Angel Number 5 Mahasiah

Angel Number 5 Mahasiah,

Number: 5
Tree of Life: the sphere of Keter “Crown”.
Meaning: “God the Savior”
Planetary energies: Neptune and Sun
Zodiac sign: Aries
Zodiac Regency: 20° to 25° Aries, 4° Aries, 16° Gemini, 27° Leo, 10° Scorpio, 22° Capricorn
Prince: Archangel Metatron
Regency hours: 01:20 a 01:40

Angel 5 Mahasiah: Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Angel number 5, Mahasiah, plays a pivotal role not only in the healing of the physical plane but also in the strengthening and repairing of our emotional and spiritual sphere. Besides bolstering our soul’s immune system, Mahasiah is renowned for his ability to help us overcome challenges and difficulties that arise in our relationships and daily life.

On the other hand, apart from his healing capacity, Mahasiah possesses the unique gift of freeing individuals from karmic burdens or negative imprints of the past, intrinsically linking him to concepts of forgiveness and salvation. This peculiarity makes him a highly sought-after angel for those striving to achieve a state of balance and harmony essential for living in peace with their surroundings.

It’s important to highlight that, in this quest for stability and peace, Mahasiah acts as a mediator between the self and its environment, promoting an internal dialogue that is crucial for personal and spiritual growth.

Furthermore, those who manage to establish a deep connection with Mahasiah benefit from remarkable ease in acquiring new knowledge, especially in fields such as occult philosophy, theology and the sciences. This ease of learning is particularly useful in situations requiring rigorous academic or intellectual preparation, like exams and competitive exams.

Likewise, Mahasiah’s influence extends to the improvement of character and the promotion of a more harmonious and attractive physical beauty, underscoring his role in the beautification of the soul and our body.

Moreover, he is recognized for his ability to instill serenity and balance in those he guides, contributing significantly to the creation of a peaceful environment both internally and externally. This tranquility is the foundation upon which healthier and more harmonious relationships are built, not only with oneself but also with others.

Reconciliation, forgiveness, acceptance and deep understanding are key aspects that Mahasiah promotes, emphasizing his powerful influence in the cleansing, purification and regeneration of the being.

How to invoke the Angel 5 Mahasiah (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 01:20 to 01:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 11-15 of Nisan, 5785
  • Gregorian calendar regency: April 9 to 13, March 24, June 4, August 15, October 26 and January 6

Dates indicated refer to the year of regency approximately to the year 2024. The physical angel determines the position of the Sun by quinary (set of five degrees) in your birth chart. The emotional angel by the position of the sun by zodiac degree and the mental angel depends on the actual local time of birth. A precise calculation is needed. If you are interested in actually discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here

Angel Number 5 Mahasiah,

Hebrew Letter Angel 5 Mahasiah

Angel Number 5 Mahasiah,


Psalm 80, Verse 20

Angel Number 5 Mahasiah,
O Lord, God of hosts, bring us back! Make your face shine and we shall be saved.

Healing and Health

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To Those Born Under the Aegis of Angel 5 Mahasiah

Individuals born under the aegis of Angel Mahasiah possess an innate curiosity and seek answers to universal mysteries. They often can see beyond what others cannot, understanding many of the enigmas that envelop life and death.

These individuals will never be completely satisfied with one answer, as their curious nature drives them to always seek further knowledge. This quest for perfection may lead them to develop brilliant ideas and seek answers beyond the obvious, making them appear wise in the eyes of others.

Those governed by Angel Mahasiah can learn quickly and easily, including languages, as they carry with them memories from past lives. They are in constant transformation and growth, both personally and professionally.

Endowed with a great inner balance, a sense of justice, generosity and wisdom, these individuals spare no effort in their spiritual growth and that of their families. They always act by social and human laws and are a paragon of virtue. Their spiritual aura can often be distinctly seen around the shoulders and head.

Their truth lies in logical reasoning, nurtured through the study of philosophy. Moreover, they are adept at working with magical ceremonies, summoning spiritual forces and communicating with angels, thus becoming a gateway to the angelic realm.

