Aries Total Solar Eclipse 2024: A Path to Profound Transformation

Aries Total Solar Eclipse 2024: A Path to Profound Transformation,

April 8, 2024, marks the arrival of a Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aries, an event that promises to shape our destiny over the next 18 months. Eclipses are always periods of deep transformation, but this one, being a Total Eclipse, presents maximum intensity, comparable to a New Moon charged with superpowers.

Total Solar Eclipse in Aries 2024: Intense Transformation and Renewal

New Moons symbolize the birth of a new cycle and this Solar Eclipse magnifies that energy, opening doors, clearing paths and pushing us towards new directions. Falling in Aries, the sign of beginnings, it further enhances the promise of renewal.

Under this Eclipse, new information, ways of being or paths that open up before us may present themselves. Given its powerful energy, these new opportunities or beginnings will manifest even up to a month after the Eclipse has reached its climax.

This Eclipse can generate a new way of living that changes the course of our life. Initially, this change may seem subtle, but looking back, it will be evident how much has transformed during this period.

Sometimes, the energy of Eclipses can be subtle, but other times, it can be thunderous. On this occasion, we have a surprising opportunity or a door that opens to an unexpected path.

Leveraging the Energy of the Eclipse in Aries

Co-creation and Setting Intentions for the Future

Although Solar Eclipses often trigger predestined events and place us where we need to be, we can take advantage of this energy to set intentions and exercise our co-creation abilities.

We are co-creators of the Universe, so drafting a list of intentions and expressing what we wish to attract can be a powerful exercise under the influence of this Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse in Aries is a North Node Eclipse, meaning its energy is rooted in the future.

It invites us to look forward and embrace the changes to come, leaving behind the past to glimpse the potential of a new chapter. When creating your intentions, try to make them fresh and novel.

Avoid asking for the same old things and seek new ways to approach what you desire. Step out of your comfort zone and dream big.

Given the strong energy surrounding this Solar Eclipse, you will have ample time to set your intentions and work with this energy for a few weeks after it has passed. In fact, sometimes it’s better to wait and see what “downloads” before setting your intentions.

The Solar Eclipse and Chiron in Aries

Healing and Empowerment

During this Eclipse, we will experience a conjunction of forces in Aries: the Sun and the Moon, along with Venus, Chiron, Eris and Mercury Retrograde, create a fiery energy field that invites us to discover and enhance our leadership abilities and the warrior strength within us.

This energy provides us with a boost of motivation and confidence to find the way forward. Among the planets present in Aries during this Eclipse, Chiron stands out significantly due to its proximity to the New Moon.

Known as the “wounded healer,” it is an asteroid that symbolizes our wounds and traumas, those we inherit from our past and present lives. These wounds, deep and persistent, shape and define us, accompanying us throughout our existence.

Chiron’s lesson is in recognizing that our wounds can become sources of power, wisdom and healing. It encourages us to see our wounds not as scars we must hide, but as portals of strength and learning for ourselves and to help others.

If you have been on a healing journey or have faced your own wounds, this Solar Eclipse represents a powerful moment to transcend and move forward to the next chapter of your healing journey. Under this eclipse, wounds may emerge to the surface or we may find that we are drawing power and wisdom from the traumas that once limited or held us back.

There is an energy of empowerment under this Eclipse that we can use to propel ourselves forward and make the most of the time we have been given.

Timings of the Total Eclipse in Aries on April 8

The path of the Eclipse begins in the South Pacific Ocean, crossing later North and Central America.

Aries Total Solar Eclipse 2024: A Path to Profound Transformation,

Some regions of South America will also witness this phenomenon. Traditionally, it is considered that when an Eclipse is visible in a specific country, that country plays a leading role in the following months.

This Total Solar Eclipse in Aries serves as a catalyst for change, not only on a personal level but also collectively, marking a period of intense transformation and opportunities to embrace new beginnings.

The solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, will not be visible in all countries. The following table shows the timings for some cities where the eclipse will be visible, either partially or totally.

Country City Eclipse Start End of Eclipse
Venezuela Caracas 13:38 15:41
Mexico Mexico City 12:34 14:37
United States Dallas 13:30 15:33
Colombia Bogotá 13:36 15:39
Ecuador Quito 13:37 15:40
Peru Lima 13:38 15:41
Chile Santiago 14:39 16:42
Argentina Buenos Aires 14:40 16:43

Summary of the Energies of the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries

  • New beginnings, new paths and new ways of seeing things: promise to be a portal to renewal and discovery, inviting us to explore unknown territories and open up to new perspectives.
  • A new opportunity takes you in a different direction: surprising opportunities may present themselves, steering us toward unexpected routes, marking the beginning of a journey different from what we had planned.
  • Something you have dreamed of or worked towards becomes reality: the dreams and projects in which we have invested time and effort could materialize under the influence of this Eclipse, offering us the satisfaction of seeing them realized.
  • Powerful healing energy that allows us to draw wisdom from our wounds: a key moment for inner healing, where the lessons learned from our most painful experiences emerge as sources of strength and personal growth.
  • Globally, we might receive news about world leaders: given the historical association of Eclipses with changes in leadership and the fates of nations, this event could be a precursor to significant movements in the international political sphere.

Total Solar Eclipse Ritual in Aries 2024

This ritual is ideally performed before sunset on April 8 or 9, however, you can do it at any time up until April 22.

You will need:

  • Your choice of aura cleansing tool (essential oil sprays, dry herb sticks, incense, etc.)
  • Music for meditation.
  • Paper and pen.
  • A candle.
  • A bowl with water.
  • A crystal you don’t mind getting wet (optional).


Light your candle and begin by cleansing your aura. Use your aura cleansing tool starting from the top of your head and moving down your entire body to your feet. Do not forget to also do this on the soles of your feet. Since Aries rules the head, we want to pay special attention to this area. While cleansing, recite the following:

“I open my being to the loving energies flowing within and around me. I ask these energies to join me as I cleanse and remove all that is heavy, stagnant and no longer necessary. As I work around my aura, my energy elevates, vibrant and enhanced. I am cleansed, energy moves freely through my body, my heart gives and receives love openly and willingly. Now I stand in my purest light. Thank you.”

Now, with the same aura cleansing tool, cleanse your entire space, starting from your main door and moving through your home. Ensure a window is open so any negative energy can escape. While cleansing your space, recite the following:

“I cleanse this space with light and loving energy. Only positive energy may enter this space. I cleanse this space with light and loving energy. It is safe for me to reside here; it is safe for me to call this space home. My home is cleansed and I am renewed. My home is cleansed and I am renewed.”

  • Take your crystal (if you decide to use one), get comfortable and begin your Meditation. This meditation will activate your heart energies so you can be in a state of receiving and receptiveness.
  • Once you complete your meditation, take your paper and write down 10 things you wish to manifest in your life over the next 18 months. Once you have your list, declare out loud what you wish for yourself. Allow the vibrations of your words to resonate around you.
  • Take your paper and begin tearing it into strips. Take each strip and place it in the flame of the candle. When the strip of paper gets too hot or has burned enough, drop it into the bowl with water. This reflects the idea of release and allows your intentions to be sent to the Universe.
  • Take your crystal (if using one) and place it in the bowl with water. Move your finger in the water, stirring it three times clockwise. Leave your bowl of water in the sun for about an hour.
  • While your bowl is charging, reflect on any messages that have emerged for you.
  • Dispose of the water and papers. Dry your crystal and keep it close to you for the next 3 days.

Your ritual is complete! Solar Eclipse blessings.

With information from Tanaaz, creator of Forever Conscious.

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