Angel Number 60 Mitzrael

Angel Number 60 Mitzrael,

Number: 60
Tree of life: sphere of Hod and signifies majesty or splendor
Planetary energies: Mercury and Mars
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Zodiac Regency: 25° to 30° Capricorn, 28° Taurus, 9° Leo, 20° Libra, 3° Capricorn and 15° Pisces
Meaning: “God’s relief of the oppressed”
Prince: Archangel Michael
Regency hours: 19:40 to 20:00

Angel 60 Mitzrael: Liberates from Binding Situations and Feelings of Slavery

Mitzrael, the 60th Angel among the 72 Names of God, represents a beacon of liberation and mental renewal in our lives. Its essence is centered on freedom, but freedom is achieved through facing and overcoming challenges and trials.

This angel not only offers us an escape from the chains that bind us but also guides us on the path to higher personal development.

The power of Mitzrael manifests in its ability to help us overcome difficult obstacles, providing the necessary strength to rise above our current circumstances. Meditation and connection with this angel initiate a process of mental renewal, realigning our thoughts and perspectives with a higher purpose.

Furthermore, Mitzrael plays a crucial role in making wise decisions. By balancing our thoughts, words, and actions, illuminates our path, showing clear signs and guidance. It helps us find the necessary people and experiences at crucial moments in our lives, acting as an invisible guide on our personal journey.

In times of turmoil, Mitzrael becomes a symbol of comfort and serenity. Invoking this angel can bring peace and calm amid the storm, helping to resolve internal and external conflicts, and healing mental issues. It promotes loyalty and the development of talents and virtues, thus strengthening our relationships and personal skills.

This angel offers protection against negative influences and external attacks, keeping malevolent spirits at bay and diverting adversities. With Mitzrael, we find a powerful ally in our quest for freedom, balance, and personal growth.

How to invoke the Angel Mitzrael (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 19:40 to 20:00
  • Regency Jewish calendar: Tevet 9th to 13th, 5785
  • Gregorian calendar: January 9 to 13, May 19, July 30, October 10, December 21 and March 2

The dates indicated refer to the year of regency approximately to the year 2024. The physical angel of determines the position of the Sun by quinary (set of five degrees) in your birth chart. The emotional angel by the position of the sun by zodiac degree and the mental angel depends on the actual local time of birth. A precise calculation is needed. If you are interested in actually discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here

Angel Number 60 Mitzrael,

Hebrew Letter Angel Mitzrael

Angel Number 60 Mitzrael,


Out of Slavery

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Psalm 34, Verse 17

Angel Number 60 Mitzrael,
The face of the Lord is against evildoers, to cut off their memory from the earth.

Angel 60 Mitzrael and His Proteges: Deciphering the Mystery of Angelic Regency

Known as the Angel of Rectification, Mitzrael significantly impacts the lives of those he guides, offering them a unique combination of qualities and abilities. People born under Mitzrael’s regency are distinguished by their blend of talents and noble virtues.

These individuals possess a rare harmony between the qualities of body and soul, allowing them to excel in both physical and spiritual aspects. One of their most notable characteristics is their ability to recognize and learn from their mistakes.

They understand that it is through experiences and challenges that we forge our personalities and grow as individuals.

They are constantly on a journey of self-discovery, seeking to achieve an ideal balance and wisdom. Characterized as tireless workers, they can achieve their goals and free themselves from the burdens of karma. They have a deep connection with nature and an innate ability to recognize the divine presence in every detail of the natural world.

From an early age, those under Mitzrael’s influence exhibit exceptional maturity and are prepared for success in life. They are meticulous in their daily tasks, allowing them to be at peace with their conscience. They become symbols of what it means to be fully human, integrating physical and spiritual aspects.

Their most notable achievement is at the mental level, achieving an almost perfect balance between reason and feelings. This trait makes them very objective individuals, and accurate in their judgments and decisions. They are faithful to their ideals and tirelessly strive to turn their dreams into reality.

These individuals tend to use their life experiences as valuable lessons, applying them to specific projects that bring them deep social fulfillment. Professionally, they are recognized for their literary aptitude and intelligence. Their love and respect for nature make them ideal for careers in botany, gardening, biochemistry, pharmacy, or ecology.

The influence of Angel Mitzrael is profound and transformative, providing guidance for those under his regency to achieve both physical and spiritual fulfillment, helping them become complete and balanced human beings.

