Angel Number 59 Harahel

Number: 59
Tree of life: it is situated in the sphere of Hod and signifies majesty or splendor.
Meaning: «God knower of all things».
Prince: Archangel Michael
Regency hours: from 19:20 to 19:40 hours (from the sunrise of that day)
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Angel 59 Harahel

  • Harahel helps you to establish an umbilical cord with the Divine Energy, so that you have a faint glow of light in your life, especially when you feel you are in darkness.
  • It works the connection between the mental plane and the spiritual plane.
  • It is also invoked for infertile women to have children. Heal problems in reproductive organs, mainly in the female ones.
  • Harahel is often related to knowledge and wisdom.
  • This Name and angel enclose a great spiritual power, from which we will obtain protection and firm foundation, as expressed in the verses of the psalms.
  • The Light of this Name and its angel frees us from both assumptions, changing our attitude and our way of reacting.
  • It is invoked to make children obedient to their parents.
  • To find lost valuables, to help us pay overdue bills.
  • To favor stockbrokers, exchange, or stock exchange agents.
  • To protect people who work in public organizations, archives, and libraries.
  • Protect those who own any kind of collection of rare and precious things.

How to invoke the Angel Harahel (dates and times)

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