Star Shower

Experience the magic of the cosmos from your home with the Star Showers. They are a nighttime show that awakens wonder and emotions, capturing the mystery of the universe in an unforgettable heavenly dance. Don’t miss it.

Rituales Lluvia de Estrellas Perseidas / Perseid Star Shower Ritual

Perseid Star Shower Rituals

The August night sky is preparing for the majestic deployment of the Perseids. These shooting stars, also known as Tears of San Lorenzo, are not only an astronomical phenomenon to be observed but also an opportunity to connect with energies greater than us.

estrella fugaz / Shooting Star

See a shooting star meaning

You may witness a shooting star in real life, or see one in your dreams. Both instances have specific meanings that differ based on your independent experience. If you see a shooting star in the night sky, this can symbolize several things, including good luck, a significant change in your life, or even the ending of something.

Lluvia de Estrellas Oriónidas / Orionid Star Rain

Orionid Meteor Shower

The night sky is filled with marvels, but few seize the imagination like the Orionids. This meteor shower, peaking in October, is not merely a visually arresting display. It is also a window into the cosmos and the history of the solar system.

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