Angel Number 70 Jabamiah

Angel Number 70 Jabamiah,

Number: 70
Tree of life: located in the sphere of Yesod and means foundation
Planetary energies: Moon and Venus
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Zodiac Regency: 15° to 20° Pisces, 7° Gemini, 19° Leo, 30° Libra, 13° Capricorn and 25° Pisces
Meaning: “God creator of all things”
Prince: Archangel Gabriel
Regency hours: 23:00 to 23:20

Angel 70 Jabamiah

Jabamiah the angel known for his ability to help those who invoke him find success in business and endeavors as well as the right words for important negotiations, has spiritual influence that can be of great assistance in personal evolution.

He also holds dominion over natural phenomena being able to alter our thought patterns and help us recover from addictions, providing confidence and optimism in tough times.

With his power to control nature’s shifts and the course of life, this angel can serve as a guide on the path to personal transformation and spiritual growth.

How to invoke the Angel Jabamiah (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 23:00 to 23:20
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 19-23 of Adar, 5784
  • Regency Gregorian calendar: February 28 to March 4, May 28, August 10, October 22, January 6, and March 18
    → The dates indicated refer to the regency year 2023. If you are interested in discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here ↵
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Hebrew Letter Angel Jabamiah

Angel Number 70 Jabamiah,


Business Success

Psalm 147, Verse 17

Angel Number 70 Jabamiah,
The Lord is just in all his ways and merciful in all his works.

Those born under the reign of Angel Jabamiah

Individuals who possess a profound interest in both material and spiritual transformation are known for their creativity, originality, and unwavering dedication.

These individuals stand out in fields such as arts or medicine, where they continuously seek new methods to advance disease treatment and other areas of development.

Individuals born under this angelic sign tend to devote their lives to researching and studying innovative ways to aid humanity. While at home and with their family, they exhibit qualities such as consistency, understanding, tolerance, and an aversion to routine.

They possess the ability to master natural phenomena, such as powers and energy. They consistently approach all aspects of their personal, social, and professional lives with trust and optimism offering novel ideas along the way.

While somewhat reserved and occasionally introspective, they remain acutely aware of their surroundings and respond promptly when necessary. They present a complete image of themselves without anything to hide. They are spiritualized individuals who remain detached from anything that is not essential.

These individuals possess the ability to rejuvenate living beings such as people, plants, or animals. They seek their own truth and exhibit liberal values, while also possessing a deep understanding of cosmic organizations such as the Great White Fraternity and elevated aspects of angelology.

Their great intuition allows them to receive a significant amount of information. Their religion is truth and they are the masters of their destiny.

Professionally these individuals tend to gravitate towards human sciences, teaching, or esotericism and may excel in fields such as literature or philosophy.

The Qliphoth Angel 70 and its Negative Aspects: Prince Seere

Prince Seere rules over 26 legions of demons and is distinguished by his ability to instruct on the highest spheres of Light and the Sun. This instruction ranges from the dawn of the Ether to the most advanced manifestations of being, a process facilitated through his Familiars, entities that serve as intermediaries between Seere and humans.

One of the most notable functions of Prince Seere is his ability to come and go with extraordinary speed, which allows him to bring an abundance of things in a very short time. This aspect is particularly interesting as it relates to the search and revelation of lost, hidden, or treasured objects. Seere’s speed in these tasks suggests a deep connection with the material world and its most hidden secrets.

As for his representation, Seere is commonly visualized as a man mounted on a winged horse, symbolizing his agility and power.

This detail is significant because it links the image of Seere with concepts of freedom and transcendence. Moreover, he is described as a powerful angel, capable of manifesting the will of the sorcerer in the physical world with great speed and efficiency. This ability to materialize desires and then disappear at will, until being invoked again, reflects a unique mastery over the tangible and intangible.

Seere is classified as a Luciferian Spirit, indicating his residence in the air and his ability to cross the Earth in the blink of an eye. This trait reinforces the idea of his omnipresence and omnipotence in the realm of the ethereal and the terrestrial.

Regarding his specialty in money, this suggests a deep understanding of systems of value and wealth, both in a material and spiritual sense. This ability makes him a figure of great interest to those seeking understanding and mastery in these areas.

The figure of Prince Seere, with his combination of wisdom, speed, and power, is an example of the complexities and depths of demonology according to the tradition of King Solomon. His study not only offers a glimpse into a hidden and mystical world but provides a rich source of metaphors and symbols for contemporary understanding of the concepts of knowledge, power, and transmutation.

Reflective Story

“The spiritual treasure”

Once upon a time there was an indefatigable gold seeker who devoted twelve years of his life to the search for a vein that would allow him to reach wealth. Across those years, he travelled countless paths slept under the stars and fed himself with what he found on the way.

But finally, his perseverance and determination bore fruit and he found the vein he had been looking for. Turned into a rich and respected man, Jabamiah was surprised by how people who had previously disdained him now clung to him in search of his friendship and compassion.

For a while, he allowed them to have fun at his expense, but eventually decided to give them a lesson. As he accumulated more and more wealth, Jabamiah began to feel something missing from his life. Despite being surrounded by people, he realized that he was actually alone. His fortune had not given him the happiness he had hoped for.

One fateful day, a tragic event occurred. Jabamiah found himself paralyzed and even though he had all the money in the world, he couldn’t regain feeling in his legs. He realized that he had been wasting his life amassing wealth and that true happiness could not be bought with money.

Determined to make up for his mistakes, Jabamiah began to build a temple and other charitable works to help those in need. Despite his physical disability he found a new source of spiritual wealth in the act of giving to others.

Ultimately, Jabamiah discovered that true wealth was not something that could be measured in terms of money or material possessions; rather it resided in the satisfaction one felt from doing good for others. And so, he became a truly wealthy man – though not in the way he had imagined during his years of gold-seeking.

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