Number: 6
Tree of Life: is located in the Keter’s sphere, “Crown”
Angelic Choir: Seraphim
Prince: Archangel Metatron
Meaning: “Praiseworthy God”
Regency hours: from 01:40 to 02:00 (from sunrise that day)
Regency (Jewish calendar): 20 to 24 Nissan 5780
Regency (Gregorian calendar) ↓ 14 to 18 April 2020 Other regency days in 2020: March 25, June 05, August 16, October 27 and January 07, 2021
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Angel 6 Lelahel

  • Angel to achieve spiritual enlightenment and love for others that springs from deep understanding and empathy.
  • Help for inspiration and artistic faculties, knowledge of sciences.
  • Lelahel will help you with material needs, erasing the feeling of unnecessary absence, bringing joy of life, happiness and well-being.
  • Expands our vessel; prophetic enlightenment.
  • Healing at all levels and protection, as light takes away all negativity from us; etc.
  • It is invoked against bad people and to seek enlightenment in acts of healing.
  • To obtain the love of a fortunate person, protection against the temptation to acquire fortune by illicit means.

How to invoke the Angel Lelahel

The invocation of the Angel Lelahel must be between 01:40 and 02:00 a.m. (from sunrise on that day)

To invoke his strength and power, first pray Psalm 86, Verse 3, then call his name and finally make the specific request you want to make to him.

It is recommended that petitions as thanks be made on days when the moon is in its rising phasesit is not appropriate to do so even at full moon and avoid the waning moon altogether. For very important requests preferably learn how to use your schedule.

Born under the regency to the Angel Lelahel

  • He’ll have a lot of strength to cut through the evil. He is endowed with great idealism and balance.
  • Will always be willing to help those in need, even making sacrifices by acting selflessly.
  • Is the bearer of a “rare” jewel called the Light within, but sometimes he may lack willpower and even leave the battlefield. But in this situation he seeks to be reborn on himself.
  • The symbol that can be associated is the snake that bites its own tail as a symbol of rebirth.
  • Feels the protection of God and of the angelic world, being able to have a strong psychic contact with his Angel and can also connect with intelligence from other galaxies.
  • Has great facility to capture messages by tuning in to the spirit world and even unconsciously move objects.
  • Will be able to develop in a scientific way the concepts that are sent to him from the astral, being able through analysis of traditional texts, to simplify the knowledge so that all can understand the beauty of the science of the angels.
  • Will work to be honored and known by all and will use his knowledge for great causes, mainly to improve the standard of living and consciousness and of humanity.
  • Being adept at unconventional technological sciences, he will have ideas for building hospitals, for using spiritual cures, for example with the use of crystals.
  • Professionally he will be an excellent astrologer, or will opt for traditional or alternative medicine.
  • Will gain celebrity with literature and will specialize in futuristic or fictional subjects.
  • Will always be in evidence. Because he is loving and passionate, he will be placed on a pedestal.
  • Your life will be amazing. You will conquer your own space at home or at work.

Negative aspects of the Angel Lelahel

He is a master of prostitution, fraud, plagiarism, extortion and excessive ambition. He will use the “inverted” force of the angelic power to serve his selfishness and self-interest. He will be known in history as ambitious, dangerous, unbalanced.

He will abuse other people’s money, being able to risk everything in fantastic or imaginary businesses.

Psalm of invocation Angel Lelahel

“Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I cry out to you (I call out, I invoke) all day long.”

Psalm 86, Verse 3

Angel Lelahel “The Power of Light”

For five long and painful days the earth remained in complete darkness, and during this period mankind was left in the hands of the arbitrary power of the Shadow Beings.

Every morning at dawn the Sun was abducted and taken prisoner by the Lords of Darkness, and evil grew and multiplied among the men who seemed to indulge in that sickly bliss.

Humanity lived submerged in a horrible nightmare, but it seemed to be hypnotized by a mysterious spell that made it feel a strange pleasure for the vice.

Everything began when Kethip, the supreme king of the lands of the Centre, seduced by a dream of power, violated the sacred abode of the Gods, where the Great Tree grew.

Disguised in a sage’s robe, the ambitious king outwitted the guard of the Cherubim who guarded the Temple. He reached the place where the mighty Tree grew and took possession of one of its golden fruits.

Since that day, the darkness of the night rose from the abysses and the Sun was dethroned from the firmament.

King Kethip, happy to have been able to defeat the Gods, took that fruit to his kingdom and told everyone about his feat. Everyone acclaimed and venerated him as the most heroic of kings. They sculpted statues in his honor, and many wanted to imitate his ambition by taking possession of the fruits that others had worked for.

In those five days, many were enriched and many were impoverished. The mighty man treadeth on the weak, and all men do strive to be strong.

An infernal battle arose in every region, in every town, in every village and in every piece of land, and soon that war of power only led them to sickness and depression.

But in spite of all that agony, there was still a ray of hope for the salvation of mankind, for in the deepest darkness of each man, there still flickered a faint ray of light.

That light was dying and about to be extinguished, but then everything changed.

From the abode of the gods, the tragedy that plagued the land of men was closely followed. They felt a deep compassion because their destruction was near, but they could not consent to it, and so they sent an envoy whose name was Lélahel.

– Go to the world of darkness and mingle among them, your mission will be to enlarge the flame that is burning.

And so he did, Lélahel went to that dark realm and upon his arrival the beings of the Shadows trembled, for they recognized in Him, the seal of the Envoy.

The Lords of Darkness seeing their government in danger tried to prevent it, but Lélahel’s heart was not sensitive to ambition, nor was his mind seduced by illusion.

The spark of Light was growing and on that new day the sun managed to overcome the assault of darkness. Lucius was strong and his vitality was so great that health returned to the sick bodies.

From that day on, Light would always prevail over darkness.

** About the days of the regency of the Angel 6 Lelahel

The published dates are modified every year and are related when the Angel 6 Lelahel is in charge in the year 2020-2021 and not the date when you were born.

Angels do not have a fixed regency date (it changes every year) and their beginning is determined by the 0º degree of Aries. Therefore it always changes, like the days of birth that are not always the same day of the month. Is that understood?

If it was not calculated correctly in the year you were born, the precise time of sunrise, winter and summer time (where there is this condition) has the wrong numbers and names of your guardian angels.

If you want to know the exact numbers and names of your birth angels you can request our services of precise manual calculation…

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