Angel Number 50 Daniel

Angel Number 50 Daniel,

Number: 50
Tree of life: it is located in the sphere of Netzah and means “Eternity”
Meaning: “Sign of Mercies”
Planetary energies: Venus and Saturn
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Zodiac Regency: from 5° to 10° Sagittarius, 18° Taurus, 30° Cancer, 10° Libra, 24° Sagittarius and 5° Pisces
Prince: Archangel Haniel
Regency hours: from 16:20 to 16:40

Angel 50 Daniel

  • This name is used to acquire prophetic messages.
  • The capacity for decision and inspiration so that indecisive people can make up their minds.
  • It is known as the angel of confessions and mercy.
  • He is invoked to be consoled and to obtain divine compassion.
  • To give us a remedy for all ills, new hope and joy in life and to see the way when we are undecided.
  • For lawyers, it is indispensable for the quality of its benefits in judicial matters.
  • This Angel confers eloquence and high power of conviction but speaks with elegance and beauty.
  • It gives us the energy and motivation to fully achieve our goal, a goal that we understand we genuinely need.
  • The influence of his angel helps us to differentiate the possible from the impossible.

How to invoke the Angel Daniel (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 16:20 to 16:40
  • Regency Jewish calendar: Kislev 7 to 11, 5784
  • Regency gregorian calendar: November 20-24, May 8, July 21, October 2, December 17 and February 26
    → The dates indicated refer to the regency year 2023. If you are interested in discovering your birth angels corresponding to the day of your birth, click here ↵
  • For detailed learning on how to invoke and meditate with the 72 Names of God, please visit the link provided below >>

Hebrew Letter Angel Daniel

Angel Number 50 Daniel,


Acquire a Prophecy


Psalm 9, Verse 2

Angel Number 50 Daniel,
I thank you, Lord, with all my heart and I will proclaim all your wonders.

Characteristics of people born under the regency of the Angel Daniel

  • Those born under the influence of this angel are characterized by serenity and calmness in difficult moments because they know how to take their time to think things through before making any kind of decision.
  • They are intuitive, sensitive and condescending people, who know how to accept their mistakes and do not get carried away by pride or arrogance.
  • Sometimes they are slow to act, but this is due to their process to analyze situations and make the best decision, which is why they are excellent judges and lawyers.
  • People born under this influence will be hard-working and will execute their activities with much love and will perceive that their intuition can reach genius.
  • Will have protection against illnesses.
  • It is determined and does not like anything that is not clear and well applied.
  • Patient to the extreme, he will be able to bear almost everything from people but does not accept being refined unjustly, being able to be aggressive.
  • Does not waste his efforts on impossible fantasies.
  • Motivated and fair, he will be a public person with the ability to deal with any issue.
  • Discover the reasons for many social problems and will convince society of his proposals.
  • In his childhood, he may have had problems showing affection, which is why it will be common to see him very attached to his children.
  • Some acts of his adolescence will be able to mark his life giving him full certainty of God’s help.
  • Professionally, he will adapt to activities related to foreign trade or international companies.
  • Because of his eloquence, he could be an orator, politician, or actor.

Negative Aspects (Angel Qlifot 50)

Master the blackmail, the anguish, the frustrations and the physical and verbal aggressions with the parents. It will be able to block the industries, advise intrigues, traffic, or work in the illegality.

Legend of the Angel Yeiazel

“Angel of Mercies”

Vesar again wasted a good opportunity to overcome his shyness. If he had made up his mind, he would not be lamenting the opportunities he missed to see his aspirations realized at this time.

He was incapable of speaking when faced with difficulties and most of the time he didn’t even decide to face them. She had no idea what was wrong with her. She became a lonely young woman without realizing it, as her irritation choked her happiness.

Began to feel jealous of others. Found it annoying to merely consider how simple the choices were. Young Vesar’s beauty gradually altered into a terrible entity because of the melancholy on her face.

All her friends began to pity her, which worsened her misery. She hardly ever left the house. She ran away from everyone and took refuge in the cover of her shyness.

One day, her suffering and sadness were so intense that she turned to prayer for comfort. He looked up at the sky, his face dry with tears and focused his gaze on a strange cloud that seemed to be the face of God. Then he respectfully invoked the name of God saying:

—Please, God, save me.— The young woman pleaded, “I feel lost and without the strength to continue fighting against my weakness.”

Surely she did not expect an answer, but she consoled herself by sharing her emotions with the only entity that would not mock her. However, she was mistaken when a voice called her name from behind her back…

A being of light illuminating the space called out to Vesar:

—Vesar, Vesar, Vesar, Vesar, why don’t you accept your state, why don’t you forgive your weakness, your mistakes?…

The young woman answered: “Who are you and how do you know my name?

—My name is Daniel, the Angel of Mercy and the name of Vesar appears in the Great Registry of Heaven. I will help you, but if you do not acknowledge your sin, I will not be able to do so. You must understand, little one, that the Eternal is forgiving and forgiving, patient and kind in kindness.

In the presence of such a great being, young Vesar felt exposed and naked. He had always kept secret, from the depths of his being, the betrayal with which he had once punished his best friend.

He desired universal fame and amazement, but his friend stood in his way because she was more attractive than he was. She had to get away from her, so she decided to turn on her. But despite his efforts, Vesar did not achieve his goal and instead lost his best friend.

Since then, she had been unable to forgive herself and the guilt she felt over the betrayal prevented her from making critical life decisions.

Vesar had learned her lesson and Daniel, who possessed the ability of holy sight, which read her thoughts, told her:

—You may go gently, little Vesar, you may relax little Vesar, for I have given you the ability to breathe life into things and creatures.

Vesar, who at first did not fully understand what this meant, did so in due course, for her behavior changed abruptly. Now that he was making decisions, he was showing others his dormant potential and the illusion was recreated in them every time.

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