Angel Number 5 Mahasiah

Angel Number 5 Mahasiah,

Number: 5
Tree of Life: the sphere of Keter “Crown”.
Meaning: “God the Savior”
Planetary energies: Neptune and Sun
Zodiac sign: Aries
Zodiac Regency: 20° to 25° Aries, 4° Aries, 16° Gemini, 27° Leo, 10° Scorpio, 22° Capricorn
Prince: Archangel Metatron
Regency hours: 01:20 a 01:40

Angel 5 Mahasiah: How it can help you in your process of emotional and spiritual healing

The Angel 5 Mahasiah is known to be a powerful ally in the healing process, not only in the physical realm but also in the emotional and spiritual realms. It strengthens our soul’s immune system and is capable of helping us overcome difficult situations in our relationships and in our life in general.

This angel is able to erase any negative karma or footprint from the past and is related to forgiveness and salvation. For this reason many people invoke it to find the necessary stability to live in harmony and peace with the world around them.

Those who connect with Mahasiah have the ability to easily learn and acquire knowledge in areas such as occult philosophy, theology and sciences in general. Its energy can help in processes such as exams and competitions as well as improve character and achieve greater physical beauty.

In addition, Mahasiah is capable of providing great serenity and balance which helps establish peace both inside and outside oneself. It brings with it reconciliation, forgiveness, acceptance and deep understanding and is considered to possess great power of cleansing, purification and regeneration.

How to invoke the Angel Mahasiah (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 01:20 to 01:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: Nisan 1-5, 5784
  • Regency Gregorian calendar: April 9-13, March 24, June 6, August 18, November 2 and January 12

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Hebrew Letter Angel Mahasiah

Angel Number 5 Mahasiah,


Psalm 80, Verse 20

Angel Number 5 Mahasiah,
O Lord, God of hosts, bring us back! Make your face shine and we shall be saved.

Healing and Health

To those born under the regency of the Angel Mahasiah

Those born under the regency of the Angel Mahasiah have an innate curiosity and seek answers to universal mysteries. They are often able to see beyond what others cannot, understanding many of the mysteries surrounding life and death.

These individuals will never be completely satisfied with an answer, as their curious nature always leads them to want to know more. This desire for perfection may lead them to develop brilliant ideas and seek answers beyond what is evident, making them wise in the eyes of others.

Those born under the regency of the Angel Mahasiah have the ability to learn quickly and easily, including languages as they bring memories of past lives with them. These individuals are in constant transformation and growth, both personally and professionally.

Endowed with great inner balance, sense of justice, generosity and wisdom, these individuals will spare no effort for their own spiritual growth and that of their families. They always act in accordance with social and human laws and are an example of virtue. Their spiritual aura can be clearly seen between their shoulders and head.

Their truth lies in logical reasoning, derived through the study of philosophy. Additionally, they have a facility for working with magical ceremonies, summoning spiritual forces and communicating with angels, becoming a portal of the angelic realm.

Those born under the regency of the Angel Mahasiah enjoy being in meditation centers, spiritual conferences, congresses and seminars but always maintain awareness while practicing spirituality. Their service is exclusively directed towards their truth, which is that of their God.

They have a tendency to live in a sumptuous manner, with a spacious, bright, comfortable home filled with flowers and symbolic objects. They likely have a large library.

Regarding their professional career, they excel in the visual arts, especially painting, decoration or working with art objects, thanks to their refined taste and natural talent.

All negativity in an angel: Meet the powerful Angel Qlifot 5

This angel is the king of ignorance, debauchery, and bad habits of both the body, such as overeating and drinking, and the spirit, such as psychological imbalances. He has the ability to take advantage of the goodwill of friends and family by using superstition or he may even lean towards perversion in spiritual matters by using black magic.

The legend of Angel Mahasiah: The search for the Vitriol of the Sacred Essence

King Mart and the curse of the golden fruit

Long ago, there was a monarch of divine descent who had a great longing for power. Desperate to obtain it, he made the decision to journey to distant lands in search of riches. After sailing the seas for three days, he arrived at an unexplored territory.

This territory was the Island of Fire, home to the enormous Titans. There, the undines danced joyfully among the waves on the Island of Fountains and the furious spirits combined with the storms and hurricanes on the Island of Wind. Although he found many interesting things on these islands, he did not find what he so desired.

It was on the fourth day that the lookout reported the existence of a new island. This island was different, as the environment was one of tranquility and harmony and a certain joy filled the hearts of all. King Mart, as he called it, decided to visit it to recover from the arduous journey and gather new energies.

The next morning, the monarch was searching among the abundant fruits that grew on those trees when fate led him to the largest tree on the island. This tree was different from the rest as its four fruits and leaves were made of gold. The sun’s rays were so intense that the monarch had to protect his eyes when looking at those unusual fruits.

It was at that moment that a voice stopped him and ordered him to stop. The voice warned him not to dare to disturb his peace and that he was cursed for having taken the fruit that was not yet ripe. He was told that he would die at the hands of his own ambition if he did not find the Vitriol of the Sacred Essence at the end of the path.

Despite the warnings, King Mart did not believe in that prophecy and decided to take the fruit. However, after that day, everything started to go wrong in his kingdom. They were attacked by outsiders who wanted the power they had gained during three moons. Battles were followed by pandemics, plagues and other calamities of fate.

The king realized that he had to find the Vitriol Essence to break the curse. After searching for five years, the magician Mahasiah gave him its location. Finally, the king returned to his kingdom and discovered that he had been cursed. However, his search had changed him and he had fulfilled what destiny had assigned him.

According to the legend, the king’s health allowed him to restore the purity of the area. Peace returned to his kingdom and later it became a paradise when he returned the powerful fruit to its original location.

Discover if the Angel Mahasiah is one of your guardian angels based on your date and time of birth

Did you know that the exact time, day, and place of your birth determine the three guardian angels that protect you?

The first is your physical angel, corresponding to the week you were born in. This angel watches over your physical well-being and health. The second is your emotional angel, corresponding to the day you were born. This angel provides you with emotional support and helps you overcome obstacles in your life. Finally, there is your mental angel, corresponding to the exact time you were born. This angel provides you with wisdom and guides you in your decisions.

How do you know which angel is your angel according to your birth date?

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    Angel Number 5 Mahasiah,
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