Chiron and Jupiter conjunction in Aries

Chiron and Jupiter conjunction in Aries,

Today, there is a unique planetary event that deserves to be mentioned, as it rarely happens in life and if you’re under 47 years old, this is your first time experiencing it. The asteroid Chiron, named in its honor, was discovered in 1977, just after the previous conjunction with Jupiter in Aries in March 1976. Chiron takes 51 years to orbit around the Sun, while Jupiter takes only 12 years.

The historic conjunction of Chiron and Jupiter in Aries: What does it mean for you and your birth chart?

Chiron orbits between the orbits of Saturn (its father) and Uranus (its grandfather), suggesting the ancestral aspect of our wound. It has a very irregular orbit and spends less than 2 years in Leo and Virgo, but between 8 and 9 years in Aries and Pisces.

This current transit in Aries began in 2018 and will last until 2027. Although Jupiter and Chiron meet every 12 years, they had not done so in the sign of Aries since 1976. In 2009, they joined in the sign of Aquarius.

The next conjunction of these two planets will be in Gemini in 2036, but we will have to wait until March 2070 for them to join again in Aries.

To get an idea of this small asteroid’s cycle in our life, here is a table showing when we experience the different squares and oppositions in our birth chart. We all experience its return at 51 years old, but depending on when we were born, we will experience the cycle at different ages:

  • Born in 1950: First square at 16 years old and opposition at 35 years old.
  • Born in 1956: First square at 21 years old and opposition at 36 years old.
  • Born in 1965: First square at 21 years old and opposition at 29 years old.
  • Born in 1970: First square at 19 years old and opposition at 26 years old.
  • Born in 1982: First square at 10 years old and opposition at 16 years old.
  • Born in 1993: First square at 6 years old and opposition at 19 years old.
  • Born in 2000: First square at 14 years old and opposition at 36 years old.

Chiron and Vesta: How Perseverance and Acceptance of Our Animal Nature Can Help Us Find Our Path

Chiron, whose parents transformed into horses to mate, must learn to live with his animal nature. In our own nature, Chiron, we also learn to live with our limitations and wounds.

Meanwhile, Vesta represents a soft but powerful voice that urges us to focus on our activities and grants us the talent to concentrate and persevere in our passion.

We often ignore her voice and scatter in search of something that makes us feel complete without realizing that the gift is in perseverance.

Perseverance involves continuing to do what we love, even when creativity doesn’t flow, when we don’t find the necessary inspiration or recognition, or even when we can’t earn enough to keep going.

Vesta reminds us that if we follow our path and our own process of refinement, despite all obstacles, in the end we will receive a divine gift.

Vesta, Chiron and Jupiter: The search for inner divinity and independence in astrological mythology

Both Vesta and Chiron are associated with the sign of Virgo, which inspires us to improve what we have and work on what is not yet perfect. The goal is not necessarily to achieve perfection, as the Virgo process involves working on the imperfect and it is in that process where the gift is found.

Vesta and Chiron are siblings who understand the divine mandate of the family, which is to seek the inherited divinity within oneself. Vesta does this by avoiding relationships with men to find her own half, while Chiron helps others find their inner strength.

On the other hand, Jupiter overthrew his father Saturn and forced him to vomit up the sons and daughters he had swallowed. He gave them a second chance at life, saving them from their paternal bowels so they could be independent.

He joins them in the great battle against the Titans and together they create Olympus and a new generation of gods, the Olympians. He assigns the underworld to his brother Hades (Pluto), while he himself takes over the sky with his sisters and brothers and marries one of them, Juno.

The Influence of Jupiter and Chiron Conjunctions: Historical Events and their Astrological Significance in Today’s Society

In the past, Jupiter and Chiron conjunctions have witnessed extraordinary events, both challenging and innovative.

In 1928, it occurred in Taurus and television burst into our lives. In 1945, the Second World War came to an end with the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the United Nations was founded.

In 1962, the Beatles emerged and forever revolutionized popular music. In 1976, a tragic year for Argentina, with the arrival of the military regime and the massacre of Tiananmen Square in China, the saga of “Star Wars” began to take shape.

In 1990, an unemployed mother living on government assistance created Harry Potter.

The combination of Jupiter-Vesta and Chiron in Aries provides a great boost to venture onto the path of self-discovery, despite the obstacles, challenges, difficulties and inconveniences that may arise.

The energy of Aries possesses extraordinary power and urges us to manifest ourselves, recognizing our limitations and imperfections. In this first Fire sign, the essential thing is simply to BE, regardless of imperfections.

Ignite your Passion and Find Inner Balance: The Triple Conjunction of Jupiter, Vesta and Chiron in Aries

It’s a time to recognize oneself and survive anything. The element of Fire finds its maximum expression in Aries, where “manifestation” and “transformation” are imperative. Fire grants us passion, intention and power.

This was the gift that Prometheus stole from the gods and gave to mortals, for which he was punished by Zeus by being tied to Mount Caucasus, where an eagle ate his liver every day, though he recovered at night thanks to his immortality.

This is a beautiful symbol of the conscious or unconscious process we go through during this triple conjunction.

Although we may feel “satisfaction” in doing things that are not aligned with our true nature, we know that we cannot find inner peace until we find a balance between three essential elements.

Jupiter represents our spirit and intellect, which long to express themselves despite our wounds and limitations. Vesta, on the other hand, offers us the opportunity to silence the external world and focus on our inner selves to find harmony.

If we get distracted by superficial and external things, Vesta will raise her voice to guide us. Chiron will accompany us in the process of personal acceptance and Jupiter will inspire us to look beyond our daily horizon. Jupiter gives us the gift of confidence and faith in a better future, as well as in the magnificent and incomparable experience of living fully.

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