Angel 58 Yeialel
Number: 58
Tree of life: it is situated in the sphere of Hod and signifies majesty or splendor.
Meaning: “God who attends to the generations”.
Prince: Archangel Michael
Regency hours: from 19:00 to 19:20 hours (from sunrise of that day)
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Angel 58 Yeialel

  • It teaches us to flow, to let go and to let ourselves go. God protects us and fights for us.
  • He saves us when we are faced with a terrible situation and do not know what to do.
  • It helps us to free ourselves from our past, traumas and unconscious programming.
  • It helps scientific research and any activity that requires depth of study.
  • This angel is related to all generations and is frequently invoked to receive comfort, ward off sadness and alleviate illnesses, especially those related to the eyes.
  • It helps to eliminate sadness and to confuse evil and false witnesses.
  • Protects against the evil eye. Promotes healing of diseases. Its energy protects us against those who seek our evil.
  • It influences those who work with iron products. It favors all that is construction and repair.
  • Meditation on the name will make you stop being a prisoner of your past.
  • It will lead you to believe in miracles and possess a hope-filled joy in the future.
  • It confers mental strength and mental logic. It gives mental acuity and inner clarity.
  • It combats the negative of the planet Saturn: sadness and melancholy.


How to invoke the Angel Yeialel (dates and times)

  • The invocation of the angel Yeialel must be between 19:00 to 19:20 hours (from sunrise on that day)
  • Jewish calendar regency 5782: 26 Tevet to 1 Shevat
  • Gregorian calendar regency 2021: December 30 to January 3, May 16, July 27, October 6, December 18 and February 28

The published dates are modified every year and are related when the Angel 58 Yeialel is regent in the year 2021 and not the date when you were born.

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