of patience to let the creative energy flow without getting in the way before the project is finished.

More than ever, we must invoke Vesta to give us the power to concentrate and overcome the Geminian temptation to multitask. We will have time for a Full Moon in Pisces on September 10, which coincides with the onset of Mercury retrograde, to correct things we don’t like or consider inappropriate.

The important thing now is to let it flow on its own and resist distractions, exacerbated by the Martian transit in Gemini, where it will randomly make its retrograde, which it does every 2 years.

Mars retrograde in Gemini

Mars retrograde in Gemini begins on November 1 at 35′ 25° Gemini and delays the transit of Mars from about 2 months to about 5 months. It will be retrograde until January 13, 2023.

This makes this New Moon in Virgo the trigger for this Red Planet Retrograde, so it will confront all of us and especially those of us in mutable signs (Gemini – Virgo – Aquarius -Pisces) in your natal chart with the fact that we are daily distracted from what we want to do.

At this time in history when we all spend four to six hours looking at our cell phones, realizing that those are the hours that deprive us of our ability to create and live, to take risks, to exist, is unavoidable.

Considering that we sleep 6, 8 to about 10 hours a day, we work at least 8 hours a day, if we subtract hours on the cell phone, we have 2 hours of daily life or less.

Little time for creativity

If we add to this the time and energy we spend on superficial moments, our time with ourselves and our creative expression is practically nil.

Perhaps the fact that Mars is in Gemini from now on and for the rest of the year invites us to be more distracted, we should at least pay attention to what and how we communicate and if what we do is communicating or avoiding our true communication.

This is not about Gemini’s great curiosity here, but rather the distraction is due to Gemini’s lack of Virgo and Sagittarius, that is, the lack of choice, criticism, and selection that often occurs in Gemini, which worries about everything so much that it prevents it from digging in or processing all the information it receives.

It is in the signs Virgo and Sagittarius, that Gemini learns to be selective, and ultimately let go of Pisces.

This Moon in Virgo separating from Mars in Gemini can also allow us to analyze a specific situation or discussion we had (Virgo) to reflect on beauty, with people different from us, to know ourselves or express ourselves as we find it. It is difficult to understand, although it makes us angry at the time.

That the richness of the human brain – all these different points of view! We are coming to or are in a time of great political discord with very divided opinions. We would all be a little wiser if we could accept that it enriches us rather than hurts us.

The energy of this new moon in Virgo

Use the energy of this new moon in Virgo to choose, reflect, focus, embrace what enriches you and what doesn’t, and most importantly, find ways to express your inner diamond and unleash your creativity. There is always someone who will benefit from your suggestions. Polishing our talents finds its right workshop in Vigo.

If you are waiting for the perfect moment to start a diet or prepare a new way of eating, this is the right time.

The wisdom that comes from Vesta and Ceres refers us to femininity, emotions, motherhood, and why not, to paganism, to heaven and earth. Pachamama speaks to us in many ways and we must immerse ourselves in her message to move in harmony with nature and the wisdom of the Goddess, so necessary at this time.

The article has been adapted for from its original author: Archetypal Astrology – Cristina Laird

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