Wood Dragon

In Chinese Astrology, the Wood Dragon stands for creativity and growth. This majestic creature merges the Dragon’s strength with the patience and wisdom of Wood. It is known for natural leadership, magnanimity, and the ability to inspire. It embodies renewal, perseverance, and the capacity to thrive in any setting.

2024: The Year of the Yang Wood Dragon

Dragón de Madera Yang / Yang Wood Dragon

As we welcome the Lunar New Year on February 10, 2024, we delve into the fascinating Year of the Yang Wood Dragon. This powerful Chinese zodiac sign promises a period of innovation, growth, and authenticity. The unique combination of the Dragon’s energy with the Wood element offers an opportunity to sharpen our wisdom and enhance our understanding of the world.

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Ángeles Lasso and the Year of the Wood Dragon

Ángeles Lasso y el Año del Dragón de Madera

In her latest publication, Ángeles Lasso delves into the impact of the Wood Dragon in 2024. This sign, a symbol of power and renewal, foretells an era of major changes and advances. Lasso, with her psychoastrological approach, provides a detailed guide on how these shifts will affect various aspects of our lives, from personal to global, urging readers to prepare for a comprehensive transformation.

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