Angel Number 59 Harahel

Angel Number 59 Harahel,

Number: 59
Tree of life: it is situated in the sphere of Hod and signifies majesty or splendor
Planetary energies: Mercury and Jupiter
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Zodiac Regency: from 20° to 25° Capricorn, 27° Taurus, 8° Leo, 19° Libra, 2° Capricorn and 14° Pisces
Meaning: “God knower of all things”
Prince: Archangel Michael
Regency hours: from 19:20 to 19:40 hours

Angel 59 Harahel

  • Harahel helps you to establish an umbilical cord with the Divine Energy, so that you have a faint glow of light in your life, especially when you feel you are in darkness.
  • It works the connection between the mental plane and the spiritual plane.
  • It is also invoked for infertile women to have children. Heal problems in reproductive organs, mainly in the female ones.
  • Harahel is often related to knowledge and wisdom.
  • This Name and angel enclose a great spiritual power, from which we will obtain protection and a firm foundation, as expressed in the verses of the psalms.
  • The Light of this Name and its angel frees us from both assumptions, changing our attitude and our way of reacting.
  • It is invoked to make children obedient to their parents.
  • To find lost valuables, to help us pay overdue bills.
  • To favor stockbrokers, exchanges, or stock exchange agents.
  • To protect people who work in public organizations, archives and libraries.
  • Protect those who own any kind of collection of rare and precious things.

How to invoke the Angel Harahel (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 19:20 to 19:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 23-27 Tevet, 5784
  • Regency gregorian calendar: January 4-8, May 17, July 30, October 11, December 26 and March 7
  • To learn how to invoke and meditate with the 72 Names of God visit the following link »

Hebrew Letter Angel Harahel

Angel Number 59 Harahel,


Umbilical Cord with God

Psalm 94, Verse 22

Angel Number 59 Harahel,
But the Lord is my refuge and my God is the rock of my confidence.

Characteristics of people born under the regency of the Angel Harahel

  • These people seek early stability and despite enjoying prosperity and abundance, they only dare to have children when they have already amassed a fortune that allows them to offer welfare and comfort to their children.
  • Whoever is born under their influence will be avid in knowledge, seeking to be instructed in all sciences.
  • Will possess an enormous charisma and will be distinguished by his virtues, nobility of spirit, pleasant love and bravery or courage.
  • His spirituality will be so rich that he will receive his teachings with patience and dedication.
  • They can be a channel for healing.
  • They will be able to make channeled paintings and work with oracles and at a mature age, unexpectedly, they will earn money to use largely in the fulfillment of their mission in earthly existence.
  • Have good family relationships and live in harmony with their children.
  • It has a great desire to live and loves to explore the unknown.
  • Is a great strategist of life and will always be willing to regenerate the marginal people of society.
  • Their ability to save and excellent money management makes them great businessmen and negotiators, while their reasoning and objectivity make them excellent parents.
  • Know how to spend what is necessary, but they do not let themselves be dazzled by riches.
  • Are enemies of waste and greed and lovers of family and stability in all aspects of their lives.
  • Professionally, they will be successful in business operations, finance and administration and may become respected for their studies.
  • Master new ideas and biology, specializing in plant and animal reproduction.
  • Possibilities of winning scholarships and exercising his intellectual gifts.

Negative Aspects (Angel Qlifot 59)

Master fraud, ruin, destruction, falsification. He will be an enemy of the Light, will cause fires, will destroy family property that does not belong to him, will devise methods to infiltrate the memory of computers and will be unhealthily jealous of your material goods.

Legend of the Angel Harahel

“The four rivers”

Fertile Merjup County was experiencing something quite unexpected. The four rivers that supplied them with water had stopped flowing. Their fields were covered by a heavy canopy of decaying flora.

The ladies who lived there were unable to bear children and the animals were fleeing in terror as they sensed that a horrible evil was ravaging the area.

What was once a rich and productive kingdom had become an impoverished and barren one. Was the Creator punishing them with a dreadful plague, or what was going on?

The wise men of the kingdom saw themselves reflected in these and many other aspects. Hod, their noble monarch, who had always known how to lead his people correctly, was now very confused and upset.

Now the king assembled his twelve counselors because he had a proposal for them to hear, for the situation was becoming more and more precarious.

—Dear companions and wise counselors. I have thought long and hard about the situation and, like you, my hours of sleep have vanished. The only thing I have left is courage because I have no solution and no answer. So tomorrow at dawn I will go out in search of explanations and solutions.

The king’s speech was highly respected, as always, but his message had provoked an expressive clamor that prompted them to respond:

—No, Majesty. We cannot allow you to take on such a task. Every one of us is willing to…..

When a voice interrupted him, he could not finish.

—I will take care of it. Tomorrow at dawn, I will set out in search of the answer and the solution.

It was the young son of Hod, Harahel. He was well-liked by all and was the most intelligent of the seven brothers. When Hod looked into his son’s eyes, he recognized the stubborn attitude that was familiar to him. As he was aware that no one could persuade him to back out of the expedition, he said to him:

—Well boy, you will leave at dawn and discover the solution.

And the astute young man set out for that goal. The Firelands of Kether awaited him as he turned his mount northward. There he took the Burning Stone and stowed it in his saddlebag. Later, he traveled to the watery regions of Hochmah, where he took some of those fertile waters in a vessel.

Further, he traveled until he reached the ethereal realms of Binah, where he created a sword of unbreakable metal.

Then he mounted his horse to the fertile fields of Hesed, where the fruit of fertility thrived. Harahel endured a difficult journey, but when it was over, he had the Power that would free his people.

All that remained for him to do was to locate the sources of the four rivers, whose waters irrigated his farms.

Finally, he located it and watched as a large stone blocked the flow of water. He picked up the firestone and rubbed the sword with it; then a new power arose.

He held it in the air before dropping it on the rock. The water flowed again as the stone broke in half. But because it had been there so long, it was dirty.

Harahel combined the fertility fruit with the container of fertilizing water. When that fruit came into contact with the rotten water, it acquired the ability to purify itself and ceased to be impure.

As a result, Harahel returned the answer to the region of Merjup. The four rivers continued to flow continuously after that day and life continued to proliferate indefinitely.


Is Harahel one of your Kabbalah guardian angels?

Did you know that according to the sunrise of the year, day and hour of birth of the exact place where you were born you have three guardian angels that correspond to:

  • Week of your birth (physical angel)
  • Day of birth (emotional angel)
  • Time of birth (mental angel)

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