Negative Aspects (Qlifot Angel 60): The Duke Vapula

The Duke Vapula, a fascinating figure within the pantheon of King Solomon’s 72 demons, is notable for his dominion over 36 legions of infernal entities. This demonic entity, whose presence has been transmitted through generations in esoteric tradition, has distinct characteristics that set him apart in this dark and mysterious realm.

Vapula, known in some texts as Naphula, appears in the impressive form of a winged lion, a representation combining the lion’s nobility and strength with the mystical symbolism of wings. This representation is not merely aesthetic but embodies Vapula’s inherent qualities: power, majesty, and a reach that transcends the earthly realm.

In esoteric practice, Vapula is often invoked for his ability to impart knowledge and wisdom. Contrary to the often negative image associated with demons, Vapula is perceived as a mentor in the shadows, capable of guiding those who seek a deeper understanding of various subjects. He is particularly helpful for those facing intellectual challenges, such as academic studies, tests, or exams.

One of Vapula’s most interesting facets is his ability to inspire silently. Unlike other entities that may manifest in more direct or disturbing ways, Vapula acts subtly, infusing knowledge and ideas without revealing his presence. This process of unknown inspiration is particularly valuable for those seeking invisible guidance on their path to understanding and erudition.

Vapula’s influence is not limited to the realm of theoretical knowledge; it extends to conversation and dialogue. Those under his influence may find themselves speaking more eloquently and intelligently on a variety of topics. This ability to articulate complex thoughts and concepts clearly and convincingly is a powerful tool in any professional or academic setting.

The Duke Vapula emerges as a multifaceted figure within Solomonic demonology. Beyond his imposing appearance and command over demonic legions, Vapula symbolizes the pursuit of knowledge and mastery in the art of communication. His presence, though enigmatic and hidden, offers a path to deep understanding and intellectual enrichment.

Legend of the Angel Mitzrael: The Awakening: Redemption and Legacy in the Kingdom of Mermar

In the ancient land of Mermar, a kingdom set apart from the worldly noise, a legend was forged that has persisted through time, not only because of its supernatural nature but also for the deep moral lessons it encapsulates.

This is the story of Prince Mitzrael, known as “The Angel,” and the unfathomable price of human folly.

The plot unfolds around the fourteenth birthday of Mitzrael, heir to the throne of Mermar, a young man of energetic character and tender heart.

On this day, the king, his father, organized a celebration of magnificent proportions to commemorate not only his son’s birth but also his transition to emotional and spiritual maturity. A responsibility of great magnitude, as every act and thought of the prince would henceforth be indelibly marked in his royal lineage.

The festivity attracted people from all parts of the kingdom, eager to pay homage to the young prince, whose beauty and charm were well known. The most exquisite ladies of the aristocracy presented themselves in the hope of capturing Mitzrael’s attention, dreaming of a future in which they might join him in sacred matrimony.

The royal palace overflowed with music, laughter, and exquisite delicacies. However, just as the joy reached its zenith, an unexpected twist plunged the celebration into chaos. A messenger, pale as death, burst into the hall to inform the king of an alarming situation in his son’s chambers.

Prince Mitzrael, seized by an incomprehensible fury, had lost his judgment and was threatening his servants with a sword.

The king, terrified at the idea that his son could harm someone or himself, ordered that he be restrained. The news of the prince’s madness spread like wildfire, tarnishing the reputation of the royal house. The guests, horrified and mocked, left the palace, leaving behind a sepulchral silence.

Desperate to find a cure for his son, the king turned to Araf, a sorcerer of great wisdom. After invoking the spirits, Araf revealed a terrifying truth: Mitzrael’s madness was the consequence of dark acts committed by the king in his youth. Only by facing and purging those sins could his son be healed.

The king, consumed by shame and remorse, plunged into a deep process of self-reflection and repentance. After a strenuous spiritual journey, he freed himself from his dark past, and with it, freed his son from the curse that imprisoned him.

Mitzrael awoke one day, free from the madness that had consumed him, ready to face a future full of promises and challenges. Since then, father and son ruled together, guiding their kingdom toward an era of prosperity and peace.

The legend of the Angel Mitzrael is a tale of redemption and paternal love, an eternal reminder that our actions have repercussions that go beyond our understanding, affecting future generations.

It is a story that resonates powerfully in the hearts of those who seek wisdom in the teachings of the past, understanding that true nobility lies in the courage to face and correct our mistakes.

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