Those under Mahasiah’s regency enjoy being in meditation centers, lectures, congresses and spiritual seminars but always maintain awareness of their spiritual practices. Their service is directed exclusively towards their truth, which is that of their God.

They tend to live luxuriously, in a spacious, bright, comfortable home filled with flowers and symbolic objects. Likely, they own an extensive library.

In terms of their professional career, they find success in the visual arts, especially in painting, decorating, or working with art objects, thanks to their refined taste and natural gift.

Qlifot Angel 5: President Marbas

President Marbas stands as an entity of unparalleled power, commanding authority over 36 legions of demons. This being, also known as Barbas, possesses abilities that surpass the imaginable, capable of answering with precision all questions related to the most hidden mysteries and concealed truths.

His domain is not confined to the revelation of secrets, as he also has the power to unravel and share hidden magics, those that have remained veiled from the eyes of mortals since time immemorial.

Furthermore, Marbas holds a dual gift in terms of health: on one hand, he has the benevolent power to heal diseases, restoring well-being where there was previously discomfort and suffering. On the other hand, with a turn of his will, he can inflict ailments, thus demonstrating the duality of his nature and the balance between creation and destruction.

This ability to influence the physical state and well-being of beings speaks not only to his mastery over the body but also reflects his deep understanding of life and death. Additionally, he grants great wisdom and knowledge in the Mechanical Arts, opening the minds of those who invoke him to understandings and skills that exceed the ordinary.

This transmission of knowledge is not just an act of empowerment but a demonstration of the depth of his universal understanding, as the Mechanical Arts, in their essence, combine practical application with underlying metaphysical principles.

Marbas’s ability to change the physical form of individuals, making them more beautiful or slender, is a testament to his mastery over matter and the very essence of the human being. This transformation is not merely an external change but can also be a reflection of an internal metamorphosis, symbolizing the possibility of rebirth and change through Marbas’s intervention.

In his manifestation, Marbas first appears as a great lion, a symbol of his power, majesty and the authority with which he leads his legions. However, revealing his versatile nature and his capacity to approach humanity, he can take on human form at the master’s request. This transition from lion to human is not only an act of physical transformation but also a gesture symbolizing his willingness to communicate and collaborate with those seeking his guidance.

The Legend of Angel 5 Mahasiah: The Quest for the Vitriol of the Sacred Essence

King Mart and the Curse of the Golden Fruit

Long ago, there lived a monarch of divine lineage who harbored a great yearning for power. Driven by this desire, he decided to venture to distant lands in search of riches. After sailing the seas for three days, he arrived at an uncharted territory.

This territory was the Isle of Fire, home to the enormous Titans. There, nymphs danced joyously among the waves on the Island of Springs and furious spirits mingled with storms and hurricanes on the Island of Wind. Although he found many interesting things on these islands, he did not find what he so deeply craved.

It was on the fourth day that the lookout reported the existence of a new island. This island was different, for it was a place of tranquility and harmony and a certain joy filled the hearts of all. King Mart, as he called himself, decided to visit it to recover from the strenuous journey and gather new energies.

The next morning, the monarch found himself searching among the abundant fruits that grew on those trees when fate led him to the largest tree on the island. This tree was unlike the rest, as its four fruits and leaves were made of gold. The sun’s rays were so intense that the monarch had to shield his eyes when gazing upon these unusual fruits.

It was at that moment that a voice halted him and commanded him to stop. The voice warned him not to disturb its peace and that he was cursed for having taken the fruit that was not yet ripe. It told him that he would die by his ambition if he did not find the Vitriol of the Sacred Essence at the end of his journey.

Despite the warnings, King Mart did not believe in the prophecy and decided to take the fruit. However, after that day, everything began to go wrong in his kingdom. They were attacked by strangers who wanted the power they had attained over three moons. Battles were followed by pandemics, plagues and other calamities of fate.

The king realized that he must find the Vitriol Essence to break the curse. After searching for five years, the mage Mahasiah gave him the location of it. Finally, the king returned to his kingdom and discovered that he had been cursed. However, his quest had changed him and he had fulfilled what fate had in store for him.

According to legend, the king’s health allowed him to restore the purity of the land. Peace returned to his kingdom and it later became a paradise when he returned the powerful fruit to its original location.

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