Angel Number 52 Imamiah

Angel Number 52 Imamiah,

Number: 52
Tree of life: sphere of Netzah and means “Eternity”
Meaning: “God above all”
Planetary energies: Venus and Mars
Zodiac sign:  Sagittarius
Zodiac Regency: 15° to 20° Sagittarius, 20° Taurus, 1° Leo, 12° Libra, 26° Sagittarius and 7° Pisces
Prince: Archangel Haniel
Regency hours: 17:00 to 17:20

Angel 52 Imamiah: To Connect with the Secrets of Heaven and the Creator

Angel 52 Imamiah is a celestial figure endowed with transformative and liberating energy that accompanies us on life’s journey. He is the beacon that guides us towards the deepest mysteries of the cosmos and towards an intimate connection with the Source of all creation.

When the shadows of adversity loom over us, he offers his protective shield, allowing us to dodge and counteract the harmful influences surrounding us.

Imamiah’s influence is not limited to defense; he also ignites within us the sacred fire of spiritual passion. His guidance, prayer and meditation become purifying flames that raise our being to higher planes of consciousness and fulfillment.

This angel is an ally in the battle against dark forces, providing us with the strength to transform negative energies into personal triumphs. The light emanating from Imamiah invites us to transcend anger and discontent, guiding us towards a state of justice and fairness.

With Imamiah, we discover the courage to face the challenges that life presents, armed with unbreakable patience and courage that drives us to move forward despite difficulties.

He offers liberation from the chains that restrict our spirit, promoting a rebirth in freedom and authenticity. Thus, Imamiah becomes a pillar at the climax of Yom Kippur, when it is believed that negative decrees are finally annulled, sealing our fate with notes of hope and renewal.

How to invoke the Angel Imamiah (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 17:00 to 17:20
  • Jewish calendar regency: 29 from Jeshvan to 3 Kislev, 5785
  • Gregorian calendar: November 30 to December 4, May 11, July 22, July 22, October 2, December 13 and February 23

Dates indicated refer to the year of regency approximately to the year 2024. The physical angel determines the position of the Sun by quinary (set of five degrees) in your birth chart. The emotional angel by the position of the sun by zodiac degree and the mental angel depends on the actual local time of birth. A precise calculation is needed. If you are interested in actually discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here

Angel Number 52 Imamiah,

Hebrew Letter Angel Imamiah

Angel Number 52 Imamiah,


To Acquire the Strength to Connect

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Psalm 25, Verse 6

Angel Number 52 Imamiah,
Remember, Lord, your compassion and your love, for they are eternal.

The Protected by the Guidance of Angel 52 Imamiah

Angel 52 Imamiah is the patron of the brave at heart and the tireless seekers of wisdom. This celestial being, guardian of bold souls, is a beacon for those who see in each setback an opportunity for growth.

If you identify with this angel, you likely possess a fearless spirit, one that is not daunted by challenges but rather embraces them as stern yet fair teachers. Your sensitivity and acute perception allow you to navigate the world with a firm moral compass, making you a distinguished professional in fields that require both logic and intuition, such as science or entrepreneurship.

Life for you is a constant journey, not only physical but also internal, where each new horizon becomes a classroom without walls, a space to expand your mind and spirit. You are indulgent by nature, understanding that within the depths of your being lie the answers to ancient enigmas.

As a person influenced by Imamiah, your mental clarity enables you to learn from slips and rectify the course before it’s too late. You engage in social and political debates, bringing light and generating trust. This ability also allows you to project yourself financially and achieve goals that transcend borders.

Your experience is your greatest teacher and you share it with others, showing paths of action and reflection. In the professional realm, you might stand out as an architect, builder, engineer, or administrator; or perhaps as a craftsman whose work is synonymous with excellence and quality.

Your life is a testament that even stumbles can become steps toward greatness.

Negative Aspects (Qliphoth Angel 52): The Duke Alloces, Master of the Arcane

The Duke Alloces, known in various transliterations as Allocer or Alocer, presents as an imposing figure in the demonological pantheon, holding the rank of Grand Duke of Hell.

According to tradition, this preternatural entity presides over thirty-six legions of demons, each under his command and disposition. His sphere of influence is broad, encompassing the promotion of behaviors that defy established morals to the teaching of disciplines that transcend the ordinary, such as astronomy and various occult sciences.

Alloces is distinguished by his ability to provide his followers with familiars, entities that serve as a bridge between the natural and the supernatural, thus facilitating access to arcane knowledge and specialized skills. These capabilities make him particularly valuable to those who seek to delve into esoteric knowledge and use the stars as guides on their initiatory path.

In the realm of spiritual confrontation, Alloces has the ability to sow paranoia in those who oppose magic practitioners and to achieve revenge against hidden enemies. This ability to influence the psyche of others makes him a being both revered and feared.

The visual representation of Alloces evokes power and majesty. He is commonly described as a knight with the lower limbs of a dragon, dominating a steed and his countenance is that of a red lion with eyes that burn like embers. Despite his fierce appearance, it is said that his speech is rare and of a markedly elaborate nature.

His specialization in knowledge positions him as an entity of great relevance to those who pursue the understanding of the most recondite mysteries of the universe.

As a counterpart to the Angel Imamiah of the Tree of Sefirot, Alloces embodies the duality and balance between light and darkness, between sacred and profane knowledge, playing a crucial role in the tapestry of spiritual existence.

Legend of the Angel Imamiah

Imamiah and Divine Synesthesia: The Legend of Redemptive Harmony

In an era defined by the clamor of battles and the rigidity of empires, the legend of Ilaliah emerged, whose name resonated with a sweetness that clashed with the steel and blood of its time.

This being, more akin to the gentle breezes of spring than to the tempestuous winds of war, lived in the shadow of his brothers, whose statures and feats completely eclipsed him.

The kingdom enjoyed unbreakable prosperity and calm, overseen by a monarch who had guided his people with a perfect balance of justice and mercy for two decades. Yet, the peace of the kingdom hung by a thread in the face of the imminent threat of a barbarian army, whose mere mention evoked images of destruction and chaos.

The king, overwhelmed by uncertainty, summoned his offspring and the assembly of the wisest, desperately seeking a strategy to preserve his legacy. Arul, the firstborn, with the confidence bestowed by his lineage and his armor, stepped forward to confront the invaders. However, his return marked by defeat was a devastating blow to the kingdom’s morale.

When the second and third princes followed the same fateful path, discouragement nested in every heart and corner of the palace. It was then that the least likely figure, Imamiah, stepped forward. His proposal, as extravagant as his delicate nature, unleashed laughter of disbelief. But in his eyes burned a flame of conviction that not even the king himself could ignore.

Granting him seven harps, the king watched as Imamiah and his small contingent of musicians ventured into the heart of the storm. What happened next would be etched in the annals of history and the soul of the people. The melody generated by the harps, under the baton of Imamiah, was a chant of such purity and harmony that it broke the barriers of heaven, inviting a celestial orchestra to join in a divine concert.

The enemy confronted not with force but with the immaculate beauty of the music, found themselves paralyzed, unable to sustain their thirst for violence in the face of the magnificence of the Music of the Spheres. Imamiah’s victory was not one of blood, but of spirit and art, a demonstration that even in the darkest of times, light can prevail through the least expected channels.

The legend of Imamiah transcends as an eternal song to the strength found in vulnerability, to the courage that resides in gentleness and to the indomitable power of hope and beauty. A story that resonates not only in the memory of the kingdom but in the very essence of humanity, reminding us that even the softest of whispers can silence the tumult of adversity.

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