Angel Number 6 Lelahel

Angel Number 6 Lelahel,

Number: 6
Tree of Life: Keter’s sphere, “Crown”
Planetary energies: Neptune and Venus
Zodiac sign: Aries
Zodiac Regency: 25° to 30° Aries, 5° Aries, 17° Gemini, 28° Leo, 11° Scorpio, 23° Capricorn
Meaning: “Praiseworthy God”
Prince: Archangel Metatron
Regency hours: 01:40 to 02:00

Angel Lelahel: Generosity and Protection

Angel Lelahel is known for his generosity and ability to provide for material needs. His prophetic light illuminates our path, erasing the sense of unnecessary absence and bringing us joy of life, happiness and well-being in abundance.

This angel is a spiritual guide who helps us cultivate love and understanding for others, arising from deep empathy and understanding of their needs. Its influence inspires us and awakens our artistic powers and knowledge in various sciences.

In addition, Lelahel is known for its healing power on all levels. His divine light protects us from negativity and provides us with healing in body, mind and spirit. It is invoked to seek enlightenment in acts of healing and to ward off malicious people.

This powerful angel also helps us in situations of temptation, protecting us from acquiring wealth through illicit means. He guides us along the path of honesty and integrity, helping us to achieve love and fortune in a just and legitimate way.

Lelahel is a reliable heavenly companion on our spiritual journey. His brilliant light and divine wisdom guide us to wholeness and abundance in every aspect of our lives. With their help, we can experience true spiritual enlightenment and become more compassionate, loving and wise beings. Invoke Angel Lelahel to receive his guidance and protection in your daily life.

How to invoke the Angel Lelahel (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 01:40 to 02:00
  • Regency Jewish calendar: Nisan 6-10, 5784
  • Regency Gregorian calendar: April 14-18, March 25, June 7, August 19, November 3 and January 13
    → The dates indicated refer to the regency year 2023. If you are interested in discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here ↵
  • For detailed learning on how to invoke and meditate with the 72 Names of God, please visit the link provided below >>

Hebrew Letter Angel Lelahel

Angel Number 6 Lelahel,


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Psalm 86, Verse 3

Angel Number 6 Lelahel,
Have mercy on me, O Lord; for to you, I cry out (summon, invoke) all day long.

Born under the Regency of Angel 6 Lelahel: A Powerful Force to Combat Evil

Endowed with great idealism and balance, those born under the rule of Angel 6 Lelahel have a unique inner strength to face life’s challenges. Always willing to help those in need, even if they sacrifice selflessly, they are bearers of a special jewel called Inner Light, although sometimes they may lack willpower and abandon the fight. However, in these situations they seek to be reborn within themselves, finding new strength.

The symbol associated with these people is the snake that bites its tail, representing the cycle of life and death and the capacity to be reborn from adversity. They feel protected by the divine and the angelic world, which allows them to have strong psychic contact with their Angel and connect with intelligence from other galaxies.

They have a remarkable ability to capture messages from the spiritual world, attuned to the spirit realm and even being able to move objects unconsciously. They use their keen intellect to scientifically develop the concepts that come to them from the astral plane, simplifying knowledge so that it can be understood by all, thus revealing the beauty of the science of angels.

In their professional path, they can stand out as expert astrologers or choose medicine, whether traditional or alternative, as their field of expertise. They can also gain recognition in the literary field, especially in futuristic or fictional subjects. Their love and passion for what they do will place them on a pedestal and they will be recognized and respected in their field of work.

With their dedication to unconventional technological sciences, these individuals may also have innovative ideas for building hospitals or applying spiritual cures using crystals or other alternative tools. They will work tirelessly to be recognized for their honesty and to contribute to improving the quality of life and the conscience of humanity in general.

The lives of those born under the rule of Angel 6 Lelahel will be surprising and full of success. They will conquer their own space at home or at work, leaving a lasting mark on the world thanks to their love and passion for life and their dedication to noble causes.

The Dark Sides of the Angel Qlifot 6: Prostitution, Fraud and Unrestrained Ambition

There’s always a dark side, right? Angel Qlifot 6 has a true master’s degree in prostitution, fraud, plagiarism, extortion and excessive ambition! He’s quite an expert at using his’ invested ‘strength to satisfy his ego and selfish interests! Without a doubt, he will go down in history as a dangerous ambitious man with no sense of balance. What better way to stand out than by abusing other people’s money? You could even risk everything on fantastic or imaginary deals! A true genius of cunning and greed!

Legend of the Angel Lelahel: The Power of Light

Once upon a time, in a dark and desolate time, the Earth was plunged into deep darkness for five long and agonizing days. The inhabitants of the Shadows, led by the Lords of Darkness, kidnapped the Sun every morning at dawn, plunging humanity into a chaos of vices and evil.

The Great Tree, which was the Sacred Abode of the Gods, had been desecrated by Kethip, the supreme ruler of the Center kingdoms, who had succumbed to the temptation of power. Kethip had dressed as wise and deceived the Cherubim who guarded the Temple, taking a golden fruit from the Great Tree. From that moment on, the Sun was removed from its place in the firmament and darkness reigned in the night.

King Kethip returned to his kingdom proclaiming his victory over the gods and was worshiped as a courageous ruler. Many others emulated his ambition, seeking enrichment at the expense of others, and carved sculptures in his honor. Society was plunged into a power war, where the strong oppressed the weak and despair and disease were spreading everywhere.

But even in the midst of the darkness, there was still a glimmer of hope. In every man’s heart, a small light shone that refused to be completely turned off.

The gods watched with horror the destruction of humanity from their home and decided to send an ambassador named Lelahel, out of their compassion. However, not everyone agreed on how to intervene.

“Delve into the domain of darkness and mingle with them; your mission is to fuel the flame that consumes them,” the gods said to Lelahel.

So did the brave angel. He entered the dark region of the Shadows and although the Lords of Darkness tried to stop him, his heart was invulnerable to ambition and his mind resistant to delusions.

With every step of Lelahel, the flame of Light grew and the Sun began to shine brightly. Their vitality was overwhelming and health returned to sick bodies.

The Light triumphed over the attack of the night at a new dawn. The inhabitants of the Shadows shuddered at the sight of the Envoy’s seal on Lelahel, and humanity once again found hope in the midst of darkness.

From that day on, Light would always prevail over Darkness, and the legend of the Angel Lelahel spread around the world, reminding everyone that even in the darkest moments, the power of light can always prevail.

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