Heal Your Past: Write a Letter on the Aries New Moon

Heal Your Past: Write a Letter on the Aries New Moon, InfoMistico.com

The New Moon in Aries is a unique cosmic portal. Unlike other new moons, this one invites us to travel through time and connect with our inner child. Can you imagine being able to guide your past self, offer wisdom and heal old wounds? Take advantage of this special energy to write a letter to your inner child just before turning 12 or 13 years old.

Letter to Your Inner Child: Transform Your Life in Aries

Aries represents the Child of the zodiac. In turn, the month of Nissan is called the “Father of the 12” (Aviv). Unlike the other months of the year especially when it comes to Nissan, Kabbalists say that instead of meditating on the energy of the month during the Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) connections, one should meditate on the entire year, as this month encompasses all the other months.

This means that the cosmic portal of Rosh Chodesh Nissan facilitates time travel, as well as the unfolding between our limiting body and our infinite capacity that comes from our source, the Ein Sof (Infinite World).

In this sense, in the metaphysical plane of Ein Sof, there is no time or space, everything is here and now.

For example, there is no greater fascination for human beings than knowing the future and gaining some advantage through that knowledge. This is clearly seen in something as simple as wanting to know the weather forecast all the time.

Moreover, what we cannot easily see is that we are the future. Yes, we are the future of the person we were X amount of time ago. According to quantum physics, that person is still doing what you think was left in the past.

Furthermore, any information you send from this point in the eternal spiral of time will be perceived and utilized.

Take Advantage of the New Moon in Aries

So… Take advantage of the New Moon in Aries and write a letter preferably handwritten, to the child you were just before turning 12 years old if you are female or 13 years old if you are male.

Tell them details of things they need to know to navigate a life with less pain; teach them the life lessons that with what you know today, you would have liked someone to teach you at that time. In this way, free that child from family or social mandates that will only harm them in the long run.

When you have finished the letter, imagine you are an angel entering the room where that child sleeps, read them the letter and leave it beside the bed.

Do Not Be Surprised if Your Life Begins to Change Rapidly

Remember that knowledge alone is not enough; we live in a world of actions, so pay close attention to the opportunities that present themselves after this intervention and act to materialize the change. If you understand the value of this post, share it.