Ángeles Lasso and the Year of the Wood Dragon

Ángeles Lasso and the Year of the Wood Dragon, InfoMistico.com

In her latest work, Ángeles Lasso delves into the impact of the Wood Dragon in 2024. This sign, a symbol of power and renewal, heralds an era of major shifts and advancements. Lasso, with her psychoastrological approach, provides a detailed guide on how these changes will affect various aspects of our lives, from personal to global, urging readers to prepare for comprehensive transformation.

Unveiling the Power of the Wood Dragon in Astrology with Ángeles Lasso

Ángeles Lasso has emerged as one of the most authoritative voices in the esoteric realm. Her approach, blending astrology with psychology, has propelled her to a prestigious standing, captivating the public with her annual forecasts.

Lasso combines her profound understanding of the stars with a psychological perspective, offering interpretations that transcend conventional norms. This year, her focus is on the Wood Dragon, a sign that, according to her, predicts significant changes and a profound transformation of our world.

The wood, seen as a dynamic element, suggests that these transformations will be internal and external, marking the end of one era and the beginning of another. The Wood Dragon symbolizes a powerful awakening, a time of renewal and reinvention.

The Dawn of the Dragon: A Cycle of Renewal and Challenge

Lasso interprets the year of the Wood Dragon as a historic turning point. This cycle, which returns every 60 years, is an omen of an era of deep changes and renewal.

The psychoastrologist predicts a period of discoveries and advancements that will alter our reality, driven by a surge of human creativity and ambition. “This is the moment to witness a promising and dazzling future,” asserts Lasso.

In her most recent publication, Lasso offers a thorough analysis, with predictions for various regions, focusing on issues like social conflicts, natural disasters, ecological crises, and technological breakthroughs.

The year of the Wood Dragon will be characterized by a blend of scientific achievements and geopolitical challenges, evoking past mistakes even amid unprecedented progress.

Ángeles Lasso: A Journey of Enlightenment and Wisdom

With years of experience and study, Ángeles Lasso has established herself as a pioneer in psychoastrology. Her unique methodology, merging astrology with psychology, has blazed new trails in interpreting the influence of the stars on the human psyche.

Her work extends beyond predictions, offering guides for self-awareness and personal growth.

The Significance of the Wood Dragon in Chinese Astrology

  • The Dragon is an emblem of strength, fortune, and power.
  • It symbolizes courage and the ability to lead and drive change.
  • Wood, as an element, represents growth, renewal, and vitality.

The combination of the Wood Dragon signals a period of bold initiatives, innovation, and transformation. It’s a time for expansion and development, both personally and collectively.

In Chinese astrology, the Wood Dragon is associated with action, ambition, and determination. It’s a sign that promotes boldness and innovation, encouraging growth and progress.

Wood, as an element, brings an energy of adaptability and flexibility, essential for navigating the changes the Dragon brings. According to Lasso, this year invites us to embrace transformation and be proactive in our personal and collective evolution.

Ángeles Lasso concludes that the Year of the Wood Dragon is a call to action and innovation. This time of renewal requires a proactive and open attitude toward change. Her perspective encourages us to be agents of change in our lives and the world, leveraging the lessons of the past to forge a promising and balanced future.