Ángel Number 2 Jeliel

Ángel Number 2 Jeliel, InfoMistico.com

Number: 2
Tree of Life: located in the Keter’s sphere, “Crown”
Planetary energies: Neptune and Saturn
Zodiac sign: Aries
Zodiac Regency: 5° to 10° Aries, 1° Aries, 13° Gemini, 24° Leo, 7° Scorpio and 19° Capricorn
Meaning: “God’s help”
Prince: Archangel Metatron
Regency hours: 00:20 to 00:40

Meet the Angel 2 Jeliel: Protector against death, healer of the mind, and promoter of harmony in human relationships and nature

Jeliel is an angel who offers protection against death and helps to solve psychological problems and find redemption. He works to harmonize the relationship between earth and water, both at the level of seas and continents and in the realm of irrigation and agricultural work. He promotes the fertility of plants, animals, and people.

Angel Jeliel helps us to balance our inner water with our earth, teaching us to make a fair discrimination of our emotions. Additionally, he helps us to overcome feelings of sadness and melancholy that we may feel. He favors romantic relationships, both to promote marital peace and to facilitate reconciliation. He also helps to improve sexual relationships, activating all levels of polarity, from the physical to the spiritual.

This angel grants great enlightenment that translates into compassion and love for all beings. He also helps us to obtain victories against those who unjustly attack us. He calms popular uprisings and aligns the behavior of rulers. Restores harmony between employees and employers.

Angel Jeliel masters employers and employees, helping to maintain harmony in the workplace. If two people are at odds because both believe they are right and cannot accept the part of truth in the other, Jeliel brings them closer together so that they can leave stubbornness behind.

Invoke the Angel 2 Jeliel: dates, schedules, and steps to follow

  • Schedule: 00:20 to 00:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 25-29 of Adar, 5785
  • Gregorian calendar: 25 to 29 March, 21 March, 1 June, 1 June, 12 August, 23 October and 3 January

Dates indicated refer to the year of regency approximately to the year 2024. The physical angel determines the position of the Sun by quinary (set of five degrees) in your birth chart. The emotional angel by the position of the sun by zodiac degree and the mental angel depends on the actual local time of birth. A precise calculation is needed. If you are interested in actually discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here

Ángel Number 2 Jeliel, InfoMistico.com

Hebrew Letter Angel 2 Jeliel

Ángel Number 2 Jeliel, InfoMistico.com


Away from Death

For detailed learning on how to invoke and meditate with the 72 Names of God, please visit the link provided below >>

Psalm 22, Verse 20

Ángel Number 2 Jeliel, InfoMistico.com
But you, Lord, do not stay far away; you who are my strength, come quickly to my rescue.

Discover the divine gifts of those born under the influence of the Angel 2 Jeliel

Those born under the rule of the Angel Jeliel are known for their quick and efficient nature. From an early age, they have no patience for conventional methods of teaching, as they feel they already possess all the necessary knowledge in their heads. Their innate intuition allows them to easily distinguish between right and wrong.

They feel that their presence on Earth is not a coincidence and that they are part of a karmic family that requires their help. They are extremely loving and fiercely defend the truth of universal brotherly love. Their emotions are intense and easily expressed.

People influenced by Jeliel can master any situation thanks to their sobriety and positive attitude. They are bearers of peace in times of conflict and defend truth while abhorring violence.

Have a deep connection with nature and often love animals, flowers, and forests. They may have the name or surname of a Catholic saint and feel protected by them.

People often consider them “magical” due to their ability to solve difficult situations with a good sense of humor. They like to take care of their appearance and be fashionable and their influence on others can infuse a playful spirit and pleasant mannerisms.

In terms of career, they can excel as directors, poets, or aestheticians. They will discover the angelic world through love and value agility in their daily communication, whether speaking or writing.

The Enigmatic Dimensions of Qlifot’s Angel 2: Duke Agares

Duke Agares holds the second rank within the hierarchy of King Solomon’s 72 Demons, commanding 31 legions of demons. His influence extends beyond the tangible, offering sanctuary to fugitives and teaching them ways to evade pursuit. This entity is adept at imparting lessons on expressions that challenge established moral canons, further endowed with the ability to erode the dignity of those under his sway.

Agares is depicted as an elder of infinite wisdom, mounted upon a crocodile, symbolizing cunning and primordial strength, and accompanied by a falcon on his fist, emblematic of heightened vision and liberty. He embodies the duality between ancestral knowledge and strategic foresight.

This duality is evident in his ability to enable the summoner to transcend physical limitations through astral projection, traversing vast distances without physical movement. Moreover, he teaches all known languages, facilitating barrier-free communication and fostering universal understanding.

On the flip side, Agares wields destructive power against those who oppose his proteges. He chases enemies with relentless determination, destroys hostile spirits, and has the power to precipitate the downfall of significant figures, stripping them of their public standing, honor, and peer respect.

His capacity to influence the fates of high-ranking individuals underscores the depth of his power and the seriousness with which his invocation should be approached.

Additionally, his command over the elements allows him to cause earthquakes, unleashing chaos within the established order and symbolizing the rupture of what is deemed immutable. Likewise, he incites dance, an act that, while seemingly trivial, is a manifestation of liberation and ecstasy, a deep connection with the primordial rhythm of existence.

Beyond the manifestation of physical phenomena or the bestowal of linguistic skills, Duke Agares invites contemplation on the power of speech, the significance of social standing, and the impact of natural phenomena on human life. This illustration serves to understand that, although his nature may be interpreted as malevolent from a traditional perspective, the wisdom Agares offers transcends the duality of good and evil, inviting initiates to explore the boundaries of their being and the universe surrounding them.

The Legend of Angel 2 Jeliel

Divine Love and Wisdom

Long ago, in a temple built by skilled craftsmen, they worked tirelessly for the secret wedding of the son of the Supreme King Kether, Jeliel, with the adorable Hochmah, Princess of Light. Two moons after the wedding, the gods motivated a magical ceremony that resulted in the emanation of a new essence: Love.

The elderly and noble ruler, Kether, gladly ceded control of his kingdom to his son and retired to the seclusion of the temple to meditate. Jeliel and his cunning wife, Hochmah, would henceforth rule the land.

However, some inhabitants of the secret city, Kehoch, requested an audience with the monarch. They were tired of traveling back and forth for so long and wanted to settle down. Jeliel was hesitant and asked them to explore uncharted territories and places to conquer. But the inhabitants perceived an inner voice that urged them to gather in the same way that Jeliel and Hochmah had done and do it in the temple under the spell of secrecy.

Jeliel vehemently rejected the proposal and his wife was drawn to the same voice but decided to leave it to not break her promises. This decision sowed the seed of separation. The devout men of the kingdom could not help but feel intense anger upon hearing the news.

The ancient palace guards surrounded Jeliel and the people rebelled against the government and the rule of the tyrant king. Jeliel, who had divine blood, realized that his energetic actions were in direct opposition to the Divine Will after receiving a ray of light in his consciousness.

Thanks to that light, he became aware of the power of the New Essence, Love. His only intention in moving forward was to give it to his wife and his people. The legend of Angel Jeliel was written in the Great Book of Mysteries as a story of divine love and wisdom.

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