Jupiter Planet

Explore the mysterious world of Jupiter with our complete collection of articles, information and references. Uncover the fascinating history behind the fifth planet in the solar system, explore its intriguing sites and stay up to date on the latest related news. Embark on a celestial journey with everything you need to know about Jupiter!

Júpiter en Tauro / Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Taurus

It is impacted by the most anticipated astrological event of the year: Jupiter’s entry into Taurus something that hadn’t happened since June 2011. Do you remember back then and everything that happened in your life? Get ready for another round of significant changes as Jupiter drives new energy into our lives.


Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter retrograde invites us to challenge our beliefs and review our weaknesses and what we need to change to have a more positive mindset. This inner journey forces us to step out of our comfort zone and see from another perspective the truth of current situations.

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