Angel 64 Mehiel

Angel Number 64 Mehiel

Number: 64
Tree of life: it is located in the sphere of Hod and means majesty or splendor.
Meaning: «God who gives life».
Prince: Archangel Michael
Regency hours: from 21:00 to 21:20 hours
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Angel 64 Mehiel

  • To get the energy to help others and also to understand the secrets of the 72 Names of God.
  • Through this angel, we can have an intense, fruitful life, and abundant experiences.
  • Help with the materialization of ideas, artistic sensitivity, logic, and inspiration.
  • Mehiel teaches us to show ourselves positively, to manifest the best of ourselves.
  • Provide strong intuition and psychic perception. The angel channels strong intuition and psychic perception.
  • Instructor of humanity.
  • Name of relaxation, rest, feeling protected. It transmits inner wisdom in the silence of the calm mind.
  • Help with everything related to brain reprogramming and in all forms of therapy, such as neuro-linguistic programming.
  • Free us from our mental hallucinations. It helps in meditation to achieve a state of inner serenity.
  • The angel connects the astral and mental planes to achieve inner inspiration.
  • Protect against the so-called lower astral. It frees us from our inner demons. It protects against the assault of unbridled and unbalanced instinctive forces, of our inner addictions.
  • This angel is invoked to obtain salvation and protection against assault and infernal forces.
  • To help to avoid being harmed by enemies, to comfort us in the face of adversity.
  • To have inspiration for literary works, success in printing, and bookstore business.
  • To protect us against traffic accidents.
  • It favors those who seek wisdom, teachers, authors, and speakers and for promises to be fulfilled.
  • Gives you the energy to help others. Fall in grace to God and love for others.

How to invoke the Angel Mehiel (dates and times)

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