Angel Number 57 Nemamiah

Angel Number 57 Nemamiah,

Number: 57
Tree of life: it is located in the sphere of Hod and means majesty or splendor
Planetary energies: Mercury and Venus
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Zodiac Regency: from 10° to 15° Capricorn, 25° Taurus, 6° Leo, 17° Libra, 0° Capricorn and 12° Pisces
Meaning: “Praiseworthy God”
Prince: Archangel Michael
Regency hours: from 18:40 to 19:00

Angel 57 Nemamiah

  • It helps us to transcend the limitations we have.
  • Nemamiah teaches us to listen to our soul and to know our mission in life.
  • It is necessary to invoke him when we seek the release of a prisoner or hostage.
  • He helps us to succeed in everything and everything we have proposed. Transcend our limitations.
  • To grant us prosperity in all sectors, to open channels to have prophetic dreams, to have lucidity in the acts of life, to liberate vitiated people, to direct them to a healthy life, to protect and guide all those who work for just causes.
  • It helps to free us from other people’s ideas to find our source of inspiration. It directs us to the sources of wisdom.
  • It helps us to achieve a state of silence and inner peace.
  • It helps us to discover our life plan, our karma and our task.
  • With it we learn to let ourselves be guided by the Light, to get new experiences that will make us grow and understand our past lives to learn and repair them in the present.
  • It puts you in contact with the Inner Planes in general.

How to invoke the Angel Nemamiah (dates and times)

  • ScheduleThe invocation of the angel Nemamiah must be between 18:40 to 19:00 hours (from sunrise on that day)
  • Regency Jewish calendar: Tevet 13-17, 5784
  • Regency gregorian calendar: December 25-29, May 15, July 28, July 28, October 9, December 24 and March 5
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Hebrew Letter Angel Nemamiah

Angel Number 57 Nemamiah,


Transcending Limitations

Psalms 145, Verse 14

Angel Number 57 Nemamiah,
The Lord upholds all who fall and lifts all who are cast down.

Characteristics of people born under the regency of the Angel Nemamiah

  • Those born under the influence of this angel are persevering, combative, dedicated,d and altruistic people.
  • Due to their will and authority,y they rise as great leaders, capable of analyzing every aspect of their subordinates to take advantage of all their potential.
  • Excellent in strategy and planning, they will excel in military or business professions.
  • They are characterized by pursuing just causes with commitment, dedication, perseverance,e and some stubbornness and are loathe to waste their energies on useless ventures.
  • They will aim to be placed in a position of leadership and will distinguish themselves by their bravery and great love for things, enduring fatigue with patience and courage.
  • Will work to improve society and abolish the privileges or resources of undeserving people.
  • They will have success in their travels abroad and protection against betrayal and revenge.
  • Be a fighter against the forces of unity through reading and intellectuality.
  • Always they will be making projects to form a new world, fighting against the lower consciousnesses. Working with angels is indispensable for their existence to be better on earth.
  • They will have great revelations in dreams, will be defending good causes, will be called to make theoretical plans, being considered excellent economists and administrators, mainly in times of crisis.
  • Cheerful, active,e and sympathetic, he will always be the center of attention in every situation, he is a person of great strength and willpower, passionate about everything and everyone. They love family life and their children.
  • Professionally, they will be in the leadership of political parties and unions, or business entities.
  • Will participate in school parades and will be the joy of the population.
  • Being detail-oriented, they will be good at telling anecdotes and children’s stories.
  • Specialists in finding jobs for people who need to work.

Negative Aspects (Angel Qlifot 57)

Dominates cowardice, betrayal, frau,d and slander. He will have a negative view of things and will always disagree with any opinion, creating confrontations with others. He will use his intelligence for evil.

Legend of the Angel Nemamiah

“The prince of the troops”

Nemamiah, a brave warrior who was chosen among many to take charge of the army for his greatness of soul and his ability to withstand the challenges of life, held the fate of that town in his hands.

Mercury has lost its reputation as an idyllic place in the land where people could live happily. Since the barbarian forces of the dark lands embarked on the hostile enterprise of capturing it, it has ceased to exist.

The that productive and rich region had already suffered greatly from the four years of fighting. There were already a large number of people who had left the earthly plane to undertake the journey back to their spiritual condition and live in the realms of invisible light.

The situation was worsening and attacking the enemy was the only option, but who would take the initiative? That was the challenging question.

They gathered the strongest men in the kingdom for this cause. They had to choose one of them. Nemamiah was an excellent swordsman.

He was known for never losing a fight against another warrior, which earned him the title of prince of the troops. He now held the keys to the tranquility of mercury.

The dashing Nemamiah believed that he had to end the siege that the enemy had imposed on the city and he was convinced that the only way to do so was to launch a surprise attack.

Thus, the daring warrior was encouraged to gather his army and prepare for battle. The sun was still very high in the sky, so he had to use it to his advantage. Before the battle began, he had some time to rest.

Nemamiah allowed the spirit of sleep to possess her, which sent her soul to the first heaven, where she encountered a strange entity.

He asked, shocked, “Who are you that your body emits so much light, a god?”

—I am only a humble servant of the light who seeks to guide you and help your people,— he said.

The young Nemamiah asked, “And how can you accomplish that?” with much emotion.

—You, with your efforts, will accomplish it, not I,— replied the spirit of light.

The young man declared, “I will assault and defeat them in a short time.”

No, you must not do it,” said the spirit. You must fight for the promised land, but do not give in to the temptation to enter there before the time.

I was surprised and asked, “What do you mean by that?”

-Once evil has exhausted all its resources, you must launch an attack to claim victory.

“How will I know when the enemy has exhausted all his resources?”

—You will know, no doubt, you will know,— said the spirit before walking away.

Nemamiah awoke after returning to her body. She still had vivid memories of her interaction with that benevolent creature. She opted to wait instead of executing the planned directives. The sudden change of plans caught everyone off guard, but they trusted him and waited.

Thus six days passed, six arduous days spent in the thickest fog, but on the seventh day, the sun broke through the clouds and Nemamiah interpreted this as a sign that the enemy troops had exhausted all their resources.

He went on the attack with his usual boldness. On that occasion, they succeeded in completely defeating the adversary.

Peace finally returned to the kingdom of Mercura after that horrible conflict, but Nemamiah did not experience that peace, as she still had to face new battles using the only weapon she knew how to use: love.

How do you know which angel is your angel according to your birth date?

Did you know that the regency dates that appear here do not correspond to dates of birth but refer to the regency dates corresponding to 2023?

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Angel Number 57 Nemamiah,

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