Angel 61 Umabel
Number: 61
Tree of life: it is located in the sphere of Hod and signifies majesty or splendor.
Meaning: «God above all».
Prince: Archangel Michael
Regency hours: from 20:00 to 20:20
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Angel 61 Umabel

  • Manifests the spiritual powers of water: cleansing, purifying, healing, dissolving, rejuvenating, the power to sustain and sustain life, blessing for the Earth.
  • Related to goodness and good sense.
  • This angel is invoked to achieve friendship with someone and to carry out good relationships.
  • To live a life according to the divine laws, to make those who deviate from the commandments to think again.
  • It also favors business and partnerships.
  • The light of this Name advocates self-knowledge. It stimulates introspection and self-analysis.
  • It gives us great sensitivity to discern the heart of issues and the truth of situations.
  • It gives mental clarity, always showing the essence, the archetype, behind its manifestations.
  • Water purification is one of the uses of the channeling of this Name.

How to invoke the Angel Umabel (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 20:00 to 20:20
  • Regency jewish calendar: 21st to 25th Tevet, 5783
  • Regency gregorian calendar: January 14th to January 18th, 2023 …

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