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Fases Lunares / Moon Phases

Lunar Calendar December 2023

From the lunar calendar in ancient times to its relevance in modern agriculture and financial markets, the influence of the moon is indisputable. Moon phases not only mark the passage of time, but they can also be used to plan and make more informed decisions in various aspects of life.

Último eclipse solar

Annular Solar Eclipse of October 14, 2023

On October 14, 2023, the skies will offer a dazzling display: an annular solar eclipse. This event, visible across much of the Americas, ranks as one of the most thrilling astronomical phenomena. In this article, informed by guidelines from NASA and UNAM, we cover everything you need to know to fully and safely enjoy it.

Rituales Lluvia de Estrellas Perseidas / Perseid Star Shower Ritual

Perseid Star Shower Rituals

The August night sky is preparing for the majestic deployment of the Perseids. These shooting stars, also known as Tears of San Lorenzo, are not only an astronomical phenomenon to be observed but also an opportunity to connect with energies greater than us.

Eclipse Solar Híbrido / Hybrid Solar Eclipse

Hybrid Solar Eclipse 2023

The first solar eclipse of the year 2023 will take place on April 20th and will be an unforgettable celestial phenomenon. During a hybrid solar eclipse, observers can experience both effects, first the annular eclipse and then the total eclipse. Are you ready to witness the perfect combination of total and annular solar eclipses?

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