Ángel Number 2 Jeliel

Ángel Number 2 Jeliel, InfoMistico.com

Number: 2
Tree of Life: is located in the Keter’s sphere, “Crown”
Planetary energies: Neptune and Saturn
Zodiac sign: Aries
Zodiac Regency: from 5° to 10° Aries, 1° Aries, 13° Gemini, 24° Leo, 7° Scorpio and 19° Capricorn
Meaning: “God’s help”
Prince: Archangel Metatron
Regency hours: from 00:20 to 00:40

Angel 2 Jeliel

  • ​Protect against death. It solves psychic problems and redemption.
  • Harmonize the relationship of the earth with water, both at the level of seas and continents, as well as irrigation and agricultural work.
  • Promote fertility of plants, animals and people.
  • Balancing our inner water with our earth teaches the right discrimination of our emotions.
  • Help to overcome the states of sadness and melancholy that we may feel.
  • Encourage relationships: marital peace or reconciliation.
  • To favor sexual relations, activating all the polarity planes, from the physical to the spiritual.
  • To grant great enlightenment that translates into compassion and love for all beings.
  • To obtain victories against those who attack us unjustly.
  • To calm popular revolts and align the behavior of rulers.
  • To restore harmony between employees and employers.
  • To dominate employers and employees, helping to maintain harmony.
  • If two people are at odds because both believe they are right and cannot accept the part of truth in the other, the angel JELIEL brings them closer together, “forcing” them to leave stubbornness behind.

How to invoke the Angel Jeliel (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 00:20 to 00:40
  • Jewish calendar regency: Nisan 3-7, 5783
  • Gregorian calendar regency: March 25-29, March 21, June 3, June 3, August 16, October 30 and January 9
  • To learn how to invoke and meditate with the 72 Names of God visit the following link »

Hebrew Letter Angel Jeliel

Ángel Number 2 Jeliel, InfoMistico.com


Away from Death

Psalm 22, Verse 20

Ángel Number 2 Jeliel, InfoMistico.com
But you, Lord, do not stay far away; you who are my strength, come quickly to my rescue.

Characteristics of people born under the regency of the Angel Jeliel

  • People born under this influence do everything quickly and as a child, they have no patience to listen to teachers, because it seems to them that the information is already in their heads.
  • Since his childhood, he intuits what is right and what is wrong.
  • Deep inside, he does not believe that he is on Earth by chance; he knows that his family is karmic and therefore feels a certain obligation to help them.
  • Very loving, he exalts the truth of universal brotherly love.
  • Its emotions are so strong that it lives them as a whole.
  • Never allows himself to be influenced negatively and has the necessary sobriety to dominate any type of situation.
  • Bearer of peace where there is conflict, he defends the truth and hates violence.
  • Loves animals, flowers, forests and nature in general. Probably, he has the name or surname of a Catholic saint and “sanctified” protection.
  • People consider him “magical” because of his good humor to solve the most diverse situations.
  • Vain, likes to beautify himself, use expensive perfumes and be fashionable.
  • Also, he brings to the people influenced by him a playful spirit and pleasant, non-confrontational and positive manners, even when it comes to sex, they will see him as something creative; that is why they can be great patriarchs or creators of a large family.
  • Professionally, you can shine as a director, poet, or beautician.
  • Will discover the angelic world through love. You approve, in your day-to-day life, the agility to speak or write.

Negative Aspects (Angel Qlifot 2)

Selfishness, tyranny, insensitivity and wickedness dominate; the one who mistreats animals disunites spouses, is perverse to parents, siblings and children and has a great love for himself. When leaving the country he will disobey international laws.

Reflective Story

“The New Essence”

A beautiful legend that occurred so long ago that its memory fades with the passage of time, is written in golden characters in the Great Book of the Mysteries, where time is accurately recounted.

Allow me to tell you what I was able to read in that Sacred Manuscript thanks to my marvelous sight. The second cosmic day had just passed and the builders of a magnificent temple were hard at work.

They had to move quickly because the Supreme Kether, the King, had decreed that his son Jeliel, the most cunning and skillful of warriors, should marry the lovely Hochmah, Princess of Light, under the cloak of secrecy.

And so it was, for two moons later, Jeliel and Hochmah were wed, cementing their marriage with a magical ceremony motivated by the gods and resulting in the emanation of a new essence known as Love.

Kether, the aged and noble ruler, gladly relinquished control of his kingdom to his son and sought to find serenity in his final days, retiring to the seclusion provided by the temple. There he meditated. From then on, Jeliel and his charming and cunning wife Hochmah would henceforth dominate the land.

The inhabitants of Kehoch, the secret city, were impulsive, enthusiastic and well-trained in the art of colonization. As such, their men were superb adventurers and skilled guides.

But circumstances had changed and some of the inhabitants had grown tired of traveling back and forth for so long. So they asked the monarch for an audience.

Counselors have told me in detail of their reluctance to embark on new challenges and I cannot help but express my displeasure.

—You ask me to surrender even though there are still unexplored territories to explore and places to conquer. Can you please clarify this for me,” Jeliel told them sternly?

—Your Majesty, the borders of Kehoch are essentially infinite thanks to the years of unceasing work we have devoted to serving your Father, the Great Kether. Who resides in the countries where your authority reigns? We are out of time.

—When we defeat them, we are compelled to move on to defeat new ones. Know that our will feels compelled to establish itself.

—We have perceived an inner voice urging us to assemble in the same manner as your king and queen have done and to do so in the temple under the spell of secrecy.

Those were the remarks of people who thought their lives had undergone a major transformation.

—No! I cannot allow this nonsense to continue,— cried Jeliel fiercely.

The king’s wife, Hochmah, was attracted by the same voice that spoke to her people and chose to leave her because she did not want to break her promises. However, that response contained the seed of separation. The devout men of the kingdom could not help but be intensely furious when they heard the news.

-We must stop him,” cried a powerful voice.

-Yes, we must,” said others in a similar tone.

Former palace guards now surrounded him. The people revolted against the rule and dominion of the tyrant king.

Jeliel, who had divine blood running through him, realized that his energetic actions were in direct opposition to the Divine Will after receiving a ray of light in his consciousness.

Thanks to that light, he became aware of the power of the New Essence, Love. His only intention in moving forward was to deliver it to his wife and his people.


Is Jeliel one of your Kabbalah guardian angels?

Did you know that according to the sunrise of the year, day and hour of birth of the exact place where you were born you have three guardian angels that correspond to:

  • Week of your birth (physical angel)
  • Day of birth (emotional angel)
  • Time of birth (mental angel)

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